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Dr. Villanueva Believes That Together Dentists Can Accomplish More

In addition to seeing patients and making their mouths, shiny, clean and pain-free, dentists also have nonclinical and administrative duties they have to handle as well.MB2 Dental Solutions can give dentist the opportunity to put their time and energy into the patients instead of the paperwork. The company provides a practice management service, and it just finished a bi-annual owner’ retreat which involved a 4 day vacation for 40 dentists and their spouses in Cancun, Mexico.

About The Company

MB2 Dental Solutions was founded by Dr. Chris Villanueva, it is a company that strives to provide autonomy, fun, and various levels of support for dentists. The retreats are a good part of the culture in the company. There were dentists from several states in the union coming together to relax and enjoy activities on the vacations. The business structure promotes dentist-to-dentist rapport and allows the dentists to help each other gain success both professionally and personally.

Company Goals

The main principle Dr. Chris Villanueva believes in is that dentists work much better together than practicing individually. Under his leadership, MB2 Dental Solutions has gained over 80 affiliates and more than 1,000 employees located between six states. In addition to the relaxation and like-minded mingling, MB2 Dental offers its affiliates a break from management operations. Business operations such as accounting, training, marketing and other service needs that clinics and sole practitioners need are covered by MB2. Covering the details of micromanagement operations allows dentists to focus more on giving the best care to their patients.

The Initial Purpose

When Dr. Villanueva finished dental school he only had the two options of either working with a large group practice or starting a private practice. Joining the group would give him access to the latest technology, and best practices, while a private practice would give him 100% clinical autonomy, ownership and less bureaucracy. None of options were feasible because he wanted both advantages. MB2 gives him the opportunity to have everything he needs and the ability to place doctors needs, which is placing patients, first. To keep the creativity flowing Dr. Villanueva keeps his home and office environment full of extremely smart people who put the right energy into the ideas. Working with others gives everyone involved a chance to get on board with his ideas as his vision becomes a reality. This concept brings light to the idea that the doctors are better when they are working together.

Inspiration and Collaboration Bring Credibility to MB2

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. He studied Microbiology at the University of Florida where he graduated with his BS. After that he studied Dentistry at Nova SouthEastern University. He yields a modern approach to the dental profession. As a leader he strives to create a motivating environment for his employees and he allows them the space to grow. He believes that being less involved in the day to day tasks promotes independence and that the inspiration he is giving daily empowers his staff. This model of leading came from his own experiences. He found that building his business with the right people is what made it successful, not on the highest rated piece of technology.

He found that the dentists he brought into the field each had their own experience and combined it created and creates a knowledge rich environment. He strives to create an atmosphere of team building, collaboration, support, inspiration and fun. By making the work fun it promotes everyone to do their best in an environment that supports them. He found that not only were his employees lives being benefited, but the lives of his patients as well. He keeps up to date on the most modern techniques and reviews and collaborates these ideas with this staff. He also sends his staff on a bi-yearly retreat where they get to practice team building and collaborate together.

Since the start up of MB2, Dr. Chris Villanueva has opened 70 affiliated locations across 6 states and has 533 employees overall. Each location is just like the original. Each location has a team building, collaborative and supportive environment to enrich the lives of both the employees and the patients. MB2 enriches their employees by offering a variety of expertise in one building. This makes referrals easy if one dentist is not able to provide the necessary care. This builds up the credibility of the office and the patients feel cared for by having an easy referral to go to for specific needs. Dr. Chris Villanueva provides a unique environment to their staff and patients and in turn builds up a credible and successful business.

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