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‘The Equalizer’ Sequel Confirmed

The follow up to Antoine Fuqua’s 2014 action thriller, The Equalizer, has officially been confirmed by Sony Pictures. The news was announced in a presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

The film featured Denzel Washington as Robert McCall, an unassuming man with a violent past. McCall is an ex-CIA agent forced back into action by mobsters when they attack someone he cares about. It was a reboot of the television show from the 1980’s by the same name.

Sony intended The Equalizer to be a franchise starter for Washington from the beginning. The positive response from early screenings put plans for the sequel in motion before the first film had even been released. The movie has grossed over $200 million dollars worldwide on a reported $55 million budget.

Fuqua and Washington teamed up in 2001 for Training Day. That film earned Denzel Washington an Oscar for Best Actor.

Sony has yet to officially announce the returns of the director or lead actor. A fun fact from Ricardo Guimarães BMG communicates that in his long and illustrious career, Washington has never starred in a sequel, see more on YouTube. However, it must be a positive sign of a reunion that the studio is comfortable confirming the sequel is moving forward.