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David Zalik Is On Top Of The Lending Game with GreenSky Credit

David Zalik is the CEO and co-founder of the incredibly successful GreenSky Credit, a lender specializing in business loans used to help companies grow and homeowner’s achieve their dreams. This powerhouse company was operating from David Zalik’s basement where it has grown to boast a $3.6 billion dollar valuation. Today, David still owns over half of GreenSky Credit, which has propelled him to incredible wealth.

A Unique Approach

One of the reasons why GreenSky Credit is so successful is because of their unique approach to business. They are able to harness the power of third parties to do all of the labor-intensive work, while they are able to cash in on the profits from the endeavor.

In many instances, GreenSky Credit enlists the help of home contractors to market the loan to the homeowners. GreenSky then obtains funding from any of their 14 different partnering banks. GreenSky makes a profit from a percentage of the loan amount and also is paid a percentage of the yearly balance of the loan through the funding bank. Essentially, GreenSky is paid to service and generate the loans for the banks. They are the middleman between the homeowner and the bank while working through the contractor.

GreenSky Performance

GreenSky Credit has managed to capitalize on a niche they created and has generated 1.2 million customers with unsecured loans since the company began in 2012. Estimates of performance by market experts predicted that the company would see in excess of a 25% profit margin, which is partially based on their performance in the last 5 years.

David Zalik’s vision for his company and a groundbreaking approach to lending has created a healthy environment for his company to continue to prosper. He started from humble beginnings assembling computers in college to working his way up to becoming a business visionary with his sights set on the future.

The Positive Attributes of Rocketship Education that Help Strengthen Families



There are a number of aspects that have contributed to the success Rocketship Education has had with its students. One aspect that has become an integral part of this goal oriented program is parent participation. The contribution parents make toward their child’s education extends into beyond the home into the classroom and the community. The team behind the Rocketship program understand the importance of family stability, which is why they were quick to lend a hand when the San Jose area of California was hit by devastating flood waters. The people who helped with donations for this cause also helped strengthen each student’s family foundation.

Because Rocketship Education is used in charter schools that serve the children from low-income families, they place a big focus on success. This focus is designed to provide the type of education these students need in order to build better futures for themselves. One parent described the program as one with a goal of lessening the gap of achievement often seen between high-focused academic schools and charter schools. The effort made to ensure students in the San Jose area were not left homeless or in need, was significant proof of how dedicated the team at Rocketship is.

The children who attend the charter schools in the Rocketship network feel proud to be members of this caring educational community. The parent, student, teacher connection is another important aspect to ensuring children are able to succeed. In reflecting upon the response the Rocketship network made to the needs of families in the San Jose area, one parent mentioned the names of specific teachers and faculty staff members who showed up with meals, clothing and other necessities. This same parent also stated how her child recited the Rocketship Creed every morning.

The difference the Rocketship program is making in the lives of students and families, is in large part due to the outlook the educators within this system have. Everyone affiliated with the program recognizes the need to encourage students to attain their full potential. They view their role as educators as not just a responsibility, but as a privilege as well.

Orange Coast College – article recap

There was a time when larger universities called Orange Coast College men’s rowing team “The Giant Killer.” This smaller community college has bested bigger university teams a total of 11 times. For 60 years, the school has championed their competitive rowing team. Just about a year ago, the school again took its 11th National Rowing Title. In May of 2017, the pumped up team were at Newport Beach putting in last minute practice runs. The competition was to be held in GA. Watching a competitive rowing event is exciting. The distant boats seem to glide effortlessly across the blue-green water surface. Learn more:


The guys in each boat are giving it their best. They are sweating as they stroke each oar through the water. It takes time to build up the energy level needed to compete. Some of Orange Coast College’s rowers have never attempted this prior to joining the team. That’s why the success of the team is so important, because the new rowers obviously have had great coaching. This college has had phenomenal rowing team coaches. Most have made names in this sport. Ten of the college’s alumni have been competitors on the world stage. Some have made it onto the Olympics rowing teams. Learn more:


Sports are a big part of campus life at Orange Coast College. Most students are proud of their school’s sports heritage. The education gained during time at OCC is just as relevant. Students are pushed to excel in their chosen study fields. This community college boasts a high number of successful students moving onto other large universities. Some even get accepted at elite private colleges. OCC has an outstanding educational curriculum that offers over a hundred career paths for students to study. Along with the great education, students unwind by frequenting the near stretches of sublime California beaches.


Orange Coast College had been a major educational and sports contender for 60+ years. They constantly expand and update their facilities and course materials. This smaller Costa Mesa college has become a favorite choice for students desiring a community college education. Its future looks bright and promising.


Orange Coast Community College Receives Generous Donation

Orange Coast College has been working on the demolition of their old planetarium and the construction of their new planetarium. They unexpectedly received a very generous donation in the amount of $1 million dollars. It was received from a former retired professor that has a profound love for the prestigious college. Mary McChesney donated the money to the college to help fund the structure model for the pendulum. It will be a device that will focus to demonstrate the Earth’s rotation. Her love for the college has remained a focus for the 91-year-old retiree. Her donation will help with hope for a promising future and will allow for many people to enjoy the scientific aspect of the planetarium. Aside from her love towards the college, she wanted to make the donation in honor of her late partner, Adelyn Bonin. Bonin was also a professor at OOC who taught German until she decided to retire in 1983. McChesney also retired in 1983 after 33 years of teaching English and Spanish. Throughout the years, McChesney has also been an avid supporter to many foundations and scholarships within the community. The planetarium that was originally built has been around since 1950. With all of the changes in technology and the advancements made through science, it was definitely time to start the construction of a new one. It is scheduled to be completed in the fall 2018 semester.


