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Lime Crime The Latest Craze

Lime Crime diamond lip crushers has been flooding our news feed for quite some time now. These sparkly iridescent liquid lipsticks can be worn alone or over another lip color to give it a brand new look. Their diamond crusher lipstick videos went viral, as various participants tried the lip colors on, and pressed their lips together producing the glitter phenomenon. This was the first product to ever have this sort of capability and with such success. They have truly delivered a spectacular product with its diamond crushers lipstick. It can be purchased in five different shades, and there is surely a shade to fit every personality.

Lime Crime has a variety of products that range from lipgloss to extreme colored hair dyes. The hair dyes were very popular among the younger crowd because of the vibrant bold colors that are not harmful to the hair. In reference to the makeup these lines of products have also been geared toward the teen audience in the passed; using packaging such as “little velvet tin boxes” filled with lipgloss, and their all time famous “unicorn glitter” which is a loose glitter eyeshadow.

The brand has recently began to appeal to a larger audience with its newest diamond crusher lipstick. These lipsticks have created such a craze that other brands have tried to replicate this glittery lipgloss. A few close contenders would be Follacure Luxe as well as Color Castile. Both of these brands have produced these lipsticks with the diamond crusher effect, however the old saying of “you get what you pay for” would definitely apply to these replicas. Lime Crime is a vegan brand that is all natural, with no harmful chemicals. They also takes pride in the fact that they use no animal testing in the creation of their products.