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Troy McQuagge Understands How Charity is Important

Aside from just wanting to help people with the charitable efforts he has done, Troy McQuagge USHealth recognizes that charity is an important part of running a business. He wants to make sure USHEALTH Group has what they are looking for and that they are doing things the right way through the opportunities they have. For Troy McQuagge, this is part of how he can make a difference and it’s what has allowed him to bring attention to the issues going on in the industry. For a health insurance company, Troy McQuagge knows there will be things that can happen. He knows that if he gives people the things back that they need, he will be doing things right. He also knows there will be other ways he can provide people with the opportunities they can use to make their own lives better.

The HOPE Program stands for Helping Other People Everyday. Troy McQuagge knows what it will take to give people the things he can look for and the things that will make their lives better. Through HOPE, he is providing people with the options they need to improve their own lives without the problems that can sometimes come from helping out in different situations. It has given him the ability to change the course of the future for those who he tries to do business with. It has also allowed him to make sure things are working out for the company so he can make it better for everyone. Follow Troy McQuagge USHealth on Twitter.

As long as Troy McQuagge is doing what he can to help, so is USHEALTH Group. The company knows what it will take to give people the options they need. They also know there will be some things they can do to try and give back with everything they have started. It all goes back to the industry standards they are working with and the people who they are trying to take a lot of help from. It goes to show that TroyMcQuagge is doing his best at helping other people with the issues they are facing and with the experiences they have made on their own.

Bringing things into perspective has helped Troy McQuagge make sure he is doing things right. He knows there will be other opportunities he can use to be successful. He also knows there will be changes that can come from the industry. For Troy McQuagge, this is part of how he can work to bring attention to many different issues. It is also the right way for him to give people what they are looking for. No matter what he does, HOPE continues to be an integral part of the USHEALTH Group community.


Dr Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a doctor and an entrepreneur. He has been a featured guest on the CBS “Doctorpreneur” which as the name implies features doctors who have an entrepreneurial spirit in medical community. Dr. McKenna is well aware of his patients needs as he is savvy about new technologies that the medical profession brings about.

Dr. Mark McKenna earned his degree at Tulane Medical School, after which practiced medicine for five years with his father. He soon realized that being a doctor wouldn’t earn him a lot of money, so he branched out into other areas in which he could use his mind.

In his early days as a medical student, Dr. Mark McKenna bought some real estate; also, did some “moonlighting” jobs for $50 an hour doing physicals for inmates at the local prison. All of this money he earned was being invested wisely.

Upon opening his first medical practice, Dr. Mark McKenna also started his first boutique real estate development firm called McKenna Venture Investments. In which he didn’t stop there, he went on an acquired or launched the Universal Mortgage Lending as well as Uptown Lending, Inc.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s portfolio of companies has grown to more than fifty employees. Offering a turnkey of services featuring design-building, and financing, of real estate closing services.

With the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Mark McKenna lost everything. He was forced to evacuate, his employees soon scattered, he money went to zero and he was forced to start over. However, this disaster didn’t stop him and make him give up. He was soon able to return to New Orleans and rebuild his companies during the relief efforts of rebuilding New Orleans and Louisiana.

He started out by buying property that was worth to nothing, rebuilding it and leasing out as low-income properties. He soon began his company by rebuilding and flipping properties.

Dr. McKenna then moved to Atlanta, enrolling in an MBA program and opened up ShapeMed; a chain of medical offices which offer Botox, laser hair removal, and weight counseling services.

Now at the age of 43, Dr. McKenna is onto a new venture which will open in 2018. It is call OVME(pronounce Of Me). The vision of OVME is to allow physicians to make house calls to patients requiring BOTOX injections, it will be like an UBER for Botox patients.

So as one can see, Dr. McKenna is much more than just a medical doctor. He has done a lot in his lifetime, rising to the top, crawling back from the bottom during disaster, and now rising back to the top. He appears to be the perfect example of what an entrepreneur is.

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Greg Secker Is A Successful Man

When Greg Secker was given the chance to explain where his ideas come from, he shared that they are born partly out of boredom and partly out of opportunity. He is someone who follows after those dreams that come to him when he is bored with life. He is someone who takes on the opportunities that are before him and turns them into something great. When he was given the chance to share how his typical day looks now that he is following after – and living out – his dream, he mentioned that no two days are the same for him. He does not have a typical day, as he is always up to something new and different.

