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E-governe Is Adopted By The City of Teresina

E-governe has recently announced that its system is being adopted by the Teresina, the most populous inland state capital in Brazil. The system’s installation is being overseen by the Instituto Das Cidades Inteligentes, an organization dedicated to the streamlining of government operations through the use of cutting-edge software solutions.


The first platform of e-governe to be implemented into the Teresina municipal government will handle human resources tasks. The city is currently planning on also implementing the e-governe platform in the areas of health administration, finances and education. It is believed that through replacing the city’s antiquated, human-based administrative systems, the implementation of e-governe will bring significant gains in efficiency and will allow for the optimization of many tasks and processes that are currently approached haphazardly.



e-governe has a proven track record of yielding efficiency gains


The e-governe system is a proven means of modernizing and optimizing today’s municipal government operations. All across Brazil, e-governe has been implemented by countless municipalities, saving millions in human resources costs and driving strong value for the taxpayers.


One of the areas in which e-governe has been successfully deployed is in the education sector. E-governe Education is a sub-platform of the e-governe solution that allows levels of cost-control and optimization that have never before been possible. The e-governe system can handle everything from teacher hiring to standardized testing, eliminating the guesswork from the administration of Brazil’s quickly modernizing schools.


E-governe allows for huge gains in the efficiency of educators. By creating automated, standardized processes, e-governe can make things like parent-teacher conferences and grade reporting as simple as clicking a button. In the typical classroom, e-governe has been shown to save hundreds of man-hours per year in administrative functions.


But this full-featured solution doesn’t stop with the classroom. One of the most important aspects of the operation of any school is having adequate processes in place to manage human resources. E-governe bring to the table a proven system of human resource management, which allows for closely tracking teacher performance and automating much of the required paperwork for both hiring and firing teachers. The e-governe dashboard gives education administrators access to the most powerful analytics in the business, allowing them to make informed decisions based on things such as number of students meeting standardized criteria, the student to teacher ratio and a host of other metrics. Like in all other areas of the e-governe system, e-governe Education removes the guesswork from administrative decisions in education, allowing for a streamlined, optimized municipal school system.


Another area in which e-governe has effected major improvements in efficiency is in the area of human resources. Hiring, firing and tracking the performance of employees is one of the most neglected areas of government administration. It’s also one of the areas where much of the improvement through optimization and careful data analysis can be achieved. With e-governe, running a highly efficient human resources department is as easy as installing the system.


These are just few of the ways that e-governe creates strong value for taxpayers