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Greatness at its Beginning – Meet Andrew Rocklage

The name of Andrew Rocklage is associated with the greatest indoor fun that families and athletic-minded individuals of all levels are loving. He is the owner of his own entertainment franchise called ‘Sky Zone Trampoline Park,’ a popular indoor trampoline park concept. This franchise is just the beginning of his continued reign to greatness.

Andrew was born and educated in the Boston metropolitan area. He excelled in his studies at the University of Massachusetts’ Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management. He earned a bachelor of science in sports management with a minor in economics.

Mr. Rocklage further chose to venture into other educational pursuits. He also attended Suffolk University Law School where he earned a Juris Doctor law degree. With his zeal for learning and growing, he began as a legal consultant and law clerk for the prominent law firm of Avery, Dooley and Noone, LLP in Massachusetts.

He continued his career profile at EPIRU Pharmaceuticals and became their corporate counsel. His entrepreneurial endeavors spurred him to intern at the Major League Lacrosse enterprise in their public relations department. He had a keen interest in innovations taking place in the technology world and how it would impact the world around him.

With all the connections that he made during his professional careers, he gained a reputation as an accomplished leader, an innovator and successful businessman. This is obvious in the enterprise status that Sky Zone has achieved

Mr. Rocklage moved from Boston to Florida in 2016 where he opened the first of many Sky Zone franchises in Daytona, Florida followed immediately by a Sky Zone in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Seeing how popular the trampoline park became, he began his promotional objectives for the Sky Zone Trampoline Park, which are now featured throughout United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

At Sky Zone, trampolines serve the basic background for people to play aerial stunts, basketball, dodgeball, jousting, sky-ladder, volleyball and so much more. Championship games are held at Sky Zone featuring people from throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Never one to rest on his laurels, we just know that Andrew Rocklage is looking for his next best project. Whatever it will be, he will make it profitable, fun and good for mankind.

In addition to his legal and business endeavors, Edward Rocklage is a very generous philanthropist. He has lent his reputation to many worthy causes, including cancer research and treatment.

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