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Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Fans Continue to Support

When the “Fifty Shades of Grey” book was released it became an instant bestseller for the New York Times list at a very quick pace. It seem like women could not get enough of all of the sensuality and the unforbidden world of intimate pleasures that were connected to a world of domination. Now that the film has taken on a third installment it appears that the franchise has mixed reviews.

What people have learned about this film is that it did not translate as well from book to a movie. What has kept the momentum going is the large amount of interest that is connected to the storyline and the original book. From the very start it was announced that there would be three installments of the “Fifty Shades of Grey.” This made it rather easy for fans to build their hopes because it was going to be released on Valentine’s Day for three years in a row.

The first movie was something of a blockbuster success even though it was not something that critics were fans of.

The second movie would have the same amount of backlash as well, but the fans of the book continued to rally around a film that also got bad reviews from critics.

By the time that this third installment of the movie came along it was evident that there were not going to be any raving reviews from critics. At this point even some of the fans that were rooting for the movie have lost interest as the prolonged storyline moved from a relationship between the main characters to a marriage.

It appears that many people are simply moving beyond what they have known when it comes to the Fifty Shades. They have more interest in doing something else with their time. Many people are much more in tune with the book then they are with the movie. It will still be able to generate a sizable amount of money because it caters to a Valentine’s Day crowd, but moviegoers should not expect anyting phenomenal when it comes to reviews from critics. From the very start critics have panned this movie, and they are ultimately still feeling the same way about this franchise that the book created.