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The innovation of the implants by Dr. Mark Mofid

The gluteal augmentation is not something that will commonly be heard in the news. By accident when the name is heard most of the times it’s because of the malpractice or the medical accident. Some changes are being seen because of Dr. Mark Mofid, and things are changing for the better. There are so many reasons why Dr. Mark Mofid will be known in the cosmetic medical community. One reason why he is recognized as someone who knows what he is talking about is that he has university education from two universities Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. But apart from the training that he has, over the years he has demonstrated that he can be an industry innovator.

Mofid has gained the reputation of the people because of the status that he has and through his practices he ensures that he adheres to the medical safety. The patients at the gluteal augmentation will ask for the large implant that is not uncommon. But with that, the patients will be taken advantage off so that to pay more but that’s not what Dr. Mark Mofid does he ensures that the safety of the patients will come first. By doing so, he will provide the practices that are entirely safe. That’s why he is at the forefront by doing researches on ways that he can use to do better than what has been done before.

The approach that Dr. Mark Mofid will use is supported by science to get the innovations, scrutinize the details and thinking in a broadway. With the knowledge that he as when it comes to the skin, muscles system and fat have been able to put him in a position to understand things from a different angle. For over eight years that’s how long Dr. Mark Mofid has spent working on the specific ways of carrying out the surgeries. He refuses to follow how thing have been running in the past and he works on coming up with new ideas. That is what has led him to research and come up with the superior gluteal implant.  

Mark Mofid Is An Expert In The Field Of Gluteal Augmentation

Mark Mofid is a doctor and plastic surgeon who is working to change the way that gluteal augmentation is looked at by the public. He was trained at Johns Hopkins University and Harvard and has always been an innovator in the industry he works in. He has always adhered to strict medical safety practices and has a sterling reputation because of this, and his detailed knowledge of anatomy and muscles in the body has allowed him to make advancements where others have not. Mark Mofid has long been developing new ways to approach gluteal augmentation, and one of the ways he has helped is by designing a new gluteal implant that not only looks better than outdated implants, but that also works better.

When Mark Mofid was asked about the best advice he has ever gotten as a physician, he commented that it was to always grow his business at a steady pace rather than moving ahead too quickly. He followed this advice by moving into a smaller building with 2 examination rooms. He has commented on the fact that this has helped to keep the overhead costs of everything down and that it also allowed him to grow his practice bit-by-bit as it was needed.

All of this has led to him being able to have the space and budget to do more research and be the innovator he is.

Mark Mofid has done all of the work so that his patients don’t have to worry about their gluteal augmentation surgery and all of the things that could go wrong. Instead, they are able to enjoy the fact that they will feel and look better without any complications. He has relied on the word of mouth of his satisfied patients to further his marketing efforts, and has talked about the fact that his website isn’t as optimized to be found in search as he would like it to be. This doesn’t appear to be a problem, because Mark Mofid always has a steady line of patients coming through the door who are seeking out the services of the very best in the gluteal augmentation industry.

Buy Lime Crime at Revolve in China

Lime Crime’s goal is to expand their company. China is the next frontier. There are however, some hurdles to overcome. These hurdles are the unnatural barriers of government regulations, unfair competition, a language barrier and the traditional burdens of tariffs, duties and taxes.

The Chinese Mandate

The number one hurdle, selling Lime Crime in China faces is the country’s mandate for cosmetics. In China, all makeup must be tested on animals to be sold in its market. Because all Lime Crime products are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) verified vegan and certified cruelty free animal testing is never used, therefore their makeup does qualify to be sold in the Chinese market.

Unfair Competition

Last year, Lime Crime discovered over a million dollars of counterfeit makeup had been sold in China. Facing that obstacle made it even more important that the real Lime Crime product make it to the Chinese consumer.

The Language Barrier

Another challenge was posed by the possibility of handling customer concerns and complaints. Returns were yet another thing that had to be considered. How would Lime Crime effectively communicate with this customer and how would returns and exchanges be executed.

Duties and Taxes on Foreign Goods Sold in China

In order to avoid an inflated price due to duties and taxes, LimeCrime realized the best option was to sell their product directly to the consumer. This would also eliminate the Chinese makeup testing mandate. Lime Crime realized they needed to partner with a company that was already working in the Chinese market and they found Revolve, a fashion company that was about to begin an expansion into makeup.

