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Healthy Living Sued For Stealing Nutrimost’s Video

Healthy Living is being sued for stealing Nutrimost’s video and posting it on their website. The video featured testimonials from people who had used Nutrimost, but Healthy Living removed all references to Nutrimost. In 2015, Healthy Living was given a letter that stated they must remove the video from the website.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

They put up another version of the video, which was shorter than the original video. They eventually removed the video from the website. The Nutrimost plan is trying to get a court order to prevent Healthy Living from posting the video again. They are also seeking $300,000 in damages.

What Is Nutrimost?

Nutrimost is a weight loss program that is often referred to as the ultimate fat loss system. A chiropractor named Dr. Wisniewski is the creator of this program. Nutrimost is a very safe and effective weight loss program. People have been able to lose 20 to 40 pounds after using Nutrimost for 40 days. The program is designed to help people achieve lasting weight results by resetting the metabolism.

Weight loss is not the only potential benefit that can be reaped from trying Nutrimost. It can help detoxify the body and increase energy. It can also help restore nutrient balance.


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Nutrimost Files Suit Against Competitor

Diet company Nutrimost has filed a suit against a competitor who it seems point blankly stole a promotional video made by the company. The competitor in question is called Can’t Lose Diet and is based in Harrison, New York. According to the lawsuit filed by Nutrimost against Can’t Lose Diet, the company copied a Nutrimost advertising video. It stole the video as is, and instead of having Nutrimost mentioned, replaced it with their own brand.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Can’t Lose Diet even kept the testimonials and explanation by the founder of the diet system from the Nutrimost video. A Manhattan judge ruled that the company in essence copied the video for its benefit and omitted any mention to Nutrimost. Instead it claimed it was its own video and service. The video has since been taken down. Nutrimost is now suing Can’t Lose Diet for stealing its material and damaging the brand’s reputation for a sum of $300,000.

If you are unfamiliar with Nutrimost it is a new diet system that is quickly gaining steam around the country. The diet system was founded by a Pennsylvania physician named Ray Wisniewski. This new diet system makes a bold promise that people on the diet program can lose up to 45 pounds in a period of forty days.

Nutrimost is very different than many of the diet systems that promise fast weight loss results. To begin with the entire program is doctor supervised to ensure safety. There are also advisors that are there to guide people on the program to successful and safe weight loss.

Nutrimost also uses resonant frequency technology to create a personalized body scan of a patient. Information from this scan is used to create a customized approach to lose weight. Instead of a cookie cutter approach, Nutrimost tries to create a customized approach based on body types.

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NutriMost Is Clearly The Diet Winner

NutriMost has been the best thing that happened to me and my family, and I am glad that we use their diet to eat right every day. However, I have seen a story about another company that is trying to steal from NutriMost. I think that is pretty sad because no one can compete with what NutriMost has been able to do for me and my family. I have been really lucky because the NutriMost plan helped us learn a lot about food, and I would be sad if I got stuck with a bad company.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

The best part of NutriMost is that the company is able to help me put together meals really easily, and I just follow their plan. Some other company could copy their commercials, but there is no way that these companies would be able to create the menus that I use every day to get my family eating the right foot. I have been really happy with the menus that I have found over the time I have worked with them, and I am also happy to know that I picked the right company the first time.

Someone who wants to lose a lot of weight like I did should make sure that they avoid all the impostors that are out there. I know that someone wanted to copy what NutriMost did for their commercial video, but that is not the same as copying their diet. It is much easier for people to get the help they need when they use NutriMost, and I think they will find it as helpful as I did. I would never have lost enough weight if I was not on NutriMost, and I hope that everyone can make their way out to NutriMost where they can eat well and have fun.

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Nutrimost Is Paving the Way for Effective Weight Loss

Effective weight loss plans are in high demand these days. But the most effective plans are in such high demand that even their promotional material might not be safe. This was recently the case for Nutrimost. The popular diet system incorporates promotional material onto their website. This includes basic information about the plan as well as enthusiastic testimonials from people who’ve used it. But this promotional material was so well done that it attracted the attention of a rival company. It was then quickly edited and portrayed as part of the rival company’s own material. As one might expect, Nutrimost has quickly moved to take legal action to stop this from continuing. Thankfully it’s been removed from the competing company’s site and Nutrimost is seeking legal measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

One might wonder why another company would be so eager to copy ideas from Nutrimost. One of the main reasons for doing so comes down to results. Nutrimost is often known as the ultimate weight loss system. And it’s created a special weight loss plan that can operate for forty days straight. During this time people don’t need to add in any additional exercise. And they don’t need to take any severe measures with their diet. In fact, it’s widely known as a method of losing weight without ever needing to feel hunger.

The reason Nutrimost is able to offer such an amazing plan is due to a technology known as NRF, or Nutrimost Resonant Frequency. It allows people to lose 20 to 40 pounds in 40 days. It’s widely known as a system which combines traditional wisdom with cutting edge technology to get the absolute best results for people. And of course it’s also intended to be safe and doctor supervised. This has made it one of the most effective and safest methods to rapidly lose weight.

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Why Makari Skin Care Runs The Skin Lightening World

While nature is overwhelmingly generous in offering everyone a gift of beauty, you can only go so far with it. Beauty needs to be looked after. It needs to be enhanced. For the last decade, Makari Skin Care has spiritedly been doing just that.

Made in Switzerland, the company’s superb range of skin care products is responsible for many radiant skins the world over. They include body lotions, bath soaps as well as face creams. In addition, the company has a splendid collection of hair care and cosmetics products among others.

