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A Movie Adaptation Of Kings Gingerbread Girl Is In The Works

A movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Novella The “Gingerbread Girl” is now in the works. “Gingerbread Girl” is a book about a woman who takes up running to deal with past trauma. She cuts everyone else from her life and moves to her father’s summer home. There she notices something strange about her neighbor during a daily run. Is he trying to kill the women that stay at his house? The story made its first appearance in the July 2007 edition of Esquire. Then the story was later released in a story collection titled ” Just After Sunset.” Some critics compared the story to that of Kings ” Misery.”

The director of this movie Craig R Baxley also directed other King works including “Rose Red,” “Storm of the Century,” and “Kingdom Hospital.” The producer Mitchell Gain produced other King projects including “Thinner,” and “The Langoliers.”

Stephen King is no stranger to film in his first movie ” Carrie” premiered in 1976. Since then 71 of his stories have movie adaptations. There have also been at least 25 TV adaptations of his work.

Studios are gravitating to Kings material looking for adaptable scripts. There are 30 adaptations of his works currently in development from various studios. Some of the other adaptations in the works include ” Pet Cemetary,” ” The Talisman,” and ” Firestarter.” CEO Mimi Steinbauer of Radiant Films International said that King is one of the most bankable names in the current market.

Some of his works like” It,” “Gerald’s Game,” and “1902” did very well recently. ” It “broke box office records for what a horror movie could do. There are other works of his that did not do so good. The TV Show “The Mist” only lasted one season. The movie “The Gunslinger,” was a box office failure and disliked by the critics. It seems that his works can be a hit or miss on what will be a success, but its a chance that most studios are willing to take at this time.