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Stream Energy Channels Its Generosity via Stream Cares

One of the worst hurricanes ever to hit Houston was Hurricane Harvey. It dumped torrential rains on the metropolis, causing a massive flood that led to the loss of lives, homes and pets. And while all these were happening, the entire United States and other countries abroad were quite powerless to come to the aid of the victims.

In the midst of all the mayhem brought about by the nature’s tempest, Stream Energy, an energy resource company based in Dallas, was among the first to shell out money that it netted from the lucrative sales of its energy venture to support the overall recovery, and relieve the monetary dilemmas of its own clients.

The regular philanthropic activities done by the company has always been a part of its corporate goals. And this being the case, Stream Energy lately established Stream Cares – the company’s charity foundation. The foundation is to validate its continuing charity works across Texas, and throughout the United States. This has been an activity that Stream Energy has been involved with for over a decade.

Hurricane Harvey  is a case in exception, since Stream Energy went beyond money to assist in the rescue undertakings. In such times, the philanthropic efforts of a company are often regarded as an expansive means to gain media attention. Although in a practical way, it is a means to cushion undesirable incidents that are likely to happen such as when difficult times lead to layoffs, when earnings decline, and when scandals transpire.

To boost its philanthropic activities, Stream compensates its affiliates to build an association of loyal customers to whom they can provide numerous products and services  that ranges from an energy rate that does not fluctuate to plans for mobile phones. The said services/products are provided by the company for corporate and residential clients who can likewise avail of the services of virtual physicians, telemedicine and a reduced clean energy rate.

The successful associates of Stream are paid commissions depending on the sales and in essence are considered business owners and entrepreneurs, who support the charitable cause s of the company. And this is how Stream Energy is able to subsidize its charities via Stream Cares.

Stream Energy demonstrates big heart with extensive philanthropy

When Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast, many of the area’s residents were caught completely off guard. In particular, the city of Houston quickly found its infrastructure overwhelmed as the streets began to flood and city services were quickly forced to shut down. The aftermath of Hurricane Harvey easily could have turned into another Katrina-like debacle. But the people of Texas banded together, showing the world that a potentially catastrophic event can be overcome with a strong sense of community and a willingness of people to help their neighbors.

One of the most generous neighbors throughout the Harvey ordeal was Stream Energy, a Dallas-based alternative energy company that has made a name for itself as one of the leading drivers of green energy usage throughout the American Southwest. As soon as Harvey hit, Stream Energy sprang into action. It immediately donated tens of thousands of dollars to the local Red Cross and sent dozens of its employees south to Houston to aid in the cleanup efforts. Those employees would ultimately collectively give thousands of their own hours in the cleanup efforts, contributing to the city’s ability to successfully meet the immense challenges presented by the disaster.

In the wake of the successful campaign to help the Hurricane Harvey victims, Stream Energy decided to formalize its commitment to local charity. It formed the Stream Cares Foundation, a charitable organization dedicated to aiding the many noble charitable causes around the Dallas area and the rest of Texas as a whole.

One of the most heartwarming initiatives that the organization has undertaken is its funding of special trips for the Hope Supplies Co. The charity is involved with the Dallas area’s most vulnerable: homeless kids. Each week in the summer months, the Hope Supplies Co. takes some of the city’s most deprived kids on day-long trips to area water and amusement parks. For many of these children, the trip is the first time they’ve ever been able to participate in a day of fun at an entertainment venue. The trips have been a major success and Stream Energy says that they plan on underwriting even more trips in the coming year.

Andrew Rolfe and The Ubuntu Fund Are Putting the Children First

Jacob Lief, founder of the Ubuntu Education Fund, came to a conclusion. After raising lots of money and speaking out at high profile events, such as the World Economic Forum in Davis, Jacob realized that their contributions were not changing people’s lives. He also realized why that happened.

Until then, the Ubuntu Fund, headed by board of directors chairman Andrew Rolfe, was accepting money from donors who donated money with a whole slew of limitations. These limitations included on how the money should be used, which children it should go to, and even that the money must be used to advance a certain project or cause that the donor was interested in. The problem was that the Ubuntu Fund was not able to do its job the right way and give the money for the causes that were most important to the children of Africa, where the Ubuntu Fund helps children from disadvantaged communities.

So Jacob Lief, along with the board of directors of the Ubuntu Fund and their chairman, Andrew Rolfe, decided that enough was enough and that they are going to start saying “no” to donors who come with all sorts of stipulations. Instead, they are going to focus on high-profile donors who will donate a lot of money at once and who understand that to donate with stipulations is not worth their time and that it will not help the children the way they need to be helped.

The Ubuntu Fund, headed by chairman of board of directors Andrew Rolfe, works with communities and families to provide help and support to each child individually. They make sure that every child has the ability to access health, education and stability so that they can rise out of poverty.

It’s not easy to find donors who don’t have any personal interests in their donations. Whether they want certain causes and agendas to be carried out or want to have a say in the actual operations of the charity, it is hard. Sometimes, they have experience and can help out. However, it can also lead to tension, especially when they have their own agendas which conflict with the charity’s. So Andrew Rolfe and his board decided to just say no, for the children’s sake.

Investment Banking with Martin Lustgarten

The banking industry has many types of banks. Several people usually look for a bank that provides their banking services while others have specific types of banks they would prefer. Investment banking is one type of bank that many people would prefer when it comes to banking services.

The structure that is used in investment banks is usually different as compared to many other banking types. The structure of investment banking provides options that make them unique. The services that are provided by these types of banks can sometimes be highly specialized. Therefore, certain clients would look for an investment bank and form a long-term banking relationship.

Types of clients that tend to prefer investment banking are corporations. The structure of investment banking fits perfectly with the needs of large or small corporations. The abilities of investment banks to fit the needs of their clients like corporations are such an ideal situation that clients find appealing.

Martin Lustgarten is an experienced and skilled investment banker. He is a success story worldwide. The investment banker is usually based in Florida but is usually active in many other countries. He has solid banking experience for over twenty years.

Martin was born in Florida in 1959. Florida then had a humble landscape and was not as popular as it is in the current age. Some fifty years ago, Florida was very suburban then and very tropical. There were no wall street influences in that day. Therefore, Martin’s talent was nurtured by personal sacrifice, dedication, and hard work. He was very consistent and kept gave his all in the industry. This made him a better man and very reliable investment banker. Later on, he spent time in Venezuela and Austria. Martin over the years has persistently worked hard to be a remarkable investment banker globally. He has built a great name in the investment banking industry. However, he is a generous man and a great humanitarian who shares his wealth with charities. He values the art of giving back to the community. Therefore, he tries as much as possible to educate and teach people on wise banking protocol.