A Mark of Diversity

With the realization that people with darker skins have been overlooked in the beauty industry, Makari Skin Care set off in search of a way of bringing out the true beauty in them. The result was Makari de Suisse, a superb line of beauty products uniquely designed to make the most of a colored skin. It has gained a reputation for fast skin lightening results as well as wiping away any blemish and leaving the skin soft and flawless.

Making Beauty a Reality

Everyone has a dream on how beautiful they should look. However, the hard part is getting all that is needed in making the dream a reality. Well, it’s not as hard as you may think, at least not anymore. With the diverse range of superb quality and potent products on offer you are free to pick your choice, use it and realize your dream.

Natural Product Ingredients

Unlike many other skin lightening product lines, Makari Skin Care does not use Hydroquinone—which is responsible for many dangerous side effects—in any of their products. All their products are made from natural ingredients including Carrot Oil, Caviar, and Argan Oil. The natural ingredients-only rule is designed to provide a tender yet highly effective way of removing blemishes, acnes and other enemies of beauty from the skin while leaving it soft, healthy and radiant.

Initially there were only seven Makari Skin Care Products in the market. Today the company has an excellent array of sixty different products, having risen to the top of the industry. They include skin care, body lotion, make-up and baby lines.

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Nutrimost Files Suit to Stop Piracy

Nutimost, the weight loss system that is sweeping the nation, recently filed a lawsuit against a rival weight loss Healthy Living for what the company described as a the illegal use of a Nutimost promotional video. In fact, the video posted on the Healthy Living website used the complete video and simply edited the video to replace Nutrimost references with “Can’t Lose Diet” the suit filed in Federal Court in Manhattan alleges.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video
Healthy Living, after being served with a cease and desist letter in September replaced the full video with a shortened version of the Nutimost video. The video which can no longer be found on the website, but Nutrimost is seeking an order from the court to ensure the Healthy Living site does not post it again later. In addition Nutrimost is seeking at least $300,00 in damages from the theft and resulting loss of “goodwill and reputation” sustained by Nutrimost as a result of the actions of Healthy Living.

Nutrimost, which is billed as the “The Ultimate Fat Loss System,” can help their customers lose 20 to 40 pounds in as little as 40 days using the companies advanced NRF (Nutrimost Resonant Frequency) technology. This is done without the use of drugs, prepackaged meals, hormones or surgery. Nutimost is safe and supervised by a doctor and best of all you lose weight without the hunger usually associated with losing weight.

Nutrimost was founded by Dr. Ray Wisniewski who is known as America’s Health Care Answer Man. Dr. Wisniewski began his practice in 1983 after studying at the University of Pittsburgh and Palmer College of Chiropractic. Dr. Wisniewski offers Nutimost services through his Pastoral Medicine License is a devout Christian who believes that God built amazing healing powers into it and there is nothing outside the body that is anymore powerful.

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NutriMost Helped Me Shed The Last Few Pounds


Losing weight has been such a problem for me ever since I had my last baby because I knew that I was going to have a hard time getting back to the weight I was in college. I have the small frame that is perfect for losing weight, but those last few pounds would never come off. NutriMost helped me lose that weight, and I am just as trim as I was when I was in school. I feel like I am 21 again, and I can dress just like I did when I was that age.

There are a lot of diets that I have tried that were not set in stone, and I need some direction so that I know I am doing the right thing all the time. I can easily lose all the weight if I want to, but I need to make sure that I am on the right diet. I cannot eat like I did when I was 21, and now I can watch everything I eat with the help of NutriMost. The whole thing is very easy to manage, and I feel like I will be able to make my weight goals every time. I do not need to keep weighing myself, but I do want to maintain this weight. I look great in a bikini, and I am finally happy to take beach trips again.

There is a lot that can be done when you are on the right diet, and I am so glad that I tried NutriMost. My husband is so impressed with me that he is on the plan now, and I feel great about it. I am so happy to have a chance to have the body I did before, and I know I can keep the weight off now.

Nutrimost: A Customizable Weight-Loss Option With Known Success

Nutrimost: A Customizable Weight-Loss Option With Known Success

Based in San Antonio, Dr. Rob Vasquez has become one of the newest advocates for Nutrimost. A wellness advocate who is in the business of making Alamo City healthier, Vasquez is always discovering new ways of living and bettering life. Vasquez is no stranger to physical discomfort. He’s struggled with medical issues like asthma, headaches, and allergies. Anyone fighting through such difficulties understands the pain, and it’s only natural Vasquez should share his successes with the world. Right now, the success Vasquez is most excited about is that which he’s managed to eke from Nutrimost. Vasquez recently told ABC KSAT, a local area news station, that he lost thirty-five pounds in just forty days. Vasquez testifies that he’s lost sixty pounds since he began the program, and has been able to keep it from coming back. As Vasquez’ own experience testifies, users can expect to lose about five pounds a week. For those who would reject Nutrimost system on grounds that diets are a vanity solution, consider that exceptional weight gain predicates a number of very serious medical issues. There’s a thing called “visceral fat”, and it’s as bad as it sounds. Visceral fat extends the stomach outward, and presses against a person’s innards such that they can’t properly function, leading to a host of medical disorders of increasing consequence over time. Did you know that too much fat can even contribute to such disorders as sleep apnea? But those conditions can be, if not reversed, at the very least severely diminished. Vasquez isn’t alone in seeing success from this revolutionary new formula. Nutrimost has been able to help people lessen serious medical conditions; things like Type 2 diabetes, psoriasis, chronic pain, high blood pressure and low energy.

Nutrimost customizes its plans per patient, and succeeds where other programs do not; helping them lose huge amounts of weight in a healthy, sustainable manner which keeps the pounds away.