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David Zalik Is On Top Of The Lending Game with GreenSky Credit

David Zalik is the CEO and co-founder of the incredibly successful GreenSky Credit, a lender specializing in business loans used to help companies grow and homeowner’s achieve their dreams. This powerhouse company was operating from David Zalik’s basement where it has grown to boast a $3.6 billion dollar valuation. Today, David still owns over half of GreenSky Credit, which has propelled him to incredible wealth.

A Unique Approach

One of the reasons why GreenSky Credit is so successful is because of their unique approach to business. They are able to harness the power of third parties to do all of the labor-intensive work, while they are able to cash in on the profits from the endeavor.

In many instances, GreenSky Credit enlists the help of home contractors to market the loan to the homeowners. GreenSky then obtains funding from any of their 14 different partnering banks. GreenSky makes a profit from a percentage of the loan amount and also is paid a percentage of the yearly balance of the loan through the funding bank. Essentially, GreenSky is paid to service and generate the loans for the banks. They are the middleman between the homeowner and the bank while working through the contractor.

GreenSky Performance

GreenSky Credit has managed to capitalize on a niche they created and has generated 1.2 million customers with unsecured loans since the company began in 2012. Estimates of performance by market experts predicted that the company would see in excess of a 25% profit margin, which is partially based on their performance in the last 5 years.

David Zalik’s vision for his company and a groundbreaking approach to lending has created a healthy environment for his company to continue to prosper. He started from humble beginnings assembling computers in college to working his way up to becoming a business visionary with his sights set on the future.

Michael Burwell Discussion About Millennials And Investment


Millennials usually capture those who were born between 1980 and 2000. These people have joined employment with tremendous passion and promises. The millennial is also well equipped with incredible technology savvy and creativity; They play a significant role in reshaping business landscape with great new ideas and strategies as well as income generation in conjunction with a great deal of wealth capability. However, Michal Burwell believes that they the millennial are a catch to any organization, company or business venture.


Michael Burwell serves in Willis Towers Watson as the Chief Financial Officer. He also noted that most of the investment gurus involve millennial in their ventures via a certain mechanism. Michael pointed out that these Millennials from all investments leads to debts in an investment. To explain his point of view, he said that the younger clients usually enter into adulthood with shaky and weak financial management practices. They are also in massive debts. This makes them prioritize in generating instant cash as well as settling their debts. This stands as their primary mechanism that Millennials implement to enhance the rate at which they generate wealth. This is a great risk to any investment.


Michael Burwell is highly skilled and experience in the investment field. He holds a bachelor’s degree in BA (Business Administration) that he acquired from Michigan State University. He is also a certified accountant. He was featured as the 2010 Michigan State University Alumnus of the Year.


Michael Burwell went ahead and said that the primary challenge that faces the Millennials is the initial cost of establishing a house as well as the high cost of higher education. This leads to the accumulation of vast and massive debts. As they join working class and independent lifestyle. Practically, Michael Burwell involves younger clients who are cautious and careful towards investment. However, he cannot transform an investment into a legitimate priority. Refer to This Article for additional information about his interview with IdeaMensch.


NBC news in conjunction with the University of Chicago recently carried out a survey that was aimed at affirming delays in investment in conjunction with various other financial moves. The report showed that most of the Millennials have paused on main life events due to their debts. Debt has held 34 percent of Millennials from purchasing their own homes and 31 percent from making savings for their retirement.



Randal Nardone and The Ingenious Leadership Roles He’s Held For Fortress Investment Group

A company’s successful growth can only be sustained if the executives running it are both adept in addressing market challenges and equipped with the skillset and talent to generate new ideas. Fortunately, Randal Nardone is an example of an executive who has shown competence in running Fortress Investment Group, LLC, as its co-founder and principal.Being founded in 1998, Fortress has grown into one of the world’s largest asset managers today that have solutions for various alternative assets. The success of Fortress Investment has even reached to a level that rendered Randal Nardone as part of Forbes Billionaire’s List.Randal Nardone reached Rank #557 in Forbes Billionaire’s List, and this could not have happened without his involvement in Fortress Investment’s growth. He owns about 53 million shares of the company, which is worth $1.6 billion.

After Fortress sold its minority interest to Nomura, a Japanese investment firm, for $890 million, Nardone was already able to acquire an additional $100 million for net cash payouts that he’s been receiving since 2005.Nardone’s career is also a series of leadership positions and formative experience. Before being the Chief Executive Officer and Principal of Fortress Credit Corporation, he served as the Secretary of Newcastle Investment Corp. from June of 2002 until September 2016. He also held positions as the Interim Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Investment Group, LLC, from December 2011 to 2013. He also became the Managing Director at the very well known UBS in 1997 until he ended it last May 1998.Randal Nardone also became the principal for the established BlackRock Financial Management, Inc and a Partner at the Thacher Proffitt & Wood.

