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Piper the Pug Loves All Beneful Dog Food’s

My pug named Piper does not like most dog food’s due to them not tasting like real food. I had tried almost every food out there and then my brother recommended that I get Piper Beneful because they have many options when it comes to dog food. I went to the nicest pet shop in town to pick up her food in hopes that they would have every food there that Beneful sells. Just because i wanted to look at all the different types of dog food in person so that i could see every type of dog food there is. Before i went to the store i researched a lot about Beneful online on Facebook. They have wet and dry dog food so i figured, well i was at the store that it wouldn’t hurt to try both wet and dry dog food for piper because I’m not really sure which she would prefer. I picked up Beneful incredibites dry dog food and a few types of Beneful wet dog food. i figured Beneful incredibites would be the best type of dry dog food that Beneful has to offer just because it was designed for small dogs like Piper. When picking out Beneful wet dog food i picked out three different kinds for Piper. I choose Beneful chopped blends, beef stew, and Tuscan style medley. The chopped blends flavor that I choose was chicken. When feeding piper I let her try the dry dog food which was Beneful incredibites on the first day of the week. She scarfed it down faster than I could set the bowl of food down. On the second day I let her try the Beneful chopped blends wet dog food. She didn’t seem too sure of it at first, probably because she has only tried dry dog food in her life. After about a minute of sniffing it, she started to eat it just as fast as she ate the Beneful incredibites. On the third and fourth day when I let her try the other food’s she loved them both as much as the other two types of food. I became at a loss of what kind of food I was going to give her to eat on a regular basis. So I decided I will rotate between the four food’s. Beneful has been the best thing ever to happen to Piper and I highly recommend it.