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Susan McGalla- Breaking The Glass Ceiling Through Passion

Statistically, companies who are gender-divers are fifteen percent more likely to succeed. The success trend increases to 35 percent for companies that promote racial diversity. In spite of these chances increasing for business, C-Level executives only constitute a small percentage of companies among the S&P 500.

Although there are many women in the workforce struggling to attain the positions, there are exceptions. Women like Susan McGalla who has helped pave the way for more women leaders. As the daughter of a football coach and growing up with two brothers, there was no favoritism in her household due to her gender. She had to work and work hard to get what she wanted, and has taken those life lessons and applied them to multiple successful high level positions.

When McGalla began at American Outfitters, the company’s executives were 100 percent male, but she worked her way from the ground up to become President. After her tenure, she began P3 Executive Consulting, and currently, she works for the Pittsburgh Steelers as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. For McGalla, attaining a high level position in such a male dominated environment, it’s not surprising at all.

Even though McGalla’s accomplishments have been encouraging, the Glass Ceiling problem many women face is nothing new and still exists. However, there are plenty of networks and initiatives for women that provide support and the sharing of ideas, plan strategies for their businesses, and provide networking opportunities with other entrepreneurial women. These networks and initiatives have made inroads for promoting change, but still have been unable to address the underlying issue- The fact that a male dominated executive hierarchy institutionalizes gender discrimination.

In spite of her upbringing, Susan McGalla describes herself as never having a chip on her shoulder climbing the ranks to executive positions. Very simply, having autonomy in her work life was a result of hard work, being flexible, and working toward things she was passionate about.

McGalla, received a bachelor of science degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College, and married to Stephen McGalla, a Wealth Manager. She is also a board member HFF Inc. and the Magee Womens Hospital.

Fabletics Gives Amazon A Run For Its Money

To take on Amazon in the fashion e-commerce market may be considered well nigh impossible, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has done just that. Notching sales of $250 million in just three years, it has ridden on the back of the ‘activewear’ movement. Using the subscription mode of selling clothing to its customers, it has banked upon their proclivity to buy brands that aspirational.


More than the pricing differentiating it, this high-value brand has moved with the times to focus more on things like last mile service, positive customer experience, great designs and brand recall. This kind of precise strategic positioning has worked so well for the brand that they are slated to open more physical stores this year in addition to the 16 they already have in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.


The reason behind their great success could be attributed to the fact that their membership model of business enables them to offer customized service as well as trendy fashion at prices that are half of what the competition is offering. Particularly their concept of ‘Reverse Showrooming”, which involves their active outreach ensuring that 30 to 50% of the people who walk into their stores are members already and another 25% become members when they walk in. That turns the traditional concept of showrooming that involves people browsing items to buy online and then going ahead and buying them at a lesser price elsewhere.


For Fabletics it is immaterial whether a customer buys their clothing online or at the store. In fact, every time someone tries out a piece of clothing at their store it gets reflected in their shopping cart as well. Fabletics’ success is built on the understanding that more than the value of the brand it is the value of customer relationships that matters.


Kate Hudson is really on a roll with her clothing company Fabletics. These days she walks the red carpet at events held to promote her clothing company and not her movies. A case in point is her recent collaboration with pop star Demi Lovato. Considering that Hudson has no business background whatsoever the exponential growth of her business has been no less than phenomenal.


Establishing the company and the brand was a lot of hard work and Hudson spent a lot of time doing just that. Particularly she was quite clear that communication about the brand had to be out of the top drawer. In as little as 18 months her company received a top rating from Better Business Bureau and a very respectable customer satisfaction score. No wonder Fabletics grew so fast. The best year was 2014 when they grew in triple figures, while the growth rate 2015 to 2016 was 43%. With 102 million members and a retail growth which has clocked an astounding annual growth of 644% last year Kate Hudson’s company is truly, truly on a roll-just like her.


The future of Fabletics is extremely bright if past trends are anything to go by. Watch this space.