Nardone also became the Executive Director for the operations of Mapeley Limited, as well as Springleaf Finance Corporation’s Director. The role that Nardone held for New Media Investment Group, Inc, Brookdale Senior Living, Inc and Aircastle Limited have also shaped his experience and understanding of what makes companies work, what doesn’t and how to keep employees motivated in extremely demanding work environments.It would also be incomplete to describe the work timeline of Nardone without saying that he’s also serving today the role as the Co-founder of Fortress Registered Investment Trust. It’s also important to highlight here that Nardone holds a J.D. that he received from Boston University School of Law, while his Bachelor of Arts degree in English was from the University of Connecticut.

Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell is the current Chief Financial Officer of the Willis Towers Watson Company. He is commonly known as Mike Burwell. Mike got this appointment to become the CFO on 2nd October in the year 2017. Michael Burwell was appointed to substitute the former Chief Financial Officer Mr. Roger Millay who voluntarily retired from the office.

Michael boasts of more than thirty years of service at Pricewaterhouse Coopers Corporation before joining the Willis Towers Watson Company. While working with PwC, Michael got significant expertise and experience.

Michael has been in practice on higher level leadership in several positions such as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of the United States in the year 2009, vice chairman of the United States and Global Transformation.

Moreover, Michael Burwell has an eleven-year experience on audit services. Additionally, Burwell has got more than twelve years of experience in transaction service involving helping the firms that have pre-merger due diligence and evaluation

The Chief Executive Officer of the Willis Towers Watson Company John Haley clarified that the company was indeed pleased to have Michael Burwell in its management team especially when the firm was undergoing evolution.

John Harley commended Mike saying that he had brought with him brilliant capability in management, leadership, and result driving to the company. The Chief Executive Officer also conveyed his high confidence in Mike’s competence to convert Willis Towers Watson into an International firm.

John Harley also praised the outgoing Chief Executive Officer for his significant work done while in his position at the firm. He clarified that Roger Millay had left the company at a better place than he had found it.

Michael Burwell commented on the nomination saying he firmly appreciated his appointment and was pleased to be part of the Willis Towers Watson Stuff. He promised to be entirely devoted to overseeing the company’s development and empowerment.

Michael stated his excitement on the company’s collaborative spirit and the culture of handling customers well. He also explained that he was ready to contribute to the growth of the firm. The Willis Towers Watson is an advisory firm that helps businesses and investors to turn business risks into growth and income.

The company also helps in protecting and strengthening institutional and private business agencies.

According to Michael Burwell, a mindset of how to do more with less is paramount. He firmly believes that the advancing technology helps individuals to be more productive. Michael advises entrepreneurs to be good listeners, relentless and optimistic in their undertakings.


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Michael Burwell Takes On The Role Of CFO At Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson is a renowned global advisory, broking, and solutions company with a history that dates back almost 200 years. The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and serves clients in over 140 countries. They specialize in risk management, talent cultivation, and benefits optimization to help clients reach their full potential.

During the announcement, Chief Executive Officer John Haley took the opportunity to thank former CFO Roger Millay for his time with the company and praise Michael Burwell for his many accomplishments thus far. Speaking about Burwell’s history with finance and professional service, Haley showed confidence in this hiring decision. He praised Michael Burwell’s expertise in the field and his understanding of the importance of client relations. He also noted that the addition Michael Burwell on the leadership team at Willis Towers Watson comes at an important time in the company’s history and evolution. Michael Burwell commented on the announcement by expressing his appreciation for Willis Towers Watson and his excitement to contribute to the company’s growth.

Michael Burwell has a long history of success in the financial world. He graduated from Michigan State University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Business of Business Administration. In the more than 30 years since his graduation, he’s climbed the corporate ladder and dominated the financial world. He’s held senior leadership roles in the past 10 years alone.

Most notably, much of Burwell’s experience comes from PricewaterhouseCoopers. He was first admitted to the partnership in 1997, starting the company’s Detroit-based transaction services practice. There, he was Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Head of Transaction Services in the company’s United States Branch. In 2012, he became the Vice Chairman of Global and United States Transformation. In this role, he was able to optimize effectiveness in the company by overseeing functions like Human Capital, Technology, and Global Strategic Sourcing.

With his recruitment, he’ll be bringing decades of experience to Willis Towers Watson. He has over 10 years of auditing and advisory experience that could prove to be beneficial to the company. Burwell will also be bringing his decade of experience assisting companies with pre-merger due diligence and valuation to the table. Visit This Page for more information.


