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The innovation of the implants by Dr. Mark Mofid

The gluteal augmentation is not something that will commonly be heard in the news. By accident when the name is heard most of the times it’s because of the malpractice or the medical accident. Some changes are being seen because of Dr. Mark Mofid, and things are changing for the better. There are so many reasons why Dr. Mark Mofid will be known in the cosmetic medical community. One reason why he is recognized as someone who knows what he is talking about is that he has university education from two universities Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. But apart from the training that he has, over the years he has demonstrated that he can be an industry innovator.

Mofid has gained the reputation of the people because of the status that he has and through his practices he ensures that he adheres to the medical safety. The patients at the gluteal augmentation will ask for the large implant that is not uncommon. But with that, the patients will be taken advantage off so that to pay more but that’s not what Dr. Mark Mofid does he ensures that the safety of the patients will come first. By doing so, he will provide the practices that are entirely safe. That’s why he is at the forefront by doing researches on ways that he can use to do better than what has been done before.

The approach that Dr. Mark Mofid will use is supported by science to get the innovations, scrutinize the details and thinking in a broadway. With the knowledge that he as when it comes to the skin, muscles system and fat have been able to put him in a position to understand things from a different angle. For over eight years that’s how long Dr. Mark Mofid has spent working on the specific ways of carrying out the surgeries. He refuses to follow how thing have been running in the past and he works on coming up with new ideas. That is what has led him to research and come up with the superior gluteal implant.  

Strategies InnovaCare Health Intend To Use To Change The Healthcare Sector

The medical industry has been going through tremendous transformations over the years and this has come through leaders with exceptional leadership skills. Rick Shinto happens to be one of the top leaders in the medical industry who has held different executive positions. The medical experience he has gained in the medical industry is quite massive. Rick is the Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health and MMM Holdings as well. At Medical Pathway Company, Rick served as the Operations Chief Officer and Chief Medical Officer. Between 1995 and 1997, Rick served as the President of MedPartners Medical Management. He has also worked in the medical industry as the Cal Optima MedPlan’s Chief Medical Officer.


He has also been a successful businessman. At one time, he won the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur award. Rick’s experience in healthcare is massive since he has been in this industry for more than 20 years. NAMM California is one of the places he worked in as the Chief Medical Officer to get the vast experience he has today. He is out on a mission to reform the entire healthcare system in the United States. One of the strategies he is using to accomplish this is installing a new payment method with better options. He says the payment system will focus more on quality and not quantity.


Among the three new executives at InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides. She is the Chief Administrative Officer of the company. Having worked with Medicaid and Medicare for over 20 years, she has incomparable experience that would transform the health sector in a great way. Penelope’s specialty has seen her oversee many healthcare processes and other government programs. She has been the Chief Operations Officer at Touchstone Health and also at Centerlight Healthcare. Together with Rick, her main focus is ensuring that 50 percent of the payments are paid to the competent providers before 2018n is over. Visit This Page for more information.


InnovaCare Health intends to improve the quality of healthcare services through avenues such as Medicare Advantage and Provider Networks. The kind of models the company intends to create will not only be cost-effective but also sustainable and technological. The healthcare environment today has many and complex challenges and InnovaCare is focused to come up with sound solutions by redefining its healthcare management. Some of the company’s core values include strong relationships between the patients and health service providers. The company also aims at introducing innovative medical networks and practices through competent physicians, quality care, and reliable efficiency.



Rick Shinto And His Invaluable Contribution For The Growth Of InnovaCare Health

The irresistible leaders and executives that we meet today are always going to focus their attention on others, and not just on themselves. They succeed because they’re all about helping people with service or a product. That way, they improve the lives of others through their work. One of the few people today that have shown remarkable success in providing service for all is CEO Rick Shinto, who’s been in the industry of corporate service for some time now. He is the CEO of InnovaCare, and with the work that he’s done with CAO Penelope Kokkinides, InnovaCare Health continues to be a provider of the best Medicare Advantage plans that help both patients and physicians get the most benefits out of their insurance.



Rick Shinto’s Work History

There’s a rich past in the work history of Rick Shinto before being in full service for InnovaCare. He used to be the CEO of MMM Healthcare, Inc, as well as the CEO at Aveta Inc. Dr. Shinto’s work experience is also impressive in the fact that he was able to offer 20 years of his profession to full clinical service to various groups and entities, enhancing his skills in the medical field and learning first-hand information that right now had unfortunately been outsourced to automated online software.

In the experience of Dr. Rick Shinto, it’s way better to experience things first hand, and his empirical work experience right now gives him the edge over others who are always going to the books and ignoring on-the-job experience.

That 20 years of experience also involves some operation healthcare work in the field of managed care. From 2008 until 2012, he was also responsible for the growth of Aveta. Inc as the company’s President. His holistic management has also been successful in driving up the expansion of Aveta that no other executive had been able to do before.



The Awards

What is a good leadership performance without an excellent robust award? In the case of Rick Shinto, one prominent award that he got was the 2018 Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare, an award given by Modern Healthcare.

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About Innovacare, Inc.

InnovaCare, Inc is a private-owned company that has built a reputation for being a highly integrated organization that serves about 470,000 members. InnovaCare Health’s mission in its operations is to always provide the most sustainable and affordable models of medical insurance and other healthcare needs for its patients.

InnovaCare is redefining healthcare management to meet the challenges of today’s complex healthcare environment.

InnovaCare: Progressive 21st Century Healthcare

InnovaCare is one of the top healthcare Management Services in all of North America as it specializes through two main avenues of service care. This includes the Provider Network and Medicare Advantage/Medicaid Programs. Good quality healthcare should be available to everyone and InnovaCare is doing some of the best work in connecting individuals with proper healthcare needs. This means that the organization has built creative models that are cost effective, sustainable, and are fully integrated with the most innovative technologies of today.


When it comes to getting things done effectively and efficiently, InnovaCare has a proven blueprint of success and an excellent resume to back up all claims. Today’s healthcare system is very complex, but InnovaCare is redefining healthcare management thanks to its simplistic nature. This organization’s success comes from it’s remarkable leadership in Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides.


Rick Shinto is the current President and (CEO) of InnovaCare. Dr. Shinto has over 20 years of experience in Managed Care, Clinical, and Operational Healthcare. This well-respected individual has a Medical Degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, a B.S. from the University of California at Irvine, as well as M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. His expert knowledge of the industry has made him into an author of several clinical medicine and healthcare articles throughout the years. Before working at InnovaCare, Dr. Shinto served as the chief Medical Officer of(NAMM) California as well as the CEO of Aveta Inc. He began his medical tenure many years ago as a pulmonologist and an internist in the Southern California Region. See This Article for more information.


Penelope Kokkinides currently serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare while she was once the previous Chief Operating Officer there. She also has well over 20 years of experience Managed Care as well as specialized training in Medicaid/Medicare Government Programs. Kokkinindes focuses on improving organizational infrastructure and the improvement of efficiencies. Before coming back to InnovaCare she was the Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President at Centerlight Healthcare. Her extensive educational background is having a master’s Degree in social work, a bachelor’s Degree in Biological Sciences, as well as a Post-Master’s Program Advanced Degree in Alcohol/Substance Abuse.


As a growing organization, InnovaCare Health has made some additions in leadership by bringing in Jonathan Meyers, whom is the Chief Actuary Officer and Mike Sortino, whom is the current Chief Accounting Officer. Bigger and better things can be expected from InnovaCare in future years, but as of today it is the leader in managed healthcare services.