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Lacrosse Wiz Jon Urbana Puts Self Before Others

What can you say about a person who thinks of others first before thinking about himself? Someome that is always trying to make the other person’s life better. There are a handful of people out there, and one of them is Jon Urbana.

Urbana is from Denver, Colorado. He unselfishly started a lacrosse camp for young people. This camp is located in Vail, Colarado. He wanted those who showed promise to follow him on Twitter. This sport he holds closely to his heart, it’s a game he played throughout high school, and continued playing when he attended Villanova University as defense. He even showed off his skills, when he was chosen for a position on an Olympic team. For more on the Lacrosse program, visit:
The environment is another strong passion of his. He wants everyone to be aware of what going on around them. A better planet will make us more healthy, and it’s a good idea to teach the children early, so they can enjoy the beautiful earth. All donations go directly to this campaign,, will let you know all about this cause.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

Jon Urbana, also spends time on doing photography and videography on his Vimeo channel. A majority of his work is about nature. After looking at his photos, one can see why. It’s quite relaxing and tranquil. Visit:, to see his work in all it’s splendor.

Millions of people across America use CrowdRise fundraising. This is where you can raise money for yourself or other people who may be in dire need of help, for things like hospital bills that are piling up. This way you can reach a mass number of people across the United States, also a number of celebrities and different charities use this site. If you or anyone have a legitimate cause where you need to raise money, go to Jon Urbana’s Official Blog.

Urbana does take time to enjoy life. He is an avid music artist, he loves to take songs and give it his own twist, while playing the guitar. You can listen to some of his music on

He is involved in a lot of other Charity work. Just going to any one of these sites will tell you exactly what a remarkable individual he is.

US Money Reserve Starts CrowdRise Campaign to Help Families in Need

An article published on titled “US Money Reserve starts a campaign to support Capital Area Food Bank of Texas” discusses US Money Reserve efforts to raise money for a regional food bank through a crowd funding campaign on CrowdRise. The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas works to help end hunger in central Texas, and the people of US Money Reserve believe they have a social responsibility support the work of charitable organizations like this. CAFB of Texas is in its 30th year of serving the needs of families in the region and provides them with millions of pounds of food each year. US Money Reserve is encouraging its clients, customers, and others to join them in raising money for this CrowdRise campaign by going to

US Money Reserve was founded by experienced gold market experts who use their expertise to provide customers with the guidance they need to make wise decisions in purchasing precious metals. They have over 100 professionals who specialize in areas such as numismatic and coin research, inventory, and customer relations. US Money Reserve has grown to become one of the nation’s largest providers of US government issued gold, silver, and platinum coins, and clients trust them to help them choose the highest value coins at affordable prices.

Last year CAFB of Texas provided over 31 million pounds of food to families in need in 21 counties with the help of almost 300 partner agencies. This year’s goal of US Money Reserve’s CrowdRise campaign is to increase the amount of food that is available in order to serve more families. The article can be seen at