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Deadpool Star T.J. Miller Talks About Upcoming Film And Assures it Will Be New and Different

In a recent interview about his upcoming movie The Emoji Movie, TJ Miller, who plays Dead Pool’s best friend, irresponsible bar owner in the Deadpool films shined a light on what Deadpool 2 would and would not be like. He told Screen Rant that the movie would have its own original plot and would be darker, funnier and edgier. He compared it to the Hangover 2, which took most of what made the first movie a hit and simply raised the stakes and changed a few minor plot details. He said that Deadpool 2 would be different, and not simply more of the same.

In the interview, Miller hinted at “a tragic and dark event” in the beginning of the film that would have the rest of the film exploring the aftermath. Arguably there are plenty of dark and tragic events that occur in the first film, but fans will just have to wait and see how different and new Deadpool 2 is. New characters Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz) have already been announced as making an appearance, so there is certainly something that will be different about this movie.

Of course, like most movies based on comic book heroes (or anti-heroes), there are decades of comic book material to pull from, so there is absolutely no reason for Deadpool 2 to be a repeat of the first film. Regardless of how much source material they pull from and what new situations and characters are introduced in this next film, it is hard to believe that it will be less than entertaining than the first Deadpool film. Of course, the second film does not have quite the same build up and expectations as the first, with not being stuck in development hell for so long, but it still has a great deal to live up to.

Deadpool 2 Casts Jack Kesy as Villain

Jack Kesy Cast as Main Villain for Deadpool 2


As far as “Deadpool 2” goes, there is some more good news coming from the camp, namely for a major in the movie.


As of now, it has been revealed that actor Jack Kesy will be a part of the cast of Deadpool 2, serving as a major villain in the movie, though it hasn’t been confirmed exactly who that will be apart from some sources calling him “Black Bob” for the moment. This all comes after news has been relatively quiet, apart from Josh Brolin being cast as Cable and Leslie Uggams returning as Blind Al.


Something to consider is that in the comics, there is a real villain named “Black Tom Cassidy,” so it’s really not a stretch to suggest this could be the role, though the production crew may be using that name as a cover. Black Tom, in the comics, is a mutant with the power to bond with and project energy through plant life and create blasts with wooden objects.


The casting of Kesy is quite different from others for the film, because Kesy hasn’t quite had a breakthrough role in film, but this role might be just the one to do it. Kesy is most well known for playing as Gabriel Bolivar, or The Master in the horror drama series, The Strain. As opposed to casting Cable, which had other big name actors like Michael Shannon and Brad Pitt looking at and auditioning for the role before Brolin came in and won out in the end.


One perk of Kesy taking on the role is that he is a fairly new face in the industry for movies and as a result he might find himself having an easier time slipping into the role and working everything out for himself. He won’t have to worry about living up to the expectations of other actors who came before him in a similar role. This is made easier with the fact that he is starring in a war drama film called Horse Soldiers, set to be released in early 2018.


Deadpool 2 and Gambit Filming in 2017

Deadpool Sequel and Gambit to Start Filming in 2017

20th Century Fox has been responsible for the release of Deadpool and X-Men Apocalypse this year. Both movies have been extremely successful as far as the box office numbers go.

Deadpool was easily the more successful of the two movies that were released, but now the studio is working towards future movies in the franchise, the next one being the third movie in the Wolverine solo series. This movie will reportedly be Hugh Jackman’s last time playing the role of the titular character. Beyond that, there are several other projects being developed beyond the last Wolverine movie.

Currently, there are three different X-Men spinoffs in the works now, which are a Deadpool 2 film, a New Mutants film and Gambit, which actor Channing Tatum is still attached to. Interestingly enough, Simon Kinberg is set to begin working on the next main X-Men movie in the film series, and he even spoke on the schedule of what’s going to happen for future movies at the 2016 Saturn Awards.

Kinberg, who worked as the screenwriter and producer for X-Men: Days of Future Past and Apocalypse, praised director Josh Boone’s work on the script for New Mutants and added that he liked the script for Gambit and hoped that shooting for the movie would start early next year.

As far as the sequel to Deadpool, Kinberg suggested that would likely be shooting also early on in 2017 so it could be released that fall.