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Thor Halvorssen ‘’the Champion of the Powerless’’

When someone thinks of the words ‘’human rights advocate’’ they associate it with negativity. The words vigilante or disobedient come to mind. To me an advocate represents courage, strength and perseverance. This describes Thor Halvorssen as a person.

He started at a young age advocating in 1989 by organizing opposition to South African apartheid. But due to his father becoming a political prisoner is when Halvorssen became fully involved in the individual rights and in the promotion of due process. He founded the New York based Human Rights foundation after his mother was killed during a political protest.

Halvorssen seeks freedom for political prisoners and democracy for his home land Latin America. Thor Halvorssen went from advocating since a small child to becoming the founder and CEO of the Oslo Freedom Forum. It’s an annual global gathering described as a ‘’ human rights festival in a spectacular form’’. Since starting is foundation he has secured the release of seven prisoners. Even provided evidence to Truth Commissions. Now is that doesn’t deserve recognition then I don’t know what does.

Thor is actually making a difference against the injustice he believes in. to make it even better he is the Patron of the Prague based Children’s Peace Movement; On Own Feet.

Sadly with all his accomplishments they still attack him. Calling him an ‘’an idiot tool’’ for the U. S government. That his campaigns are just ‘’moronic ideas’’. But what is worse standing for something or standing for nothing? I believe people fear what they don’t understand. Since they can’t join him in his quest for pro-democracy advocacy, they will try to beat him.

Thor Halvorssen was present with a presidential silver medal to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the Romanian Evolution of 1989. Even the University of Pennsylvania honored him in his achievements for protecting student speech. Through all this he’s a successful film producer focusing on matters at hand that we choose to ignore. Human trafficking, dictatorship, human rights and the threats to democracy. These threats are real and we need to wake up.

A Brief Look the Life of Human Rights Activist Thor Halvorssen

Born on March 9, 1976, to a wealthy Venezuelan family, Thor Halvorssen spent his childhood years in Venezuela and immigrated to the United States as a young adult. His father was an overseas investigator and anti-narcotics for the Venezuelan government at the time. His mother was shot and later succumbed to her wounds in 2004 during a peaceful demonstration in Venezuela. He is heavily involved in pro-democracy advocacy, civil liberties, individual rights, public interest advocacy, and matters relating to public policy. In 1993, his father was arrested for investigating money laundering allegations against the notorious Medellin Cartel but was later released after being found innocent of all charges. Thor Halvorssen went to the University of Pennsylvania where he concurrently graduated with undergraduate degrees in History and Political Science. Thor Halvorssen is a film producer, human rights activist, and the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum.

The Oslo Freedom Forum

The Oslo Freedom Forum is a group of zealous human rights, democracy, and social justice advocates devoted to the elevation of human rights in the world. From inspiring free expression to promoting the rule of law, the Oslo Freedom Forum is committed to the pursuit creative methods of increasing human freedom. Members are spread all over the world from all walks of life; from political dissidents spending their lives under dictatorial governments, to tech geniuses advocating freedom of speech in Western nations. The movement upholds its belief of a free life without negative interference from the government.

Human Right Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation is an independent non-profit-making organization committed to the protection and promotion of human rights at an international level. The organisation is founded on the ideals of human rights activism and focuses on uniting societies towards the common goals of supporting liberal democracy and protecting human rights.

Moving Picture Institute

Moving Picture Institute is a film production company committed to producing films that educate the masses about human rights and freedoms as well as support millions of politically oppressed societies all over the world. Filmmakers and actors willing to tell the story of their freedom have a perfect home in Moving Picture Institutes. Most of these actors end up having very successful careers in Hollywood.

Ny Tid Newspaper

In 2010, Thor Halvorssen purchased Ny Tid, a Norwegian global oriented monthly newspaper. The newspaper provides a forum for human rights and freedom activists to engage their audience freely.