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Susan McGalla Highly Inspiring Businesswoman Based in the United States

Susan McGalla is one of the most inspiring leaders and businesswomen in the United States, and hundreds and thousands of women in the country are following her example. She had risen to become one of the most influential leaders in the corporate circle of the United States even when she was a woman. As per the statistics, many of the companies do not have balanced proportion of women on the c-level positions, which is disheartening to know. Many research proves that if the company is open to both males and females employees, it will help the company to be more open-minded and receptive to new ideas and perspectives.

Susan McGalla currently serves as the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at Pittsburgh Steelers. In the past, he has worked for America Eagle Outfitters Inc and Wet Seal Inc in the capacity of President and CEO. Susan McGalla has tremendous experience in the corporate circle, and she often shares her experience through the interviews she gives and the articles she writes often. Susan McGalla attended Mount Union College where she studied marketing and business.

In one of the recent interviews, Susan McGalla said that it is essential for the women to try hard to penetrate the corporate circle and achieve business. She said that the first thing that the women need to do to achieve that is by focusing on studies and getting good grades. Susan McGalla stated that the good grades in college help in securing a good job and is one of the focus points that the employers check. She added that the women must keep their finances in order from the very beginning to support higher education from a reputed institution. Susan McGalla says that in an office environment, women must always build a network of people she is close to and can share celebrations and concerns. It helps in offloading frustration and keeps performance at peak.

Greg Secker: Turning Passion into Business and Philanthropy

Greg Secker has a strong passion for helping people grow socially, economically and academically. He is also committed to positively influencing people. In order to actualize these two passions, he made a bold move in 2003 to leave his well-paying job as vice president at Mellon Financial Corporation to found Knowledge to Action Group. Drawing from his experience at Mellon, Thomas Cook where he worked as a trading technologist and managing Virtual Trading Desk, Greg Secker founded a series of organizations under the Knowledge to Action Group. These organizations include Greg Secker Foundation, which is non-profit entity with a global presence and is dedicated to charitable activities aimed at improving the quality of life for their beneficiaries.


Greg Secker also founded the award-winning company Learn to Trade, which is dedicated to training people globally on how to navigate the murky world of global financial markets. The over 200,000 trained so far by the company have benefitted immensely through Greg Secker’s in seminars and workshops, some of which he has attended as a keynote speaker. He also founded SmartCharts and Capital Index, which specializes in revolutionary and interactive trading software and brokerage, respectively. In addition to his entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors, Mr. Secker is also an exceptional public speaker recognized globally. He not only discusses a wide range of topics ranging from wealth to health; he is also an excellent organizer who has brought together numerous experts and influential individuals to discuss these topics.


Education Background and Investment Philosophy


Secker is an alumnus of University of Nottingham where he graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science degree. At the university, he specialized in Molecular Biology. Currently, he offers investment advice for private investors through several seminars, both paid and free. Through his seminars, Greg Secker has highlighted trading philosophy, which has played a key role in his success as an investor. Through the trading programs he run, he has enlightened the investors on the need to invest in undervalued stocks whose values are bound to rocket. Attendees not only benefit from insights on how to identify such stocks; they also learn how exit such stocks profitably in order to reduce their risks.

The achievements of Andrew Rocklage

Andrew Rocklage graduated from the prestigious Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management. He is anything but your typical entrepreneur and attorney. He has a keen interest in business, enabling him to earn quite a name for himself in the Boston community. Currently, he is the proprietor and operator of Sky Zone Trampoline Park.


Sky Zone is the first indoor trampoline park in the world. They are the inventors of ‘fun fitness’ and the developers of great trampoline ideas. They are also the original creators of trampoline dunking and Ultimate Dodgeball. Other than the great workout sessions, Sky Zone also offers excellent and healthy fun activities to their clients. The park Boston indoor trampoline park is one of the most attractive and innovative in the United States.


In handling his business operations, Mr. Rockledge has shown an in-depth understanding of the corporate scene in Boston. He has also displayed the importance of stellar customer service in building a business enterprise. One way he has succeeded in implementing this knowledge is by evaluating and recruiting some of the most talented people into his staff.


The skilled staff interacts well with the customers at his Sky Zone Trampoline Park location. Satisfied customers have regularly raved about the helpfulness and top notch services offered by the employees of the park at his location. With excellent skills and experience in identifying and developing the immense potential in his staff and colleagues, Mr. Rocklage’s success in the business world is poised to reach great lengths.


To add to his business ventures, Rocklage has significant experience in corporate law. He has successfully served as corporate counsel for EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. He also has vast expertise in the technology sector, which has enabled him to become one of the most distinguished innovators in the local market. He can incorporate his legal skills and experience into his business strategy, qualifying him into being a force to reckon with in the Boston market.


Given the milestone developments in his career choices since graduating from both law school and business school, it is highly likely that Mr. Andrew Rocklage will continue to venture into unique and challenging business pursuits. Even though the businessman has remained in proximity to his Boston area all through his professional development, he also has an interest in traveling to new places. He is willing to embrace new people and ideas, meaning that the sky is the limit for his ventures.