It was a partnership destined to work. Revolve is a ecommerce company that had all the needed elements for delivering LimeCrime directly to the Chinese consumer and could handle all the customer service issues that could arise.

Lime Crime and Revolve took it a step further. They wanted the Chinese woman to know where to buy Lime Crime legitimately. Through reliable word of mouth influencers, the consumer was bombarded with the information. LimeCrime was coming to China and it could be bought from the only legitimate representative, Revolve.

Lime Crime: The Girls In The Brand

Lime Crime is a burgeoning cosmetic company that was founded by Doe Deere in New York City, New York. The business is currently based out of Los Angeles, California. For those individuals who are not yet familiar with Deere and her cosmetics company, don’t break out in worry lines.

Here is some additional information on Doe Deere and her beauty business endeavors. Doe Deere, who is legally named Xenia Vorotova, is not just the sole founder of Lime Crime but she is also the chief executive officer (CEO) and the sole owner of the cosmetics venture. Deere is actually a native of Russia although she was raised in New York City.

Doe once told the press she founded her business simply because she could not ever find the makeup items that were quite bright and colorful enough to go with her custom line of clothing she was offering on eBay. The official LC launch was back in October 2008. She began with numerous glitters, eyeshadows, brushes and one primer. She next introduced customers to her unusual and unique Unicorn Lipsticks the next year.

LC revealed in a previous statement that the company’s original Velvetines product line of lipstick, which was first put out on the market in 2012, was what set off the whole popular liquid lipstick to matte lipstick trend today. LC is (and reportedly always have been) cruelty-free too. In fact, a significant portion of the company’s product line has been vegan since the business began nearly a decade ago.

Doe Deere an industry climber and near celebrity-like individual in her field supervises the development of all her products and is reported to be quite sensitive to her clientele. In 2012 Deere supervised the entire reformulation of the rest of her products so that all her cosmetics would conform to all vegan requirements. Today the Lime Crime cosmetics line can be purchased at retail locations in such countries as the U.S., Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Thailand, and the U.K. Lime Crime products are also available for purchase via the official LC website and several additional internet retailers.

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The Newly Released Lime Crime Products are not a Secret Anymore

November the 14th was the launching date for Lime Crime’s newly released hot products. Now, there’s a liquid eye shadow that matches the shimmer and shine of Lime Crime’s Diamond Crushers Lip Topper.

Diamond Dew, the liquid eye shadow that everyone is buzzing about, comes in a variety of colors that is sure to please even the toughest critic. With ten shades that range from deep shimmery golden brown to bright iridescent silver, there’s a little mythical magic for everyone.

Unique names like Chocolate Diamond, Dragon, Vision, Starlight, Chameleon, Tearful, Pixie, Paris, Aurora and Starlight will leave you feeling like the beautiful vixen that you truly are.

These wonderful shades can be paired with another eyeshadow or worn by itself for a dazzling finish to any wardrobe and can now be purchased at an individual price of $18.

In the mood for a sweet treat? LimeCrime has just the thing for you. Pocket Candy Palettes are available in five fabulous colors that also comes equipped with both eye and cheek colors. Pocket Candy Pallet is designed to fit comfortably in the pocket of your jeans or inside of your favorite bag and the 90’s collectible toy design will send you back in time.

If you want a makeup pallet with a little more attitude, then look no further. The Venus Pallet comes equipped with eight daring colors that are designed for an unapologetically bold look; from the deep burgundy red of Muse to the soft ivory glow of Aura there’s a color to match every mood and occasion.

Sometimes looking for a good hair color is hard to fine. Especially when you have the heart of a unicorn.

Unicorn Hair is exactly what it sounds like; it is the secret to beautiful hair that defies the rules to hair color.

This semi-permanent hair color comes in every shade of the rainbow, is delicate on the hair but is tough on fade resistance.

Lime Crime beauty products are safe and effective and did I mention that they’re also cruelty free. That’s right. Not only are these products a major game changer, but they’re also manufactured and sold with good conscious.