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A Brisk Overview Of ‘Fifty Shades Freed’

A Brisk Overview Of ‘Fifty Shades Freed’
When the novel, Fifty Shades of Gray, was first released it was a smash hit success, garnering a highly devoted fan base and a reputation as a film that was both a guilty pleasure and a cultural phenomena that many individuals seemed to love to hate (regardless of whether or not they had actually read the book). This trend intensified when it was announced that the novel would be adapted into a film of the same name; that film, Fifty Shades of Gray was released in 2015 and was directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and starred the relatively known actors, Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele (the principal protagonist) and Jamie Dornan as the titular, Christian Grey. The film received rather mixed reviews but garnered a sequel nonetheless called, Fifty Shades Darker and just like its predecessor, it was based off of a eponymous novel by E.L. James. For those who are unfamiliar the first movie (just like the book upon which it was based) follows the story of Christian Grey, a dashing and powerful businessman with a troubled past and Ana Steele, a young, bright and curious woman who becomes attracted to him.

The first books concern Ana learning of Grey’s sadistic sexual proclivities and his seeming indifference to emotional connection and her struggles with this realization and her burgeoning feelings for him whilst the second book tackles their increased intimacy and obvious feelings unrequited desire.

The third film picks up shortly after the last one left off with Steele and Grey getting married and then falling into the typical newly wed bickering. The crux of the film revolves around Ana and Christian grappling with their new lives and the need for a more “vanilla” style of relationship which is further complicated by the reemergence of Fifty Shades Darker arch villain, Jack Hyde, a cruel businessman who is obsessed with possessing Ana and getting revenge on Grey for firing him.

So then, on to answering the natural question: how was it? All in all it is much in line with what one expects from these kinds of films, timid, over-hyped sex scenes, cheezy, stilted dialogues and generally bland characters. However the cat and mouse psychodrama towards the end was surprisingly effective. But don’t just take my word on it have a look at some other reviews of the film (such as this glowing one by a die-hard fan) and go check it out yourself (unless your not a fan of schlock romance).