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Everything You Need to Know About OSI Group

There are a seemingly countless number of food providers, both on a national and global scale, that provide practically every food solution available. More and more foods are being discovered, formulated, tested, and put out on the open market as edible consumables for people all across the world. This, as well as improvements and refinements to existing food products results in a challenging array of responsibilities that food providers undertake to stay on the cutting-edge of food production and marketing of said products.

What with the great number of food provider companies in the industry, the levels of value, quality, capability, and sustainability these companies bring to consumers can vary immensely. One company that is proving to be a world leading brand as a premier global food provider is OSI Group, a company that delivers superior value and quality with the implementation of streamlined processes, all while optimizing costs.

While many companies stay within a specific region and attempt to make a presence on a global scale, OSI has global partners all around the world. These partners are able to provide the company with firsthand knowledge of their local consumer needs, which in turn can be customized to provide solutions that work. This expansive global supply chain enables customers to leverage on this terrific availability, providing great cost savings and financial flexibility in the marketplace.


OSI Group implements custom capabilities to create custom products and solutions. Ranging from breakfasts, lunches, main entrees, side dishes, desserts, or snacks, OSI has it all covered. Tried and true processes have resulted in an extraordinary variety of uses for food products, with more and more procedures being tried and implemented for all food.

Companies that partner with the OSI Group can count on cooperation in helping to create and manufacture custom products that will meet and exceed quality in exacting criteria and specifications. Helping the company to bring leading-edge thinking to the forefront, they work with the company to design manufacturing and supply chain solutions. All these processes are made much more feasible with the global outreach OSI brings with them.

OSI Group Specializes In:

  • Custom Product Capabilities
  • Processing Specialties
  • Process Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Food Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Global Supply Chain Management

Sustainability is a critical element in the OSI business plan. Their sustainability plan focuses on three areas of supreme importance: Social Responsibility; Environmental Responsibility; and Economic (Supply Chain) Responsibility. As stated by Sheldon Lavin, Chairman and CEO of OSI, “Responsibly managing our business within the social, economic, and environmental areas in which we operate makes us a stronger company and a better partner to our people, our community, our environment and leading brands across the globe.”

This sustainability is exercised in more than 60 facilities, including 3 zones in the OSI global network. Outreach and expertise in engineering, research, production, sales and marketing, and local and international laws extends all throughout Americas Zone, Europe Zone, and the Asia/Pacific/India Zone.

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