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Friday the 13th Reboot Experiences Another Delay

Friday the 13th really is an unlucky day. The lack of luck has spread to the classic horror film franchise of the same name. Paramount Pictures has recently announced the long in-development reboot of the franchise has once again been delayed. In addition, the sequel to another horror favorite, The Ring, has been delayed as well. The executives at Paramount surely are not happy about such delays since both films are sure to be profitable considering their already huge fan following and the low budgets such films commonly come with.

The delays on the Friday the 13th film have to be even more painful for Paramount since the 2009 reboot and the 2004 Freddy vs. Jason films were massive box office hits. For whatever reason, the new Friday the 13th film has run into a ton of roadblocks due to the inability to get the right script and the right creative team together.

Not too long ago, fans were aghast at the notion the new film would follow the “found footage” horror formula. Found footage movies have a tendency to do well at the box office, but the Friday the 13th series long established a successful narrative formula. The idea of shifting gears to fit a horror movie fad led to a ton of bad press. The concept was abandoned. Some even said there were never any “real” plans to do a found footage Friday the 13th movie. Likely, the concept was discussed, was appealing to the studio, but not appealing to fans. Hence, the project’s development had to start all over again.

A revolving door of would-be writers and directors have entered and exited the project. This is ironic considering the original 1980’s run for the film series saw entries “cranked out” year after year.

The original plan was to release the new Friday the 13th film on October 13, 2017. Even though the project is in limbo development-wise, the film may end up being released on that date. The project could end up finding the right script and creative team and head into warp drive to completion.

One wonders why plans were not properly devised in case the 2009 reboot was a hit. When the reboot of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre made millions, a sequel immediately went into production. Two other additional films were made with the most recent one currently in post-production.