Everyone has dreams, and different people follow their dreams in different ways. When Greg Secker was asked how he goes about following after the dreams that he has, he shared that he thinks that it is important to fall in love with his dreams. He has to really care about them and think about the good way in which they could turn out. Then, he thinks about the steps that it will take to make those dreams come true. He figures out what he must do if he wants his dreams to be a reality.

Greg Secker is someone who has become successful, but he would like to change the way that he got to the place that he is at now if he could. When he was asked what he would do differently if he had the chance to start over, he shared that he would like to enjoy the journey a little more. He would like to take time to appreciate each step that took him to where he is at now.

There are some who know how to find success at a young age, and Greg Secker is one of those people. He was a multi-millionaire while he was still in his twenties.

Greg Secker has a passion for helping people learn about the world of trade. He owns a company that is Europe’s top trader coaching company.

Troy McQuagge Becomes Gold Winner at One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards 2016

Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. was awarded as the “Gold Winner” CEO of the year by One Planet. One Planet holds it annual prestigious event to those who have shown exemplary leadership and business skills in their respective companies. Companies in a global scale are welcomed to submit their own nominations for various categories: public, private, profit, non-profit, large businesses, small businesses, and startups.

McQuagge was very honored to receive the highest award in the said event. He mentioned that the award ultimately belongs to the company and the people who allowed to make USHEALTH Group, Inc. happen. He continues on to state their company’s commitment to provide families access to affordable healthcare options and healthcare coverage suitable to their individual needs.

CEO Mr. McQuagge first started in USHEALTH in 2010. The company soared to new heights when he was given the task to remake their distribution agency called USHEALTH Advisors. Equipping the Advisors led to the company’s increased success and McQuagge eventually became the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2014. The business profits have significantly increased during his stay at USHEALTH, and has become one of the most competitive in the healthcare coverage industry.

About Mr. Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is has been in the field of sales and has been an entrepreneur since early years of his career. He also has an expertise in corporate leadership. He graduated from UCF in Florida and is presently residing at Coppell. Texas. He is managing the company USHEALTH and their affiliated Advisors. His expertise in the field of business and sales has allowed him to garner recognition within and outside his company.

McQuagge started his career within the field of insurance health sales. In 1983, he was part of the Allstate Insurance. He then worked for UICI/Health Market during the mid-90s. He joined USHEALTH in 2010 and become CEO for the said company in 2014.

Mr. McQuagge was responsible for the strategies implemented and profitability obtained by USHEALTH. The company was said to capture sales for clients under the age of 65. He was able to design an Agency Platform in order to achieve the company’s growth goals. The growth of the company was due to the Agency Platform, creating a funnel for clients to avail of the health coverage services.

A dynamic, motivated, and passionate individual, Mr. Troy McQuagge has an expertise in sales and insurance industry for over three decades. He is driven in achieving results for the company where he is working in–even in the midst of high competition. He always aims for growth and exceptional service for their clients. Mr. McQuagge is an expert in resolving high-level company issues with excellent communication skills and inherent leadership. Learn more:


Igor Cornelsen’s Tips on How to Succeed in the Brazilian Foreign Market Sector

Brazil’s economy presents a perfect opportunity for investors to take advantage of the rapidly growing economy. Foreign investors in Brazil have already begun reaping a lot of benefits following the end of economic turbulence in the country. The end of this economic turmoil means that the healthy business ties with China would benefit investors significantly.

For those who have never invested in foreign trade, it is essential to understand some basics before investing your money. Ensure that you know what to expect and skills to avoid losing. If you have never invested, it is now your time as Cornelsen has detailed out the process of successfully investing as well as the strategies to employ to ensure that you succeed. Take a look.

  1. Understand Currency Restrictions

Brazil holds strict currency control policies. In Brazil, nonresidents are required to search for authorized banks to exchange their currencies. Since currency exchange rate varies, one should take advantage and gain profits. However, it is essential to understand currency law basics.

  1. Network with Natives

The country has many entrepreneurs. For one to succeed in Brazil, they must network. Since Brazilians have a welcoming culture, Igor Cornelsen advices investors to take advantage of this and connect with the natives. Since 25 percent of residents between 18 and 64 years self-started their business, it is effortless for one to invest in the country.

  1. Prepare for misfortunes

Although the foreign investment industry is rapidly growing in Brazil, it is still delicate. Therefore, investors should be ready to meet several red tapes. With that said, it is important to stay a step ahead of the red tapes to avoid the unnecessary ones.

