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ClassDojo: A window into the classroom

What exactly does my child do all day in school? Although parent-teacher conferences can provide a picture of a child’s life in school the conference can be a very incomplete picture. A child’s teacher has a lot of students to keep tabs with, each with their own individual educational and behavioral challenges. Such conferences are very infrequent too, leaving gaps of time left uncovered and not discussed. Thankfully, there is a new communication platform that benefits parents, teachers, and children alike.

The ClassDojo is creating community where there was little before. Instead of being updated semi-annually on their child’s progress, parents can monitor their child’s work in real time. ClassDojo allows the child to scan their work into a database which the parent can access and view at their leisure. Whether it’s a story, a painting, or a math problem, a child can upload all of these with ease to their portfolio. And logging on is simple. There’s no need to remember login credentials, a child merely has to scan a code to access their portfolio.

With its powerful capabilities, ClassDojo is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. School is no longer a place of mystery for parents where they hope their children are getting the education they need. There is no need to rely on updates from children when all they want to do is play and relax when they get home from school.

ClassDojo has instituted a ground-up change in the way parents and children view progress. A child who is struggling in a subject can see more positive progress with ClassDojo than if the child judged his capabilities through test scores alone. Even if there is little improvement in the tests, the child and parent can observe other signs of improvement in the classwork the child uploaded to his portfolio. And little improvement is better than no improvement at all, providing a boost of confidence for the child.

Teachers, parents, and children all experience a revolution in communication and empowerment in the school world with ClassDojo. With ClassDojo the parent can feel like they are in the classroom with their child. Teachers can know that parents are seeing the material their child sees which can prompt productive conversation at the dinner table in terms of their child’s academic activity. Everybody wins with the ClassDojo-parents stay informed, kids show off their work, and teachers have a window into their classrooms. ClassDojo is the educational device of the decade.


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