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“Ghostbusters” Remake Getting Good Reviews

The new remake of the highly popular 1980s film “Ghostbusters” is getting good reviews so far. This is encouraging since there has been a good deal of objection to the new film from “Ghostbusters” purists.

Critics of the new film have focused on a several issues. First of all, they feel that a sequel to the original rather than a total remake would have been more appropriate. Many of the actors from the original film are still active, so there’s no reason why they couldn’t have been worked into a fun and updated sequel is how they see it. Another school of thought is that, because the original probably can’t be topped, it should just be left as is and exist as the one and only “Ghostbusters” film.

Some people are upset that in the reboot, the Ghostbusters team themselves are all female rather all male as they were in the original. Personally, I think this line of criticism is a bit silly. There’s no reason why a team of talented women can’t make audiences laugh as much as men.

Another complaint about the new film is that it relies too much on slapstick rather than clever dialogue. If the film is in fact heavy on slapstick, then I think that’s a bad thing. Anyone can do slapstick humor, but a truly funny movie requires a screenplay full of terrific lines and talented actors to deliver them.