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How TalkSpace Makes Using A Therapist Discreet

Some people are sensation seekers. Regular people can be glad to be alive and enjoy the onset of Spring which means flowers and being outside more. They can be bothered by working indoors when it’s a sunny day. Sensation seekers, though, will feel bored and tied down all the time. They need constant stimulation in order to feel alive.

Sensation seekers can be identified in a number of ways. First, they are constantly looking for some new activity to engage in. They might take a flight to Hawaii on the spur of the moment, for example. They can’t stand routine is another sign. Another one is that when they are having sex they often want to experiment with different things. People with ADHD can often be sensation seekers but many people without this condition also act that way. Being a sensation seeker can also be inherited from parents.

If you are a sensation seeker, or are in a relationship with one, therapy can help if you are not happy with this state of affairs. In New York City there is a tech company who released an app called TalkSpace. It allows people who want help access to a licensed therapist through their app. After filling out some forms you are put in contact with a therapist who you develop a texting relationship with. You can text them about your life and what’s going on with it and what is troubling you.

As a virtual messaging platform, TalkSpace can help both individuals and couples find therapy. As such people can text their therapist at any time and no matter where they find themselves. Since everything is done online you also don’t have to let other people know you’re seeing a therapist if that makes you uncomfortable to divulge to others.