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What Disney Owning Fox Could Mean

This seems to be a huge era in the entertainment industry. For one thing, Disney has almost closed the deal with Fox in acquiring some of the franchises. Among the franchises that are being acquired by Disney is one part of the Star Wars Trilogy. While there are tons of ideas on what can be expected with the acquisition of Fox, there are a few things that fans can look forward to. One thing that can be looked forward to is the future release of the original untouched Star Wars Trilogy. Another thing that can be expected is the return of the traditional Star Wars opening for Episode IX and future episodes in the Star Wars saga. The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi may actually be re-released with the traditional Star Wars opening as well.

There are a few concerns on the part of films like Deadpool given that the previous one was an R rated film. Since Disney has a reputation of being a kid friendly company, many people think that further Deadpool movies are going to be extremely watered down. Fans of the Marvel franchises do not have to worry. There are Disney films that are made for mature audiences. Also, the MCU movies have quite a bit of violence and blood in them.

Also, Disney is not as kiddie as people may believe. For one thing, Disney has made attempts of getting into mature territory. There are quite a few films even in the animated library that have scenes of intensity and violence. Also, one thing that is worth considering is that Rogue One went through re-shoots because the original version was not dark enough. The executives at Disney had the ending changed so that it gives a sense of things being very bleak but with a sliver of hope. One of the best things about Rogue One is that it can serve as a prologue to the original Star Wars.