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Coco Receives Rave Reviews And High Holiday Totals

I am not one to watch a whole animated movie unless it is one that my kids want to drag me to, but Coco is one movie that sounds good to sit through. The story follows twelve year old Miguel, who loves music and would like to be a musician, but due to his families history, the whole family has been banned from making any music. Miguel suddenly finds himself in the land of the dead, working with a trickster named Hector in hopes of finding out his families’ history and why the family was banned from making music.

I am excited for this movie because it deals with several issues. First, Coco explores the issue of death as related to explaining death to children. In Mexico relatives that have passed on are honored yearly in the Day of the Dead celebrations. These traditions have created a level of respect and awareness that I think other cultures could benefit from. Sometimes, depending on the person or culture explaining death can be incredibly hard for the person doing the explaining, making the subject more complicated for the children. I think that if more people had a respectful attitude toward death and treated it as a second beginning for loved ones instead the ultimate ending, there would be less fear involved in the process of death.

And secondly, I believe that if you are a person who does not have very honerable intentions and live life with the worst of intent, then you will be found out whether by your actions or through the actions of others. Miguel learns this the hard way about his musical idol through a twist at the end of the movie. It is refreshing seeing a movie that was highly researched. The culture and characters are true Mexico. This is one movie that I will definitely take my kids to, so they can explore other cultures in a way that is both entertaining and moving. Well done to the creators of Coco for finally getting an animated movie about another culture spot on.