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Christopher Nolan Talks Batman Villains at Cannes Film Festival

Christopher Nolan has been directing movies for over fifteen years. He has directed such thrillers as Inception, Interstellar, and The Dark Knight Trilogy. He is well-known for his Batman movies. Though they were released years ago, they still resonate highly with audiences. He spoke about them at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.

The Batman character is different in these films than others made before them. Nolan said that while Bruce Wayne may be rich, he doesn’t have any superpowers. Other than that, he’s just a normal person. Apparently, that is exactly what drew Nolan to the character. He created Batman in a way that the character has feelings. His fear, guilt, anger, and love control most of his decisions. He responds to the actions of each villain instead of being proactive against them, (most of the time). This shifts the focus of each film.

Nolan feels the villains in The Dark Knight Trilogy became the center of attention for audiences. Each movie had interesting and complex villains that were thought-provoking and terrifying at the same time. Whether it was Henri Ducard in Batman Begins or the Joker in The Dark Knight, fans couldn’t get enough of their charisma. Even Bane struck a chord of fear in the bravest of fans during The Dark Knight Rises.

Nolan spoke further about his ideas and what inspired them. He said he never planned on doing any sequels to Batman Begins. Its villain was complex as he was Batman’s mentor and trainer. Henri Ducard was the mentor turned villain that made things personal for Batman in the first film. Nolan believes each film fits in its own category. Batman Begins was originally meant to remain a true origins story. However, the success of the film proved that fans were hungry for more. The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises followed suit.

Christopher Nolan said he felt that The Dark Knight was reminiscent of a crime drama. The Joker defined the film as a crazed lunatic let loose on the already crime-ridden city of Gotham. He evolves into a charismatic and disturbing criminal boss. However, the Joker became an idol for fans, even more so than Batman himself.

Bane became the star of the last movie. Christopher Nolan explained that The Dark Knight Rises was directed in the scope of a historical epic. Many fans will argue that the Joker is a better villain. However, Bane has his place in the Batman universe, with his military-style tale of revenge against the hero.

Nolan claims that this is the way these movies have been defined. The villains play the biggest role in defining each movie. Batman plays off them. Nolan created Batman in such a way that he became more complex as he faced each new villain. Either way, they all quickly became the main focus.

Dunkirk’s Plot Explained by Christopher Nolan

The Plot of Dunkirk Has Been Given by Christopher Nolan


It’s a given that anyone who knows who director Christopher Nolan is knows about the very high quality of films he produces. The upcoming film “Dunkirk” will be no exception.


Of the many films that could end up being nominees for next year’s Oscar Awards, Dunkirk happens to be one of the many highly anticipated movies on the list, which is being directed by Nolan himself. Nolan, who is a three-time Oscar nominee, has waited three years since his last flick, Interstellar, hit theaters and naturally that movie was a big hit as well.


The film Dunkirk takes place in the middle of World War II and based on the few minutes of footage shown to the public, has a certain ambition and scope to give it a very authentic experience. The story itself is about the noted evacuation of Dunkirk, France by British, French and Belgian soldiers in 1940 after they found themselves surrounded by the Germans. A fascinating fact about the film is that it’s told from three different perspectives: battles from the land, air and sea.


In a recent interview, Nolan sat down and discussed the overall plot and story of the film, starting with now the event was important for Great Britain and the war effort overall during that time. He went to talk about how from each of the three perspectives, time seems to feel differently for them, so for instance soldiers on the water would see things happen in a day as opposed to those on the ground who may see things over the course of a week. The structure of the film seems complicated but the story itself was actually quite simple, in his words. He concluded with how important the evacuation was in the Second World War and how bad things could have gone if it hadn’t been a success.