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Amazing Health Benefits Afforded By Protein Powder Use


It’s true that bodybuilders use protein powders to bulk up their muscle, but if you think this is the only purpose for the powder, you’re sadly mistaken and missing out on a plethora of benefits if weight loss is on your mind. Protein powder has amazing capabilities of bulking you up, but it can do just as much greatness when you want to shed the pounds.


Numerous research studies indicate that adequate protein consumption during each meal decreases appetite, helping to safely and effectively manage weight and increase muscle mass as the fat is shed from the body. It’s thought that protein-laden foods prevent secretion of ghrelin, a hormone that causes hunger, and promotes secretion of satiety hormones, or those that signal the brain that you are full.


Protein powder sends your metabolism into overdrive, easily adding the macronutrient to your meals. Although anyone can benefit from this gain, vegans and vegetarians are benefited most from the supplement.


The powder is easy to use, since you need only use the included scooper to get a serving to place into the food or beverage of your choosing. Many people place the protein powder inside of a smoothie or milk, but you may prefer something like coffee, hot cocoa, or even your morning pancake mix. No matter how you take it, getting the protein powder into your body is what matters.


Protein powder fills in gaps between the amount of protein that you eat and the amount that is needed each day. Many people fail to get those amounts each day, particularly women who work out regularly. When inadequate protein intake and exercise combine, it critically depletes protein levels, thus the individual’s energy and strength, too. Using a protein powder post- workout can ensure that you are getting the recommended daily amounts of protein you need, even when it isn’t obtained in the foods that you eat.


The slew of protein powders sitting on store shelves might frighten you from the purchase. All of the products that you see promise great results, a ton of benefits, and make so many other claims. Deciding which to trust can be a daunting process. Rather than spend endless hours analyzing the dozens of products that you see on the shelves, know your needs before the shopping venture begins.


Your first step is determining the budget for the purchase. Protein powders come in a versatile mix of price ranges, starting at a cost of about $25. Some powders are sitting pretty with price tags well over the $100 mark. It’s easy to narrow the choices and save time when there’s a budget in place. Furthermore, your budget protects your bank account and your wallet.  In fact, that kind of cost is why a lot of people just turn to meal services instead, as Nutrisystem cost isn’t as high as some of those protein powders, but you get a whole meal plan instead of just a supplement.


Before you purchase a protein powder, learn the best brands, the pros and cons of different products, and even the top-recommended supplements. A slew of product reviews from both consumers and experts are accessible online. There’s no cost to read the reviews to learn the thoughts of the protein powder from others. Reading reviews is beneficial. The reviews provide firsthand insight into the supplements that you would ordinarily be without. Buying the best product out there is so much easier once you’ve read reviews.


Most importantly, purchase the product after you’ve become an informed consumer. Even first-time buyers can shop for protein powder with the confidence of a seasoned buyer and come out with the perfect supplement for their needs if they inform themselves before diving headfirst into a purchase. Not all protein powders are created equally; that’s the first, most important reminder. Read labels, searching for proven ingredients like branched-chain amino acids, which provide the weight loss effects you seek.

Karl Heideck Explains The Litigation Process In Philadelphia

Litigation is the legal process of taking legal action or bringing a lawsuit against a party in the court of law.

Philadelphia Litigator, Karl Heideck has expertise of the complete process in civil cases representing defendants and plaintiffs. He spent six years studying for an undergraduate degree at Swarthmore College, and a Juris Doctrine from Beasley School of Law at Temple University. Immediately after receiving a law degree, Karl Heideck studied for the Pennsylvania State Bar Exam and successfully received his license to practice law. Mr. Heideck explains the process to give prospective clients confidence in his litigation and compliance & risk management legal practice.

Karl Heideck defines a litigator as a licensed attorney who specializes in business, criminal, family, real estate, intellectual property, general, and/or civil laws. In 2009, he began a legal career practicing general law for Pepper Hamilton LLP, in Jenkintown, PA. Heideck continues to provide legal services in Jenkintown and Greater Philadelphia. He said the beginning process of ligation is to first file a complaint with the court’s clerk. When he represents his clients, he said, he obtains a personal jurisdiction over the defendant on behalf of his client.

