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Deathstroke The Terminator Comes To The Movies

Speculation has run rampant over what the plot for the Ben Affleck solo Batman film – supposedly titled The Batman – will focus on. Many assume The Joker is going to appear, but a recent Affleck-initiated leak from the Justice League set shows Deathstroke the Terminator debuts. Deathstroke – a.k.a. Slade Wilson – is also going to be the featured villain in the eventually-to-be-produced Batman movie.

Deathstroke the Terminator is a fantastic villain to choose. Unlike other Batman villains, Deathstroke, at least in the comic book, cannot be defeated. Essentially, Deathstroke is an anti-hero. The character debuted as a villain in Teen Titan comics as a villain until he eventually became a hero and received his own book. Deathstroke is not a hero with the ethics of Batman. Deathstroke is a violent, vicious mercenary for hire. Violent and brutal, Deathstroke always gets his bounty. As for being defeated by a hero, that doesn’t happen. At best, the battles end up as draws.

If a faithful version of the character appears in the D.C Comics Extended Universe, then Deathstroke could break the rut of seeing the same supervillain rise and fall. Old conventions do get boring. Deathstroke could change all of that.

Before the arrival of The Batman, Justice League and several other movies are going to come first. Justice League debuts Deathstroke and the character’s role are mum. The role could be a setup for future appearances or it could be a major one. No one knows any real details about the Justice League screenplay, but things will slowly be revealed over time.

The D.C. Extended Universe has been financially successful so far, but critics have been very negative about the films. Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics want to change the reviews for the better. Reportedly, the Justice League screenplay was heavily rewritten to make it more lighthearted. Deathstroke the Terminator, however, is far from a lighthearted character. Justice League may turn out to be an interesting film.

What are the odds that Deathstroke will turn from bad to good and get his own film in the future? All will depend on how audiences react to Deathstroke. If he becomes a popular antihero in the cinema, he should be able to get his own series and succeed with it.