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Equities First Holdings News: Partnering and Financial Assistance

With the world that we are living in now, we can all easily say that we are not happy with the news that has been being talked about. However, we can say that we are happy with all of the kitty memes, puppy memes, and especially those funny Trump memes. Right now it may be hard to find the good news though, simply because there is so much bad news that can be talked about right now. If you are tired of that, continue reading this article that only has good news on the Equities First Holdings company. The EFH company has made themselves known as being great with partnerships, partnerships that last through the decades. They are now partnering up with ETC company and will be funding the ETC company with big projects. Are you now happy that you were able to read this great piece of news without having to hear anything bad?

David Giertz, The President for Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales

Update 8/1/2017:
Retirement can be fun, that’s what David Giertz is saying in his GCReport article about retirement planning. Not everything has to be doom and gloom, and retirement can be the opportunity to pursue the interests you’ve always wanted to pursue, as long as you plan ahead.

Update 6/12/2017:
Read David Giertz’s latest piece about investing for retirement on The Bro Talk. Worth going through to get a better idea of how you could make simple changes in your life to plan for retirement. Doesn’t have to be a slog, you just have to get a little more disciplined.

David Giertz, commonly known as Dave, became the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors in March 2013. David Giertz has worked as a financial advisor for more than thirty years with the help of innovative processes and strategies.

David Giertz Career Background

Before his advancement to Nationwide, Mr. Giertz began his career at Citicorp Investment as a Financial Services Advisor. He progressed to an Area Director at Citicorp and later got a promotion to Executive Vice President of Sales. According to, from 1989 to 1993, David worked at Financial Horizons Security Corporation. Before becoming President of Nationwide Financial Distributors, David served as a Senior Vice President in the company.

Mr. David Giertz is a registered broker registered with FINRA and has accreditation from the Principal/Supervisory Exam, General Industry & Products Exam and the State Securities Law Exam. David is a Certified Business Coach with the World Association of Business Coaches where he has achieved a world-class score for Gallup associate engagement. David Giertz holds an MBA from the University of Miami, and a BS from Millikin University.

David Giertz Accomplishments

In 1999, Mr. David Giertz joined Nationwide as the Regional Vice President where he was responsible for the forty-eight percent increase in revenue in the in the Southeast Territory. In 2004, David led the channel at Financial Institutions Bank and by 2009 his channel expanded and included the Wirehouse distribution channel. During his tenure at Financial Institutions Bank on, there was a growth in revenue from 1.5 billion dollars to 8 billion dollars.

David’s most recent accomplishment is growing Nationwide Financial Distributors’ revenue from 11 billion dollars to 17.8 billion dollars. David has delivered operating results that are robust and exceed the target of the Profit and Loss accounts. Giertz has successfully led the wholesale distribution and strategy of various sectors such as Regional Firms, Independent Broker/Dealers, Specialty Markets, Private-Sector Retirement Plans, Annuities, Life Insurance, IMOs, and Wirehouses.

Giertz came from a modest upbringing and had to educate himself through college. He is a hard worker who is people-focused and believes that all employees should be treated with respect regardless of their roles.

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