A meeting is scheduled between the plaintiff and defendant to discuss the issue and possible settlement resolution. If no resolution is reached, Karl Heideck says he will petition the court to conduct a pretrial conference or schedule a pretrial. After this, the defendant may file a motion or response to the lawsuit. The court will hold a final pretrial conference; and eventually, conduct the trail to render a ruling, sign the court order, and file the judgement. Heideck is there during the entire process of ligation from start to final ruling representing and supporting his clients as plaintiffs or defendants.

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Sheryl Underwood Describes How Cleanses the Body


Sheryl Underwood, known for her success as an American comedian, TV show host, and actress, has successfully detoxified her body and cleansed her system with the formula. She went onto the Steve Harvey morning show, which had introduced her to the supplement, and spoke about her success there.

Sheryl Underwood has been working with a personal trainer to eat better, work out more, and drink more. In addition, she has been fasting and supplementing her diet in order to get her body into shape. With that product she was able to detoxify her body and lost five pounds, using the Full Body Cleanse and was full of energy and excited about the process.


With her successful cleanse, she found herself on the front cover of Vogue. Even the First Lady toasted Sheryl for her stunning looks after using and is now both looking and feeling great. The Full Body Cleanse is designed to be a 20 day regime easily used by anyone to detoxify the body, aid in necessary weight loss, enhance the immune system, and increase energy levels. has that one and many other special formulas to help the body cleanse the system and lose weight. They use vegetarian, not gelatin capsules to package their unique formula. Plus, unlike many other cleansing supplements, they focus on a whole body approach, boosting the performance of many different organs including the colon, spleen, lungs, and kidneys. Many celebrities, including both Sheryl Underwood and Steve Harvey, have used the Full Body and other products to lose weight and feel great about their bodies.  Read more about the cleanse on Yelp: Dherbs – 11 Photos & 10 Reviews – Vitamins & Supplements

Can OSI Group Sustain Itself & Maintain It’s Leadership Status

Everyone loves food no matter the color, race, or creed. Eating is basically a normal function in life and if you can’t eat, you won’t be able to survive. Food suppliers are some of the biggest and most important organizations in the world as they supply most of the grocery stores, supermarkets, and restaurants with hardy meals.

One of the very best at achieving this is known as OSI Group. The company began business over 100 years and was founded by a German immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. Being a family business, Kolschowsky named the company Ottos & Sons and it provided some of the freshest ground beef in the Mid-West. McDonald’s was one of the company’s first high profile clients and once word got out, other companies began receiving shipments from Otto & Sons.

This was one of the first high volume meat plants in the Chicago area and by 1975, the company changed it’s name to OSI Group. With over 20,000 employees, OSI has grown to be one of the nation’s largest privately held companies. Having such a huge global network of success, this company has over 60 facilities that span across 16 countries. The type of food solutions are endless so check out the list below to get a better feel of what OSI can produce.

Fresh Dough
Salsa, Soups, & Chili
Beef Patties
Pork Sausages
Bacon Bits
Roasted Pork
And many more

OSI is a great equal opportunity employer who are seeking people who share a passion in food services including entrepreneurs. With it’s strong personnel, connections, high quality foods, and networking, OSI Group will surely be around well into the future.

Why The OSI Group Is Still The Market Leader In Food Processing

You may not have realized it but any time that you have a hot dog, bacon, ham sandwich, burger and any other food that is made out of value added protein, you could be enjoying the great products that are manufactured by the OSI group. This company specializes in foods that are meant to be used for breakfast, snacks and even entrees. In addition to the value added protein, they also manufacture dough related products such as the bread that is used to make pizza. The journey to becoming a leader in the world of food processing was not easy for this company and here is why.

