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Daniel Day-Lewis’ Retirement Path

Daniel Day-Lewis is a famed actor who hails from Greenwich in the United Kingdom. He’s been wowing audiences all around the globe with his strong acting chops for many decades now. That’s the reason his recent retirement has come as a major shock to so many everywhere. He’s won three Academy Awards throughout his illustrious and rewarding career. Many people were unhappy to find out that he has no plans to ever pursue acting again. The actor’s representative broke the news back in the summertime. Day-Lewis’ role in “Phantom Thread” will most likely be his last one.

Day-Lewis, perhaps surprisingly enough, hasn’t been a stranger to thoughts of possible retirement before. He thought about quitting acting for good many times before. That’s also the reason he’s gone for extended stretches of time without working on any cinematic projects. He always eventually got lured back into the craft, however. A specific role or director would entice him by inspiring him with excellent and fascinating content. Phantom Thread undoubtedly attracted Day-Lewis. The problem was a lot deeper than that, though. That’s because making the film wasn’t exactly the easiest process in the world. Production of Phantom Thread was extremely time-consuming and taxing. That surprised Day-Lewis in a big way.

Day-Lewis doesn’t appear to want to speak too much about the intricacies of the shoot. He does indicate, however, that he has zero plans to actually watch the movie himself. The Phantom Thread experience was apparently so painful to him that he feels that he’s unable to cope with it on the big screen.

The actor thinks that making his retirement plans public is a smart idea. He believes that doing so can help set boundaries for him in the future. If people know that he’s in retirement, they won’t wait for him to come back as much. He was uncertain about the idea of telling the world his news. He believed, however, that it would help in the long run.