JustFab’s Don Ressler Talks TechStyle

The company that is responsible for brands like Fabletics and JustFab, TechStyle, is currently undergoing some major changes. Don Ressler, one of the founders of the company, knows that the things that are going to change will be much different in the future. He hopes that he will be able to appeal to everyone and that they will be able to get more out of the companies that they have worked with in the past. It is something that Don Ressler has always been hoping for and something that he wants to make sure happens the right way no matter what is going on in the fashion and beauty industries.

Don Ressler recently did an interview where he talked about the changes that were coming to the sizes. This was one of the first changes that the company made and it was something that they did so that they could include everyone in the options that they had. According to They didn’t want people to feel left out and they made sure that they were always doing everything that they could to include different people with the experiences that they had. It was a great way to ensure that people could enjoy the brands no matter what size they were.

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Another thing that the company did was change their name. They had always had the same name but there was a switch in the options that they had available to them and they wanted to take the opportunity to make sure that people knew what they were all about. The TechStyle name is something that people can recognize easily and something that shows people what the brand is able to do. TechStyle, the new name, is something that Don Ressler came up with to make the business better and show people what he did to make it work.

As part of their mission to make things better for everyone who was a part of the brand, Don Ressler took quite a few steps to offer people different options to buy. Despite the fact that they still do most of their business on their own website, Don Ressler made it so that people could buy JustFab and Fabletics products from places like Amazon. The company also opened flagship stores that allowed them the chance to make sure that people could buy from them when they were in some of the world’s biggest cities.

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The Spirit of an Entrepreneur

It takes a unique passion to push an idea from fantasy into reality. Many people dream of making an impact on the world. Great ideas live in the hearts and minds of individuals from all walks of life. However, the ability to plan and take action is unique to a select few. Trial and error breeds success. Walking the unknown path is terrifying. Those who are able to manage the fears eventually reap the rewards of being successful entrepreneurs.

Don Ressler is the shining example of a person who makes moves that impacts the community around him. Don began his career as a brand building specialist. Don Ressler built his own company called Fitness out of a completely original concept. He sold it to to a large corporation in 2001 known as Intermix. Ressler’s creative mind led to many more successes as a groundbreaking trendsetter on the internet. Don Ressler efforts raised over a billion dollars in sales.

Don Ressler’s ambition would not stop at internet brand making. He continued to take a risk and tap into markets that were going unnoticed by large business corporations. Don understood how to discover these trends and develop them to a point where they became attractive to potential investors. Women’s fashion seemed like a stretch for Don Ressler. However, the young visionary seized the opportunity and found an ally in his quest to pave a new road in online commerce.

Don met Adam Goldenberg at Intermix. The two discovered that they had a lot in common and became fast friends. They quickly decided to become business partners and venture out on a project of their Own. The unlikely new journey would be in women’s fashion. Don Ressler and Adam teamed together on a venture they would call JustFab. The concept was to make women’s apparel available online for a monthly price.

The project had many celebrity affiliations including Russell Simmons and his wife Kimora Simmons. Kimora eventually became president of JustFab. The TV show titled “Kimora” House of Fab” was a sophisticated effort to promote the brand and bring it’s unique business model into the
forefront of fashion.

The company would expand into international markets including Canada and Europe. Ressler went on to create spin off brands with Goldenberg and other celebrities such as Kate Hudson. Fabletics was launched in 2013. It grew faster than any other brand in the organization. There are plans to open brick-and-mortar locations for Fabletics throughout the United States.

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Discover Jason Hope’s Philanthropic Work in Arizona

Jason Hope is a person who contributes a lot of his resources and time in bettering the welfare of other people, and he believes his assets have placed him in a better position to pursue that dream. As an entrepreneur and a successful business owner, Jason Hope is passionately involved in giving back to the community and also in assisting the local organizations. His principal goal is to see the local communities that reside in Arizona succeed in their projects.

Hope has been supporting the humanitarian organizations that have been working toward the improvement of humankind’s future, especially those that are actively involved in fighting the effects that are brought about by the aging process. Such involvements are geared toward making humanity live a longer life without pain or diseases. Jason Hope keenly looks for opportunities and different projects that he can further support with his time, resources and influence.

Jason’s work in technology has been targeting various avenues in development and research such as the development of mobile apps, gaming software, desktop software and different devices that use technology or connectivity so as to make the human conditions better. When the human situations are better, people will start having a more fulfilling and enjoyable life.

Jason Hope is always looking for ways of maximizing the use of technology to mankind’s advantage, and he carefully studies the infrastructure related to technology to discover the potential trends. Jason is a futurist; therefore, he works closely with individuals and businesses as they plan to develop and launch superior technological advancements.

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It is a popular fact that commencing a business, starting a new idea or creating a new product is not always an easy process. Once a person has an idea, finding the appropriate means to make the idea work becomes the hardest part. Hope’s business acumen has enabled him to work with individuals who are launching their businesses.

Jason Hope is known to assist the future entrepreneurs as they enter into the world of technology. In most times, the young entrepreneurs do have fantastic ideas, but many of them lack the finances and insights that are required in bringing those beautiful ideas to reality. Hope provides grants to high school seniors and many college students to assist them in jump-starting their ideas, which are just waiting to become technological breakthroughs.

To learn more about Jason Hope’s ideas for technology and the future, visit his blog.