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Summertime Safety for Your Pet, Tips from Goettl

Our fury, four-legged companions feel the summer heat just as much as we humans do, if not more so with a body covered in hair and no clothing to protect their skin. To ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable during the hottest time of the year, follow these tips for a happy healthy best friend.

1. Hot surfaces
Avoid walking or keeping your pet in an area with a surface that remains hot throughout the day. Cement, asphalt, and pavement can become extremely hot. These can easily burn your pup’s paws even on a short walk. Try to steer clear of them until the temperatures go down.

2. Skin protection
Believe it or not, your dog’s skin is vulnerable to sunburn just like yours is. Pups with short and light colored hair are especially susceptible to the sun’s rays. By applying a pet-safe protectant, you can help avoid a painful burn, so listen to Goettl and apply it!!

3. Grooming
Proper grooming can keep your pet cool and comfortable in the summer time. It can also ensure better circulation and a cooler body temperature in all levels of heat. By always keeping the hair groomed, your fury friend can remain happy and healthy throughout the rough summer months.


4. Plenty of water
Maintain your dog’s water dish filled with cool, fresh water so they can more easily stay hydrated in the heat. Dogs are not able to sweat as humans do, so providing them with plenty of water can keep them cool from within. A doggie pool is also a great way to refresh them with some added fun.

5. Toxic products
The extreme heat can cause antifreeze leakage if your car overheats. Although harmful to pets, this solution is sweat tasting so pets easily confuse it for a treat. Keep them away from the garage and away from any potential threats caused by the rise in temperatures.

Having been instilled the values of hard work and helping others when they need it most, owner of Goettl Air Conditioning Ken Goodrich learned the business of customer service from an early age. While helping his father tend to late-night calls, he quickly learned that service is provided when needed, not when convenient. From then he built the foundation of what would become a successful Las Vegas based business. Since 2016 when he first opened his doors, Goodrich has been providing the best in air conditioning with service to match.

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Goettl and Moore Air Conditioning Now Merging as One

Both Goettl Air Conditioning and Moore Air Conditioning are household names when it comes to the air conditioning industry. You may be excited to hear that Goettl Air Conditioning has officially purchased Moore Air Conditioning, making it likely that Goettl Air Conditioning will become the prime air conditioning company in the Las Vegas market.

Goettl Air Conditioning Acquires Moore Air Conditioning

With the purchase done and finished, Goettl Air Conditioning plans on expanding their company even more. One of their plans is to add at least one hundred employees over the course of the next twelve months. They also plan on growing their business by over half, or by fifty percent, in next year, 2017.

The CEOs of both companies have expressed extreme satisfaction with the deal that merged their two companies together. The CEO of Goettl Air Conditioning, Ken Goodrich, has said that the purchase will allow Goettl to continue to fulfill their commitment to their customers to provide the best technicians in the industry. He has also expressed his extreme pleasure with the addition of the “highly experienced climate control specialists,” in his own words, that worked at Moore Air Conditioning and will now go over to his own company.

The CEO of Moore Air Conditioning, Bill Moore, has also expressed his pleasure, saying that he hopes that Goettl will continue his legacy of providing superb air conditioning services to the entire Las Vegas Valley.

As a little background to Goettl Air Conditioning and its history, it was founded in 1939 by Gust and Adam Goettl, and moved to Las Vegas Valley in the year of 1968. Although it left Nevada in 2007 because of the recession, it was purchased by its current CEO, Ken Goodrich, who brought it back to Las Vegas in 2016, three years after he purchased the company in 2013. Goodrich has been fascinated by electronics since he was a boy.