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Rodrigo Terpins Family, Achievements, and Rally Driving Career

Rally driver Rodrigo Terpins is very popular in Brazil. Not only is Rodrigo exceptional in rallying, but he has excellent entrepreneurial skills. Between 1991 and 2007, Rodrigo Terpins worked at Lojas Marisa as manager of operations. He is a team player and an outstanding manager. However, most people know Rodrigo Terpins for his remarkable racing skills. Rodrigo is passionate about rallying and has an impressive track record.

Rodrigo Terpins Family and Achievements

Rodrigo’s father, Jack Terpins, was once a basketball player and is very popular in Brazil. Besides Rodrigo, Jack has another son, Michael, who is also a very talented rally driver. According to Terra, Rodrigo races under the Sertoes Rally Team where he is a member. Fabricio doubles as his co-driver and best friend. The two have so much in common and work hard to achieve their goals. For his excellent track record, Rodrigo Terpins is highly respected by his team members. Many sports prospects look up to Rodrigo Terpins for inspiration.

Time and again, Rodrigo Terpins participates in tough races and every time he emerges a winner. Presently, he is ranked among the best rally drivers in Brazil. Back in 2014, together with his co-driver, Rodrigo Terpins was ranked eighth. Regardless of the rough terrain, Rodrigo was determined to give his best to the fans. His car’s technicality couldn’t stop him either. Besides being ranked eighth, Rodrigo has landed podium finishes. He achieved this two times in Prototype T1.

Rodrigo has built a name in Brazil as an excellent rally driver. He is determined to winning more awards in the future and making his fans happy. His passion for speed and sports began during his childhood. In the last four seasons, Rodrigo and Michael have raced in the T-Rex. The vehicle is developed by MEM Motorsport specifically for the two rally drivers. Most recently, Rodrigo Terpins participated in the Sertoes Rally championship. The championship aims at testing the mental and physical agility of rally drivers and goes through two states. The Sertoes Rally Team was ranked 3rd overall out of 38 participants. Rodrigo couldn’t make it to the Cuesta championship, but his fans should expect to see him next time. Follow Rodrigo on Facebook.