Ups And Downs in Foreign Investment

Cornelsen argues that Brazil is the best place for foreign investment as the nation has undergone ups and downs in the industry. Although Cornelsen left the country to play golf in Florida, he could not stop monitoring the foreign investment industry. Through Igor Cornelsen investment firm, foreigners can overcome the challenges in the sector.

The strict regulation and underperformance of the Brazilian government make investments in the country a nightmare for many investors. However, the policies don’t set exchange rate, and thus there is a great potential to reap benefits in the country as long as you follow Igor Cornelsen’s advice.

Troy McQuagge: President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc.

Recap: Troy McQuagge Wins Gold in the One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards

Building a successful business is not an easy task. That is why One Planet recognizes businesses that are doing well in the market. One Planet center their awards on the PR, Marketing, and Corporate Communications, executives, teams, new products, and services. These Awards are not limited to organizations in the U.S but include businesses worldwide. In 2016, Troy McQuagge the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. was the recipient of this award. He was named the Gold winner due to his significant role in the business industry through his work with USHEALTH Group.

Tory McQuagge joined the company in 2010 and has played a significant part in helping grow the organization. He is responsible for building the USHEALTH’s captive distribution agency. He also assisted in establishing the company’s advisors. These accomplishments helped him earn a position as the company’s president and CEO. His leadership has made USHEALTH Group highly competitive in the market.

USHEALTH Group is an insurance holding organization. It is based in Texas and plays a tremendous role in helping self-employed people receive health covers. The Group takes pride in its employees and hopes through them. They can offer insurance products that hold a competitive advantage in the market.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is from Florida, U.S. He received his undergraduate degree in B.A from the University of Central Florida. His career kicked off after he graduated and his first position was at the Allstate Insurance Company. This position opened doors for his career. In 1995, he moved on to the United Insurance Companies, and in 1997, he became the company’s President. However, in 2006, the insurance company was purchased by private investors. Luckily, due to his commendable work, they kept him on and awarded him his previous position as President.

He later said goodbye to UIC and joined USHEALTH Group, Inc. in 2010. He worked his way up in USHEALTH, and the company named him the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer in 2013. His impressive work earned him a higher a position as the company’s CEO in 2014. Visit:


The Achievements of Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge the Chief Executive Officer of USHEALTH Group Incorporation was the Gold winner as the CEO of the in the One Planet Awards. The popular One Planet Awards is a worldwide premier awards program that identifies and honors not only business but professional excellence in industries globally. Organizations all over the world from public to private organizations, non-profit and for-profit and even start-ups are entitled to submit their nominations.

In 2010, Troy joined the USHEALTH Group Incorporation. Immediately after joining the company, he embarked on promoting the success of the business and his first actions included redesigning USHEALTH Advisors, the company’s distribution agency. His success in rebuilding the distribution team led to him being elected in 2014 as the CEO and President of USHEALTH Group Incorporation. As the CEO of the company his duties including carrying out the executive duties of the company and managing its profits.

During his reign as president and CEO of the company, USHEALTH Group has made a lot of success and has also registered tremendous profitability and growth in the health insurance industry. Mr. McQuagge was privileged to receive the peer recognition and named the CEO of year in the prestigious event. USHEALTH Group has grown into one of the best performing and respected insurance coverage companies not only in Texas but in the entire United States. He led the company into winning the Bronze Stevie Award’s Company of the Years as well as the Bronze Stevie Award for corporate social responsibility.

Mr. Troy McQuagge was born and raised in Florida’s Panama City in the United States of America. He was admitted at the University of Central Florida and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 1983. Immediately after graduation, he got employed at the Allstate Insurance Company. He, later on, joined the United Insurance Companies’ student department. In 1997, he was made the president of the United Insurance Company’s Agency. After the acquisition of UICI by a private investor in 2006 and its name changed to HealthMarket Mr. McQuagge was made the head of the Sales and Marketing department for self-employed groups in the company.

He was made the president of HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group (AMG). During his tenure as the president, AMG made enormous premium sales volume.