Orange Coast College is a community college located in Orange County offering associate of art and science degrees. It was founded in 1947 and offered college courses in 1948. For over 70 years, OOC has been providing quality education for many students. They are ranked as the number one community college in California, and many graduates move on to attend universities throughout the nation. They currently education around 25,000 students per semester and offer a full range of college courses during the fall, winter, spring and summer. OCC continues to be one of the top community colleges with their great location and exceptional professors. They are continually advancing their technology along with their classrooms to enhance learning and focus.

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Betsy DeVos – So Much More!

Philanthropist Betsy DeVos’s Favorite, “Most Inspirational” Monument

The Statue of Liberty, or “Liberty Enlightening the World” is a colossal, neoclassical sculpture located on Liberty Island in New York’s main harbor within New York City, in the USA. This copper statue was originally a gift from the French to the Americans and was designed by a French sculptor – Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi – and later built by Gustave Eiffel. This solid statue was first dedicated on October 28, 1886.


The U.S. Statue of Liberty resembles a figure of a woman in a robe, representing Libertas, a supposed “Roman goddess”. She proudly holds a torch over her head as her left arm carries two tabula ansata that are inscribed within Roman numerals. These read “JULY IV MDCCLXXVI” or July 4, 1776, when the U.S. Declaration of Independence began. A broken chain is seen lying by her feet. The statue ultimately became an iconic symbol of freedom and of U.S. sovereignty and became a welcoming sight to all immigrants who would arrive from abroad.


Bartholdi was initially inspired by French law professor, Édouard René de Laboulaye, who commented that any monuments raised to U.S. independence would become joint projects of both the French and the Americans. Due to France’s post-war instability, work performed on the statue didn’t begin until the 1870s. In 1875, Laboulaye made a proposition: The French should finance the statue as the U.S. provides the site and builds the pedestal. Bartholdi then completed both the head and torch-bearing arm right before the statue was designed for publicity.


Betsy’s Favorite Advertising Model

PPC means “Pay Per Click“, an internet marketing model by which advertisers will usually pay a fee for each time that an ad that belongs to them is clicked. PPC is a way to buy visits to your site without “earning” those visits naturally. Search engine advertising is PPC.


Betsy – Schools She Donated To/Attended


DeVos attended Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola Theological Seminary and Colorado Christian University, respectively. From Pensacola Christian College, she obtained her Associate’s Degree in Biblical Studies while she later topped it off with a full Bachelor’s degree in the same subject matter from Colorado Christian University. Shortly after that, she obtained a Master’s degree in the same field but this time from Pensacola Christian College, once more.


Her husband, Dick, grew up as a pastor’s son. He has known the Lord personally, ever since high school. He is his King.


Betsy’s “Top Theology School”?


“To find the right online theology school for you, pray.”



More on Betsy

Fluent in Spanish; qualified to write about wine, gourmet and worldwide travel; typing 77 wpm; has written and edited hundreds of successful orders in these fields.

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Save Government Monies by Outsourcing to E-Governe

How efficient is your local or state government? Do you have a budget hole, which cannot be fixed using the same out-dated, technological solutions? Well, it might be time to join the digital age by outsourcing some of your tasks to e-Governe. Save government monies, increase tax receipts and run a more efficient ship with a balanced budget.

“Government Budgets Are Tight”

It can be a bit deceiving to look around the world and see so much wealth prominently displayed. In reality, governments around-the-world are being forced to succeed with fewer funds. Their budgets are being cut drastically.

You can’t just print money at the local government level, you need to find a way to provide the same high-quality public services on a shoestring budget. That is where e-Governe can help.

“Find Affordable Online Solutions

The irony of governments is that more of them are requiring e-Solutions. When you get the citizens to have funds automatically withdrawn from their banking accounts, pay their taxes online and learn about new regulations using their Internet connections, you can make the system run more efficiently. The irony is that some governments are not yet using the same e-Solutions themselves.

E-Governe Delivers Digital Solutions

Governments have a lot to manage and it can be difficult to know where everything is located. This can be especially challenging during administration transitions. Ensure that all of the important decisions makers know where the money, material and workers are located at all times with e-Governe.

For example, the e-Governe solutions for materials includes compliance with all environmental regulations, procurement, storage, upkeep and replacement. Most modern governments also have an extensive fleet of vehicles. The e-Governe system for vehicles includes registration, plates, make, model, year purchased, condition and fuel type required. You could even require your staff to record the fuel levels in each vehicle, so you will never be surprised by an empty tank.

When you understand the status of all of your materials and vehicles, you can complete construction projects faster. You will be ready to get started immediately. You can specify which contractors are needed and when. The citizens will be happier when your government runs more efficiently.

“Three e-Governe Heads Are Better Than One”

How does your government system administration compare to others? The e-Governe solution consists of three companies to better serve you: Minauro, Consult and Sisteplan. These have accumulated decades of experience in public administration, management and organization. Learn how to follow the best governmental standards.

When you understand where your materials and vehicles are located and their condition, you can run a more efficient operation. Your personnel can respond in a more timely manner. You can’t do everything, but you can save government monies by outsourcing redundant services to e-Governe.

Nowadays, technology has changed everything about the Global Village. If your government remains in the Dark Ages, the citizens will suffer. Get in step with the times, by using the real-time public administration services of e-Governe.