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It’s Dominance In Community Banking

When it comes to banking, there are numerous of options available nation and worldwide. Some of the biggest names come from this industry such as Bank of America, Well Fargo, Capital One, and others. Community banking has become very popular over the past decade thanks to it’s wide variety of services and NexBank Capital is no exception. NexBank is premier Dallas, Texas bank that specializes in commercial, investment, and mortgage banking. This exclusive banking institution is also one of the top community banking institutions in the nation. President and CEO John Holt has taken the bank to completely new levels of success as it has an estimated $4.6 Billion in assets.

Nexbank Capital has stepped up it’s game by offering a wide variety of services such as online banking, treasury funds, mobile banking, certificate of deposits, commercial lending, agency services, credit services, real estate advisory, and many more. It’s executive management team does a wonderful job by covering individual, corporate, and institutional customers. NexBank Capital is now a major player in banking as it now has the ability to rival it’s larger national counterparts. Last year president John Holt attended the prestigious Strategic Opportunities and M&A Conference as a guest panelist. Mr. Holt went over a wide range of topics pertaining to the industry. Organic growth, branching, networking, innovation, and many more was the topic of discussion. The event went off without a hitch as bankers, consultants, advisers, and industry insiders had a chance to address specific issues as well as any challenges.

NexBank Capital is setting the precedent thanks to it’s great leadership, high quality business sense, and broad range of services. This community banking at it’s finest and future growth is expected well into the future.