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George Lucas Talks of Remaking Howard the Duck

Almost 30 years after the original film debuted there is talk of remaking the 1986 film entitled Howard the Duck. Not to say this talk did not come from a very reputable source. In fact it was George Lucas himself that was toting the idea of a remake on the Stephen Colbert show. According to Lucas, with the way that technology has come about since this film was made it could be remade using CGI technology that would do the movie some “real justice.” While that may be true, would viewers really want to go see the alien visitor from the planet shaped like an egg? Where everything in their world was the same as ours except one major point…it was geared around ducks. Gianfrancesco Genoso laughingly commented how he would love to introduce his kids to Howard the Duck.

Then we he is accidentally transported from their world to ours he has an adventure in trying to return home. Really it was like a bad version of ET in some people’s opinions. Back then it wasn’t the technology that did the movie but the actual storyline and quality of the film. Even though the movie had some decent actors Lea Thompson, Tim Robbins, Jeffrey Jones it never amounted to Howard keeping his super hero status he did in the original comic books. He may see the light again in Guardian of the Galaxy movies as he did at the end of the last one…but remaking Howard the Duck would probably be a mistake.