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Edward Honig: The Heart Doctor


Cardiologists are an elite group of doctors that deal with medical conditions relating to the heart. With school and hands-on training, cardiologists typically have more than ten years of formal training. If doctors wish to be certified, they are required to pass a two-day exam with the Board of Internal Medicine. Cardiologists are very qualified doctors, and you might visit them in an office or a hospital setting. A person might see a cardiologist if they are experiencing chest pains, shortness of breath, or dizziness. Cardiologists can diagnose patients, provide preventative care and advice, and give recommendations on procedures and treatments.



When looking for a cardiologist, it is important to consider a few things. First, you have the option to seek a referral from your primary physician or research and find your own doctor. Typically patients are able to see a cardiologist more quickly if there is a professional referral in place. Whichever way you choose to find a cardiologist, it is important to check for board certification, patient reviews and how many years of experience a doctor has. After finding a cardiologist, the next step is checking your insurance coverage with that doctor.



If you are looking for a cardiologist in the New York area, Edward Honig practices in Glen Cove, New York. Edward Honig is 89 years old, and with his age comes decades of experience. He is able to make patients comfortable and quickly diagnose and recommend treatment.



Like other great cardiologists, Honig’s first priority is his patients. He encourages patients to make healthy choices for their hearts to prevent possible issues before they happen. For patients with serious conditions, Edward Honig has perfected many procedures and treatments through his many years of experience.



Visiting a cardiologist and keeping your heart healthy is a choice you will not regret! Finding a cardiologist doesn’t need to be an overwhelming task, following the directions listed in this article will ensure that you find a top notch doctor! Stay on the road of health and schedule an appointment today, your heart will thank you!