A New Dimension in Modeling- Nine9

In the past modeling was considered as a female only affair which was also not taken seriously by most people. Times have changed, and the males are also involved in the modeling industry which has been growing tremendously. The modeling industry has joined with the entertainment industry to deliver the best models in the world. Modeling agencies have been established to recruit and train aspiring models.

Nine9 is one of the modeling agencies in the United States. The modeling agency was founded in 2003 with the aim of recruiting ambitious models. Their mission is to offer aspiring models training which will make them succeed in the industry. The firm trusts that 99% of talent is not well represented and it is their duty to represent the talent. The Group uses the latest technology and has devoted staff with more than ten years of experience in advising, booking, and client management. Training with Nine9 has an added advantage;

• A commission free environment
Models are offered talent benefit programs exploiting select businesses in the market
• Access to national casting and auditions
• A composite card for both digital and tradition submission
• An opportunity to interact with others leaders in the industry

Models that have gone through Nine9 agency are grateful, and some of them had the following to say;

Cali C: She was glad that within a few months of joining Nine9 Talent Agency, she has been able to learn a lot and the instructors, as well as the photographers, are amazing. She said that her she has started to receive a response from her casting submissions.

Daniel C: since he joined Nine9 he has received several bookings including a background in Untouchable which is Kevin Hart’s new movie.

Lorena C: she is very young, and she has been able to receive attention from the audience which she says it is an incredible feeling. Being at Nine9 has offered her an opportunity to work with I Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert.

Doe Deere Leads the Way With the Lime Crime Cosmetics Brand

The best thing about shopping online is that there is always an opportunity to find something new and exciting. I have found a lot of things over the years by accident. I know, for example that I would have never discovered a company like Lime Crime if I wasn’t wondering around on the Internet.


This may have been one of the greatest discoveries I have made when it comes to cosmetics. I think that this is the makeup brand that has stood out because it has a some delightfully wild colors. This brand does not look like anything else that is out. Shades like squash are bright and bold. I have been blown away by others shades like Zany Alien. All of these are shades that I have purchased, and I have always received compliments. So many people will stop in their tracks when they see some of these Lime Crime shades that I wear. This is the brand that just gets attention because it does not have the same old dull colors like everything else out there.


I am thankful that I know about this company, and I think that just about anyone that tries the brand out will be hopeful to see more of what this company is selling. I know that there’s a company that also sells eyeliner because I have purchased some of this as well. I am considering purchasing some of the hair dye because I want to have some plum red hair to go with the lipstick that I purchased from this website. It is a very interesting website that I can stay on for hours.


I like the way that this company has continued to bring forth new shades throughout the course of the years. Doe Deere is the CEO of this company, and she stays wired into her fan base. She will tweet about a new shade online and that is what starts the anticipation of new makeup on this website. That is how she gets her fans to take interest. This social media is the core of her marketing tactics.



Lime Crime Defines The Makeup With No Compromise On Style And Quality

Lime Crime, the famous makeup brand, is creating waves in the market with simplified but stylish products which are derived from vegan byproducts. The U.S. based makeup brand has online stores as well as brick and mortar stores in U.S., Canada, Middle East, Mexico, Russia, U.K., China, Australia, and more. It has cosmetic products for lips, hair, eyes, face, nails, etc. The cruelty-free brand is set up by Doe Deere in 2008 which focused people who wanted to make a try on bright and shining beauty products than regular ones.

Considering the huge demand for the colorful cosmetic products, LimeCrime became an instant hit, and the firm is frequently forced to bring more diverse products with different shades and color mixes. The products are known for and highly appreciated for its quality, and it gives freedom and self-expression, per Deere. The brand is known for innovation in cosmetics and gets the attention of fashion lovers with its unique product series. Interestingly, LimeCrime is well aware of the changing trends in makeup products, and it surprises the customers with some highly appealing products. For instance, it introduced a trend-setting limited edition called MLF set on April 27, 2017, to celebrate the Mother’s Day.

