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Deadpool 3 Might Just Be an X-Force Movie

Deadpool 2 is getting ready to hit the movie theaters. However, there has been word from Ryan Reynolds that there might not be a Deadpool 3. The funny thing is that this was hinted in the trailer with Deadpool talking about leaving it at 2. Given that Deadpool is going to be part of the X-Force, the studios might see it as unnecessary to make a Deadpool 3. This would be similar to Iron Man being in Avengers, a Captain America movie, Spider-Man and then a solo Iron Man movie. While Iron Man is a good character, he gets a lot of screen time in other projects. A similar thing could happen with the X-Force, especially if they make Deadpool the main focus. As a matter of fact, X-Force could be considered Deadpool 3.

Plans could change if Deadpool 2 turns out to be a success with fans and critics alike. However, it might not be as well received this time. People might find a few things wrong with the film compared to the first one. Fortunately, for those that are interested in reliving the experience of catching Deadpool in theaters, some multiplexes are running a double feature for Deadpool and Deadpool 2.

Also, given that Disney is in talks to acquire Fox, there is a chance that Deadpool is going to be brought into the MCU, most likely as is. They are not going to reboot the character. That would be unwise for them. Instead, they will just continue it off and have Deadpool wise cracking about the sudden injection in the MCU. As of right now, Deadpool is waiting to be released behind Infinity War which has turned out to be a phenomenon. One thing that can be said about Marvel is that all of the Marvel properties have found their legs. The MCU is taking a cosmic turn and is growing in other ways too. One thing that can be said about comic book movies is that they are slowly but surely starting to resemble the comic counterparts.