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Finding Dory Reaches $400 Million In Sales Domestically

Box office hits are rare for many films. It can be tough to reach a milestone of earning millions and millions of dollars from a film. For the Finding Nemo film series, it’s becoming a fact that Pixar and Disney’s story of Nemo, his dad Marlon, and the forgetful fish Dory are hits. In Finding Dory, they continue the story of Dory but with a slight twist. They showcase her life and a bit on where she came from. With a striving heart to find her family, she sets out on her own to find parents and family members that she once lost.

The film has been such a huge success domestically and internationally. The first night of the film’d opening was such a huge success that they earned more than $9.6 million on its first day on a Thursday. This shopping amount scattered into several more million, and ass of today has amassed more than $400+ million domestically, and this does not include international sales. The movie continues to dazzle audiences everywhere with different theaters still showing the movie every single day in select theaters.

Finding Dory is a guaranteed smash hit. The film is already being made into an ice show with Disney On Ice. Their latest new ice show debuting September 2016 will travel the country showcasing multiple stories like The Little Mermaid, Toy Story, Inside Out, Finding Dory, among many others. The film has dazzled audiences, and the unique story proves that it’s a film Pixar is proud of.