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Fabletics Gives Amazon A Run For Its Money

To take on Amazon in the fashion e-commerce market may be considered well nigh impossible, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has done just that. Notching sales of $250 million in just three years, it has ridden on the back of the ‘activewear’ movement. Using the subscription mode of selling clothing to its customers, it has banked upon their proclivity to buy brands that aspirational.


More than the pricing differentiating it, this high-value brand has moved with the times to focus more on things like last mile service, positive customer experience, great designs and brand recall. This kind of precise strategic positioning has worked so well for the brand that they are slated to open more physical stores this year in addition to the 16 they already have in places like Hawaii, Illinois, Florida, and California.


The reason behind their great success could be attributed to the fact that their membership model of business enables them to offer customized service as well as trendy fashion at prices that are half of what the competition is offering. Particularly their concept of ‘Reverse Showrooming”, which involves their active outreach ensuring that 30 to 50% of the people who walk into their stores are members already and another 25% become members when they walk in. That turns the traditional concept of showrooming that involves people browsing items to buy online and then going ahead and buying them at a lesser price elsewhere.


For Fabletics it is immaterial whether a customer buys their clothing online or at the store. In fact, every time someone tries out a piece of clothing at their store it gets reflected in their shopping cart as well. Fabletics’ success is built on the understanding that more than the value of the brand it is the value of customer relationships that matters.


Kate Hudson is really on a roll with her clothing company Fabletics. These days she walks the red carpet at events held to promote her clothing company and not her movies. A case in point is her recent collaboration with pop star Demi Lovato. Considering that Hudson has no business background whatsoever the exponential growth of her business has been no less than phenomenal.


Establishing the company and the brand was a lot of hard work and Hudson spent a lot of time doing just that. Particularly she was quite clear that communication about the brand had to be out of the top drawer. In as little as 18 months her company received a top rating from Better Business Bureau and a very respectable customer satisfaction score. No wonder Fabletics grew so fast. The best year was 2014 when they grew in triple figures, while the growth rate 2015 to 2016 was 43%. With 102 million members and a retail growth which has clocked an astounding annual growth of 644% last year Kate Hudson’s company is truly, truly on a roll-just like her.


The future of Fabletics is extremely bright if past trends are anything to go by. Watch this space.

A New Dimension in Modeling- Nine9

In the past modeling was considered as a female only affair which was also not taken seriously by most people. Times have changed, and the males are also involved in the modeling industry which has been growing tremendously. The modeling industry has joined with the entertainment industry to deliver the best models in the world. Modeling agencies have been established to recruit and train aspiring models.

Nine9 is one of the modeling agencies in the United States. The modeling agency was founded in 2003 with the aim of recruiting ambitious models. Their mission is to offer aspiring models training which will make them succeed in the industry. The firm trusts that 99% of talent is not well represented and it is their duty to represent the talent. The Group uses the latest technology and has devoted staff with more than ten years of experience in advising, booking, and client management. Training with Nine9 has an added advantage;

• A commission free environment
Models are offered talent benefit programs exploiting select businesses in the market
• Access to national casting and auditions
• A composite card for both digital and tradition submission
• An opportunity to interact with others leaders in the industry

Models that have gone through Nine9 agency are grateful, and some of them had the following to say;

Cali C: She was glad that within a few months of joining Nine9 Talent Agency, she has been able to learn a lot and the instructors, as well as the photographers, are amazing. She said that her she has started to receive a response from her casting submissions.

Daniel C: since he joined Nine9 he has received several bookings including a background in Untouchable which is Kevin Hart’s new movie.

Lorena C: she is very young, and she has been able to receive attention from the audience which she says it is an incredible feeling. Being at Nine9 has offered her an opportunity to work with I Rock Fashion and Daniel Robert.

Kill It With The New LimeCrime Products

The need to find colorful cosmetics triggered the birth of Lime Crime Makeup in the year 2008. Doe Deree, the eccentric Unicorn Queen had a vision and used color to make it her reality. Doe does not believe in the ordinary, she instead aspires to change the fashion industry and to revolutionize it. Color plays a major role in her life and she works day and night to ensure that the products the company releases impacts the users’ feelings. Lime crime works encourages the users to be unapologetic when it comes to fashion and their amazing products.



Lime Crime is indeed cruelty free, as evidenced by the ILoveLimeCrime blog curated by Doe. The company loves animals which means that their products are not tested on animals. In fact, the company has certification from PETA. All the products from Urban Outfitters from Lime Crime are 100% vegan. At Lime Crime there is a zero tolerance to animal cruelty. The company’s culture is created on development of animal friendly products.

You can order an authentic product from Lime Crime Amazon, Dollskill, Asos and Beauty Bay. From these sites, you can order the new products launched in the market and even their older products.