The Corporate Executive and entrepreneur has held numerous positions in different organizations for over three decades. He lives in Coppell, Texas with his family. Visit:


Greg Secker: A Man of Many Talents

Recently Greg Secker, an experienced trader, shared some of his top tips for successful trading. Secker believes anyone has the potential to perform basic stock trading and portfolio development. He provided six essential points with the first being, “Have a Firm Grasp on the Basics”. By this, he means don’t go into trading not knowing how the process works or you set yourself up for failure. His second piece of advice is “Find a Successful Mentor to Emulate”. Finding an experienced trader to work with can help newbies learn the in’s and out’s of Forex trading. The third tip is “Learn One Trading Strategy Well and Stick to It”. There are many different strategies but instead of being okay at many things it is better to be skilled at one. The fourth point is “Keep Emotions out of Your Trades”. Trade based on facts, not emotions is always the best bet. Fifth, “Be Realistic”; don’t expect huge payouts immediately. Finally, the last tip is “Define Your Goals”; having set goals and plans for certain events helps guide traders to success.

Greg Secker is an entrepreneur has founded several companies. He is considered a master trader and has made it a personal goal to educate others. One of his companies, Learn To Trade, does exactly what it promises. They teach individuals or groups the basic knowledge needed to trading in the stock market and provide essential advice for successful trading.

Philanthropy is very important to Secker and that was the motivation behind founding The Greg Secker Foundation in 2010. His goal to improve the lives of people worldwide. After a typhoon hit the Philippines the foundation built 100 houses for families that had lost their homes in the storm. In 2017 Secker was named one of the honorees by Richtopia’s “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.” Greg Secker is clearly a talented, motivated, and giving man who contributes positively to the global good.

The most Incredible ideas behind the success of Don Ressler in Fabletics

There is increased confusion among women on whether to go for the sportswear that is affordable and are not in line with the fashion dictates especially in the field of athletics. Most accurately, women have to either forgo the fashionable sportswear or spend a great deal to acquire a fashionable one. In 2010, Don Desser and his associate Adam Goldenberg observed this fact and decided to seek a way of solving this problem among the women. They, therefore, came up with Fabletics whose primary intention is to provide these sportswomen wear which are both functional, affordable, and also fashionable.

With Done Ressler as the CEO, Fabletics Company decided to conduct market research to identify the challenges that these women faced in their dressing codes. The two cofounders organized to conduct some market research through both the customer test and the focus groups. They argued that by dealing with just a sample, they would have done a pilot study since the problem is universal to all women. The views from the research were that the clothes that were available were not of the right quality, but if there could be any, then it would be costly for the ordinary woman to afford.

Don Ressler convinced Kate Hudson, an actress, to assist in the branding so that the clothes would be unique. This was an intelligent move by many manufacturers of the sportswear tend to ignore women as the design the clothes suited for their target clients. This actress stood out to be more outgoing, with good conversation techniques. She created a good relationship with the clients thereby promoting Fabletics while advertising its products. The two co-founders saw how marketing was so important for their produce, they then made Kate Hudson one of the founders. She appreciated the work that even today she is still the head of marketing department in Fabletics Company.

Kate brought an entirely new idea to this company, online marketing. In addition to the quality of the sportswear from this company, the online sale strategy made the company thrive ahead of all its other competitors. At the same time, the management has come up with a discount pricing system to reach out to more consumers this became easy due to the charismatic and conversational appealing nature of Kate Hudson.

Fabletics Company continues to thrive and adopt new changes, and it currently aims at expanding its area of service as well as its capital base in 2017.

Susan McGalla: No Excuses, Just Hard Work

As younger sister of two brothers, and daughter of a local football coach, Susan McGalla was never treated as “less than”. In fact, she was never given a pass for being a girl. Due to her parents’ encouragement to work hard and always present her ideas with confidence, McGalla grew up never allowing her gender, nor other’s, dictate what she could achieve.

It was her work ethic and confidence that has propelled McGalla through her career, most impressively, with American Eagle Outfitters where she became President and Chief Merchandising Officer.

Since 2015, she has been Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. With her well-developed sense of confidence, McGalla jumped into a male-dominated industry, proving her worth, and climbing up the proverbial ladder, thanks to a company that was willing to give her a chance.

Women have bumped the glass ceiling for decades. Unfortunately, the cause for this ceiling cannot be addressed until companies choose to remove gender discrimination, advancing employees according to their ability, and creating a more evenly balanced number of executives.

Sponsorship of motivated women by male executives is one way of breaking the discrimination seen in business. Serving as mentors, these businessmen would serve as advocates for women by creating opportunities and providing recommendations for leadership roles. Thus, achieving a more gender-diverse company atmosphere.

Susan serves on the board of the Magee-Womens Hospital Research Indstitute and Foundation and was a former trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. As a speaker, McGalla has revealed she wasn’t interested in breaking the glass ceiling as much as “to make the point. I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman or what prejudices existed.”