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Why You Should Choose Equities First Holdings For Your Alternative Lending Solutions

Equities First Holdings is a security-based lender to global companies and high net worth individuals in need of impromptu cash. The privately held company has its headquarters in Indianapolis and other offices operating in another nine countries, including Perth, Bangkok, London, Singapore, and Sydney, among others. The company has been providing alternative finance solutions to their clients for over a decade leading to a successful completion of over 650 transactions since their inception.

About Equities First

Equities Holdings carries out an analysis of the risks involved and the future performance of stocks, treasuries, and bonds before giving a loan. Additionally, stock-based loans provide certainty throughout the transactions since they have a high loan to value and a low fixed interest rate. Customers can also use their publicly traded shares as collateral to help them meet their personal and professional needs.

Increased Demand for Security-Based Loans

There is a high increase in the number of borrowers using their stocks and shares as collateral to secure a loan following the high lending demands posed by banks and other lenders. The credit-based lenders have reduced their lending options, increased their interest rates, and raised the loan qualifications for borrowers. Therefore, stock-based loans and margin loans have become the best alternative for anyone who may not qualify for credit-based loans, or a borrower who is in urgent need of funding.

Why Choose Stock-Based Loans

The margin loans and stock-based loans use securities as collateral. However, a margin loan comes with a restriction on the qualifications and usage of the loan, but the borrower has no obligations on stock-based loans. The loan to value ratios in a margin loan varies between 10-50% while the rates for the stock-based ones stand at 50-75%. Equities First Holdings minimizes the risk for the borrowers, meaning that you may not encounter a problem with returning stocks after a successful loan settlement.