Michael Burwell Brings His Wealth Of Experience To Willis Towers Watson As New CFO

Willis Towers Watson, a leading, global advisory, insurance and reinsurance firm, has recently announced that Michael Burwell is taking over as its new Chief Financial Officer as of October 2, 2017. Michael is replacing outgoing CFO Roger Millay. Michael has 31 years of extensive experience in the industry of finance and professional services. Michael has held numerous impressive leadership roles in the past including serving as Head of Global Transformation, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer in the U.S. as well as Head of Transaction Services in the U.S. He has an extensive amount of experience in the areas of auditing and transaction services.


Willis Towers Watson‘s CEO John Haley is thrilled with Michael’s ascension to the position of CFO. He believes that it is a critical point in the history of the company and it is exciting to have someone with Michael’s abilities come on board with the leadership team. Haley comments that “Mike understands managing, leading and driving results in a complex, global company with a strong focus on clients.” Haley also duly recognizes the huge contributions that outgoing CFO Roger Millay has made to the firm. He truly believes that Roger has left the company stronger than when he found it. For his part, Michael Burwell is thrilled with the opportunity to take on this role. He has consistently reiterated that he has been impressed with every aspect of Willis Towers Watson, including the company’s inclusive culture. He is looking forward to making valuable contributions to the company’s future success.


Michael Burwell spent 31 years working for Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP. Eleven of those years were spent working in the assurance practice of the firm taking care of numerous audit clients. Michael moved the PwC’s transaction services practice in Detroit in 1997 when he was admitted into the practice. Michael enjoyed massive success in his Detroit appointment and was then tasked with taking over the leadership role of PwC’s central region. He eventually ascended to the position of US Transaction Services leader. In 2007, Michael Burwell again took a big step forward in his career when he became Chief Financial Officer and in 2008 became Chief Operating Officer of PwC’s businesses in the United States. Michael also served in the role of senior relationship partner on several key accounts during his PwC tenure.


Michael Burwell is a CPA. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Michigan State University. Visit This Page for more information.

Willis Towers Watson Appoints Michael Burwell To CFO Position

Willis Towers Watson does not take chances when it is hiring its employees. After working in the advisory and insurance broking department for a very long time, the global firm has realized that hiring the right professionals is the best way to win the hearts of customers in the international market. Willis Towers Watson gives the top priority to the individuals who are highly qualified for all the positions advertised, and this is why the company has been doing quite well over the years. The firm has great services to its consumers living in various parts of the world, and this is why it has been able to maintain a great reputation.


The chief financial officer of a global company is always an influential personality who has to perform complex duties to make sure that the company is in the perfect financial position. This post is always reserved for the respectable people who have proven to have excellent skills in auditing and finance. This year, the organization was forced to look for a replacement after Rogers, the former chief financial officer announced his resignation. At first, the company was scared that it was not going to get a professional who was going to match the high standards that were laid by Rogers when working in the company.


After conducting a complex search, Willis Towers Watson finally decided to offer the top position to Michael Burwell. The top leaders in this insurance company decided to offer Mike the position because of some few reasons. First of all, Michael Burwell has been working in the finance department for the last thirty two years, and this gave him an upper hand when compared to all the other people who had applied for the position. Getting a senior position was easy for Michael Burwell because he has also been holding various positions in international companies, and this is an indication that the company will be in the right hands.


Burwell is a CPA and a Michigan State University alumnus, who graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration. He also believes in longevity and applying maximum effort towards any role that he is tasked with.


Michael Burwell has also been fortunate to work as a top auditor in the last twelve years, and this showed the management of the insurance company that everything was going to fall in the right place. The chief executive officer of the company has announced that he is proud because of the decision his company has made, and he is sure that the professional who has been chosen will take the company into the right direction. The CEO thanked Rogers for the great services he had offered the company too. Visit This Page for more information.


Michael Burwell has worked for Willis Towers Watson as from October 3, 2017, to present as the chief financial officer. Burwell brings about thirty-one years of investment and expert amenities experience from Pricewaterhouse Coopers(PWC).


At PWC Michael accomplished many things that lead to him been promoted. Michael took over control of the focal region at Detroit. Michael set off as the officer in charge of finance in two thousand and seven. He then became the functioning representative in two thousand and eight. Later he became the assistant to the chairman worldwide.


Michael Burwell through his role of transformation created change to optimize organizational effectiveness. Through the period at PWC, Michael served 11years in the assurance system working on various audit clients. For the last decade, Michael has served in higher leadership responsibilities, incorporating Global Transformation leader; leading Officer and officer of finance in the US; and Leader of Transaction amenities in the US.


Willis Towers is an open regulated institution traded as NASDAQ: WLTW. It mainly deals with worldwide consultative and giving clarifications to issues. The corporation assists customers all over the world focus venture into a channel for development. The company has 40,000 workers attending to more than one hundred and forty countries. The company is designed to provide resolutions that oversee threat, raise profits, nurture aptitude, and enlarge the dominance of investment to watch over and build up institutes and persons.


