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Greg Secker: Trading in the Forex Market

Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur and businessman who built his wealth from trading currencies. He is also a motivational speaker and an encouragement to those who wanted to succeed in trading with the currency market. Greg Secker is most known for the company that he founded, named the Knowledge Action Group, established in 2003. The Knowledge Action Group soon became the mother company for the other smaller firms that he established throughout his career, including Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and Learn to Trade. Of all the smaller firms that he established, Learn to Trade became the most popular.

After graduating from the university, George Secker looked for a job. He preferred working in financial institutions because his degree is related to financing, and he also wanted to improve his skills and expertise in how the financial world works. He found a job with Thomas Cook Financial Services, and after learning about foreign exchange and mastered the system, he was transferred by the company’s management to the foreign exchange arm of Thomas Cook Financial Services. While staying at the foreign exchange department of the company, George Secker had the idea to create the Virtual Trading Desk, a platform accessible online that allows the users to trade currencies through forex. Trading with Virtual Trading Desk happens in real time, and it is the first platform to successfully do it. Greg Secker managed to get the attention of Mellon Financial Corporation because of his success with the Virtual Trading Desk, and he was invited to work as the company’s vice president.

While working with the Mellon Financial Corporation, George Secker used his free time developing applications and software that would allow the people to do trading easily. He launched Learn to Trade later on, and the trading platform became a global hit. Over 200,000 people are using the platform, and it helped change thousands of lives across the world. George Secker had to build several overseas offices in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom to oversee how the platform performs. Learn to Trade is still the most preferred program by people who are new to the trading industry.

A Look at Greg Secker’s Career Path

Even though we all have passions, the difference comes down to what we do with it. Greg Secker is passionate about positively impacting on the lives of others. He is committed to the course of improving people’s lives by teaching them. His call for motivating others resulted in him establishing a global company known as Knowledge to Action Group in the year 2003. The group consists of companies such as Learn to Trade which is recognized across the world as an educational trading company, having offices in Johannesburg, London, Manila as well as Sydney. SmartChart Company is also part of the group. It is recognized for providing the newest technology. A brokerage company known as Capital Index is also a corporation in the group.

Getting to where he is, Greg Secker would reveal that it has taken him patience and focus. His career began at Thomas Cook Financial services just before he entered into the foreign exchange enterprise to run the first ever online forex trading platform known as Virtual Trading Desk. The progression of his career was encouraging. He was named the vice president of one of the then fortune 500 investment banks in the US called Mellon Financial Corporation. Not only did he work with the worlds’ best traders at Mellon, but Greg Secker was also able to establish his way into the international trading floors. He left Mellon to begin his venture. Within three months, he had created Learn to Trade.

After conceptualizing an idea on something, Greg Secker tends to break the idea in various stages. He allows himself to be carried by the illusion of the notion, pre-visions it, before setting out his mind into taking the course of action. Greg believes that enthusiasm should be a key player in the implementation of a new idea. He owes his success to taking some time to think through an idea and testing it before taking a course of action. He encourages future entrepreneurs to read books since it helps one learn the outlook of life by different people.

Greg is a benevolent and a motivational speaker who has spoken in the main markets channels such as Bloomberg and CNBC.