The company has been here for more than a century. They were operating with the simple name OSI group until 2004, when they changed it to OSI group LLC. The first offices that the company opened were in Aurora, IL, and they still have their headquarters in the same town. However, they have managed to distribute their manufacturing plants all over the world and are doing a great job in all foreign markets. Today, the company has offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific. They have manufacturing facilities in the five continents and their products are available everywhere.

The leadership of the group
Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the company. He has been serving as a president to the international corporation. His assistant is David McDonald who is also the Chief Financial Officer.

There are many accolades and awards that have been won by the company as a result of their hard work and exemplary leadership in the business. They received the Globe of honor from the British Safety Council. They have also been ranked by reliable sources as one of the top 100 American businesses. The company recently opened the rebranded Tyson Food Plant and is looking for more partnerships to take their business global.

It is the policies and ideals of leaders in the OSI group that has helped the company achieve the levels of success that they are enjoying. It is only fair to hope that they will do even better with time.

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Global Leader OSI Gives More

OSI is a food service company that is recognized around the world. They are a global company in that they provide their food to people around the globe instead of focusing only on the United States. They did start out in the states but they also wanted to expand even further. To do this expansion, they made sure that they were prepared to provide their clients with everything that they needed. OSI Group also made a great reputation for themselves which allowed them to move forward with becoming one of the biggest globally recognized companies for food service in the world.

It was not always an easy job for OSI Group, but they were able to provide their clients with very high levels of customer service. The customer service that they have is focused only on the customers and they make sure that they are able to provide them with everything that they need. They can do this with different options that they have in their food lineup and they also make sure that they have excellent employees on who are able to help the clients no matter what type of requests that they have for everyone at the company.

Even though they are a corporate company, they still try to keep the same feeling that they are a small, family-owned company. They make all of their employees feel welcome and like they are comfortable. The open door policy is great in that it allows employees to talk about any issues that they may have and that they are able to provide them with any help that they need. They also welcome their clients in with open arms to ensure that they are doing the best for them and that they have the same type of family feel that other people have with the company.

When it comes to the environment, OSI truly cares about what they can do for it. They have always worked to be a sustainable company and they have succeeded at everything that they do when it comes to their environmental footprint. Their food does not cause a lot of disruptions in the ecosystem that it is a part of and they make sure that they use sustainable practices even when they are shipping food out to their clients. OSI Group will continue to be a global leader in the sustainability of their food and the sources where they get the food from.

As the company began as only something small, they have been really successful. They have grown immensely from a small family meat market into something that is competing with corporations that have been on the scene for decades, if not longer. They have grown their own success and the only way that they have been able to do that is through their ability to always provide their clients with excellent customer service. They know that the happiness of their clients is the only thing that has allowed them to be as successful as what they currently are with the business.

US Money Reserve Starts CrowdRise Campaign to Help Families in Need

An article published on titled “US Money Reserve starts a campaign to support Capital Area Food Bank of Texas” discusses US Money Reserve efforts to raise money for a regional food bank through a crowd funding campaign on CrowdRise. The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas works to help end hunger in central Texas, and the people of US Money Reserve believe they have a social responsibility support the work of charitable organizations like this. CAFB of Texas is in its 30th year of serving the needs of families in the region and provides them with millions of pounds of food each year. US Money Reserve is encouraging its clients, customers, and others to join them in raising money for this CrowdRise campaign by going to

US Money Reserve was founded by experienced gold market experts who use their expertise to provide customers with the guidance they need to make wise decisions in purchasing precious metals. They have over 100 professionals who specialize in areas such as numismatic and coin research, inventory, and customer relations. US Money Reserve has grown to become one of the nation’s largest providers of US government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins, and clients trust them to help them choose the highest value coins at affordable prices.

Last year CAFB of Texas provided over 31 million pounds of food to families in need in 21 counties with the help of almost 300 partner agencies. This year’s goal of US Money Reserve’s CrowdRise campaign is to increase the amount of food that is available in order to serve more families. The article can be seen at