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New Flatliners Movie Will Include Kiefer Sutherland

The proposed remake of the 1990 film, Flatliners, now has a link to the original film with news that one of that movie’s original stars, Kiefer Sutherland, will be part of the new cast. At present, there’s no indication of what role he’ll play, other than one report stating that he’ll portray a mature doctor.

The plot of the 1990 movie involved five medical students attempting to find out what takes place after an individual dies. Using their training, they begin to undertake a series of experiments, which includes allowing one of the students to briefly die before they’re revived. During the course of the film, Sutherland’s character urges the other individuals to attempt riskier experiments. The science fiction nature of the film allows for a new generation of movie technology to potentially offer a deeper examination into the phenomenon.

Given the fact that Sutherland will be the star of the new ABC show, Designated Survivor, it’s likely that his role for the updated Flatliners will not be a large one. Production on the television show is underway for its September 21 debut, which has Sutherland playing the new president after a terrorist attack kills the sitting president and all but one Cabinet member during the State of the Union address.

Among the original Flatliners cast was Academy Award-winning actress Julia Roberts, while the most prominent individual among the new group is Ellen Page, most famous for her role in Juno. Currently, Roberts isn’t scheduled to appear in the update.