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The D.C. Extended Universe Grows

The D.C. Extended Universe has not exactly taken off as smoothly as Superman leaps to the sky. Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, and Batman v. Superman did not exactly make people forget about Marvel’s output or the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Warner Bros. and D.C. Comics have no desire to give up on any dreams of superhero cash cows. Plans to continue the D.C. Extended Universe are already drawn up. The projects in the pipeline are quite impressive.


The Flash and The Batman are delayed, but Aquaman is right on schedule. Aquaman may prove to be one of the more interesting projects thanks to the incredibly charismatic Jason Momoa in the title role. Aquaman was always a lower-tier D.C. Comics hero, but he has a chance to really break out on his own thanks to the skills of Momoa.


Black Adam is an anti-hero no one outside of readers of Shazam! have ever heard of. Dwayne Johnson is playing the role of Black Adam so the film is a guaranteed hit. The Shazam! film may suffer from being derivative of Superman, a character that hasn’t had much success since Superman III in 1983. The recent reboots really underwhelmed.


Cyborg might be able to bring the gap between superheroes and science in the same way Iron Mad did for Marvel. Cyborg is not a well-known character, but he is making a big debut in the Justice League movie. The high-profile first appearance should effectively set Cyborg up nicely for a solo film. This is, of course, provided the Justice League film is a good one.


Several other interesting films projects such as Gotham City Sirens and Green Lantern Corps sound intriguing. A few of the other projects such as the supernatural hero ensemble Dark Universe may be harder sells.


The good thing here is the D.C. Extended Universe is trudging forward and, hopefully, will be around a decade from now.