Wills Towers Watson company hired Michael Burwell to replace Roger Millay who is retiring. Burwell is a CPA and a graduate of Michigan State University in 1986, who holds a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration degree, also, he is an accredited public accountant. Michael has a 12 years’ experience in Transaction amenities consultative including assisting corporations with appropriate persistence and estimation. Visit This Page for more information.


Michael Burwell according to John Haley, administrator of NASDAQ comprehends managing, piloting and also hammering findings in a complicated worldwide corporation with a compelling emphasis on customers. Haley says that he is confident that Michael Burwell’s proficiency in economics, businesses and change is well befitted to pilot their long-standing development and enduring combination efforts which allows them to accomplish their maximum ability as NASDAQ.

Michael Burwell has various skills in the business world starting from financial reporting, mergers and acquisition. He is a leader, skilled in finance, auditing and accounting. He is also a financial analyst, deals with portfolio management and skilled with internal controls.

Michael Burwell Comes To Willis Towers Watson As CFO

Finding the right Chief Financial Officer is one of the biggest decisions a business can make. In fact, many companies will spend months or even years to find the right executive for the job. Recently, a top global risk management firm tapped one of the most experienced executives from Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) to run their financial operations. That company, Willis Towers Watson, has selected finance veteran Michael Burwell as their new Chief Financial Officer.


Mr. Burwell brings over three decades of experience in the financial sector. As one of the top former executives at PwC, Mr. Burwell is considered one of the foremost experts in corporate finance. Previous to his position at Willis Towers Watson, Mr. Burwell served as PwC’s Chief Financial Officer in the United States as well as the Chief Operating Officer. He also held the position of Head of Global Transformation at PwC. In all, Michael Burwell spent over a decade in senior-level positions at PwC before coming to Willis Towers Watson.


As the Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Burwell will oversee the financial operations of Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell responsibilities will include managing the finance and transactions of the company as well as working with the management team. Mr. Burwell will help the company as it continues its growth as well as its global expansion. And as one of the largest risk management firms in the world, Mr. Burwell will help oversee operations on several continents.


In a recent press release, Mr. Burwell expressed his excitement to work at Willis Towers Watson as their Chief Financial Officer. He also expressed his desire to work with the management team and bring his extensive experience to every corner of the company’s financial department.


Michael Burwell is a Certified Public Accountant. He was educated at Michigan State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. Mr. Burwell’s career includes over 31 years at accounting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers where he held multiple senior-level positions including Partner. Visit This Page for more information.


Willis Towers Watson is London based risk management and advisory company. The firm assists corporate clients with everything from brokerage services to insurance and actuarial services. As of 2018, Willis Towers Watson employs over 40,000 people in over 140 countries.


Michael Burwell Takes His Financial Prowess To Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is a highly experienced finance professional. He prides himself on learning his trade at one of the best consulting firms in the world, PricewaterhouseCoopers, PwC, the global conglomerate based in the US. A graduate of Michigan State University and a certified accountant, he has spent over three decades with PwC. He rose through the ranks to serve in key leadership positions in the firm.



At the height of his career at PwC, he worked as the Vice Chairman in charge of finance. Recently, he was appointed to serve as the chief financial officer of Willis Towers Watson. The publicly-traded company is a top-rated global financial advisor that also offers brokerage services and a wide range of capital solutions to global customers. Michael Burwell brings extensive experience in finance and accounting to the stable including transformation, transaction services, audit, and valuations.



Michael Burwell adopts a results-oriented strategy to motivate his teams and drive growth. Michael Burwell has a strong commitment to clients. This aligns perfectly with the firm’s policy of providing exemplary financial solutions to corporations and individuals around the world. He is excited to join the management team at Willis Towers Watson. Besides strengthening the leadership, he hopes to grow the collaborative principles that continue to guide the success of the company.



Willis Towers Watson leverages capital to provide solutions that unlock the potential of global institutions and drive performance. The CEO of Willis Towers Watson, John Haley, was at hand to welcome the new CFO. He expressed his excitement and confidence in Michael Burwell’s expertise. He reiterated that the new CFO joins the company at a crucial time. The firm is looking to complete its integration efforts and puts more focus on long-term growth strategies.



Michael Burwell has a proven track record of achieving results that drive business performance and growth. He is credited with the rapid growth of PwC’s Detroit operation at the beginning of his career. He is adept at financial analysis, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, internal controls and leadership. Additionally, he is an influential team leader who adopts pioneering strategies that ensure client satisfaction.



Michael Burwell hopes to streamline the internal functions of the organization to achieve strategic effectiveness and draw the value from a diverse range of assets. Besides the Willis Group and PwC, he is also associated with the Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center where he serves on the board. He has also contributed to the National Republican Senatorial Committee among others. Find Additional Information Here.


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