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Goettl Air Conditioning a Glorious Past and a Great Future.

With the recent purchase of Las Vegas’s Moore Air Conditioning, Goettl Air Conditioning is rapidly expanding in the Entertainment Capital of the World. The goal for Goettl CEO Ken Goodrich is to be the premier Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company in Las Vegas. With the average temperature being over 100 degrees in the summer, Las Vegas is a big time challenge for air conditioning. To meet this challenge, Goodrich plans to add over 100 employees to the Las Vegas office by mid-2017.

In Phoenix, Arizona on Valentine’s Day in 1939, brothers Adam and Gust Goettl established Goettl Air Conditioning. They were looking to provide some cool relieve to Arizona residents during the very hot summer months. In over 75 years of service, Goettl Air Conditioning has been a pioneer in developing cooling systems and providing services. It is said the Goettl brothers had over 100 patents in their names in the development of air conditioning.

Since that time, the company no longer manufactures HVAC systems. Now they focus on the installing, fixing, servicing and maintaining them. In December 2012, Ken Goodrich purchased the company. Goodrich, who had bought over 20 HVAC companies before this one, brought in a new vision and excitement to the company and the employees. Over the last four years, because of his leadership and expertise, Goettl Air Conditioning has seen rapid growth in the amount of business, employee size and profit in Arizona and Nevada.

Goettl currently focuses on hiring, training and keeping well trained technicians to provide services in the following areas; Air Conditioning, Heating, Indoor Air Quality, Energy Efficiency and HVAC Commercial Systems. Goettl also emphasizes relatively inexpensive maintenance program where potential problems are identified and fixed before they become a high cost necessity. With its current business plan, it looks like Goettl Air Conditioning will be around for at least 75 more years.