The grand success of the products is also attributed to its stickiness to be 100 percent vegan product. This aspect is making people from all sections to make a try for it and even endorse it considering the no raw materials sourced from animals. Though it prominently sells women makeup products, it has men’s line of products as well. The firm wants each of its customer enjoying the occasions or special events by using the high-quality and trendy makeup products offered by it. Lime Crime wanted to present the products at the competitive prices, and this makes more demand for them.

The brand is also active in various philanthropic missions, and its founder Doe Deere is actively making the firm involving in charities that are working against the cruelty against the animals and animal rescue. Lime Crime is supporting charity organizations such as Girls Inc., HOLA, Sanctuary For Families, Bideawee, Adopt NY, and Red Cross.

JustFab’s Don Ressler Talks TechStyle

The company that is responsible for brands like Fabletics and JustFab, TechStyle, is currently undergoing some major changes. Don Ressler, one of the founders of the company, knows that the things that are going to change will be much different in the future. He hopes that he will be able to appeal to everyone and that they will be able to get more out of the companies that they have worked with in the past. It is something that Don Ressler has always been hoping for and something that he wants to make sure happens the right way no matter what is going on in the fashion and beauty industries.

Don Ressler recently did an interview where he talked about the changes that were coming to the sizes. This was one of the first changes that the company made and it was something that they did so that they could include everyone in the options that they had. According to They didn’t want people to feel left out and they made sure that they were always doing everything that they could to include different people with the experiences that they had. It was a great way to ensure that people could enjoy the brands no matter what size they were.

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Another thing that the company did was change their name. They had always had the same name but there was a switch in the options that they had available to them and they wanted to take the opportunity to make sure that people knew what they were all about. The TechStyle name is something that people can recognize easily and something that shows people what the brand is able to do. TechStyle, the new name, is something that Don Ressler came up with to make the business better and show people what he did to make it work.

As part of their mission to make things better for everyone who was a part of the brand, Don Ressler took quite a few steps to offer people different options to buy. Despite the fact that they still do most of their business on their own website, Don Ressler made it so that people could buy JustFab and Fabletics products from places like Amazon. The company also opened flagship stores that allowed them the chance to make sure that people could buy from them when they were in some of the world’s biggest cities.

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Fabletics offers highly fashionable activewear clothing

Fabletics is an online activewear shopping destination. Co-founded by celebrity and actress Kate Hudson, the company has grown to offer the best e-commerce shopping experience. The company has built several physical stores to increase its market of people that prefer shopping in brick and mortar stores. Fabletics was launched in 2013, having seen massive competition from top retailers in the activewear and fashion industry such as Lululemon and athleisure. Unlike all these other brands, Fabletics clothing items have a higher style and are sold at a lower price. Clothing sold by the company have therefore been available and accessible to a wider audience. The company has had the advantage of having a high profile spokesperson with a massive social media following as its co-founder.


According to the company retail operations officer, Fabletics believes in a true fashion wear brand in the market. As a subsidiary of JustFab, the company has learned a lot from the experience of its mother company. Fabletics opened its online brick and mortar stores in 2015. It has opened its stores in over six locations. The company’s online business was growing immeasurably. In a bid to ease the full online marketplace, the company moved to brick-and-mortar stores to offer a better shopping experience for its customers.


Fabletics has had an overwhelming success with its e-commerce business. The company has always been on the lookout for improved and better ways to serve its customers and meet its growing market base. To people that maintain an active and athletic lifestyle, Fabletics is more than just any other sportswear clothing; it is their way of life. The kind of business model provided by the company has fascinated its clients and offered them the best shopping experience.


Fabletics has made it possible to know the exact details of its customers. With their customized design and activewear products, the company has developed products that suits the tastes of every client. The company has a way to know the exact needs of its clients through an online questionnaire upon subscribing. Answers to the questionnaire assist the firm recommend the best products for its customers. The company has taken it upon itself to provide to its clients the exact kind of dressing they need.


Clients that opt for the subscription service get to enjoy highly discounted offers on their purchases. Discounts made by the company could go up to 50 percent on the retail price. Clients have had the liberty to spend less and have customized products made specifically for them.