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What Movie Does Channing Tatum Hate?

Many actors and actresses perform in movies that they can look back and call a work of art. It’s not every actor or actress that will love the movies that they have performed in, but it’s rare if they criticize the movie. The Channing Tatum Interview. Channing Tatum has been in many movies over the years, such as “Coach Carter,” “Magic Mike,” “21 Jump Street,” “Step Up” and more. Channing has captured the hearts of many women because of his beautiful face, and he is easily the first pick for a lot of movies.

Channing had signed a three movie deal with Paramount Pictures, and he wasn’t sure which movies he would have to be in. UnofficialNetworks suggested that Channing was put in the movie “G.I. Joe,” and that is the only movie he absolutely hates. It’s unbelievable that Channing could hate his own movie so much, but he gives reasons why he disliked the movie. He was forced to do the movie out of contractual obligations, the movie plot and script was awful, and he just hated the entire experience.

Channing did a recent interview where he admitted how much he hated the G.I. Joe movie. The worst part about the movie is that a part two of the movie was made as well. G.I. Joe seemed to be something that would be very popular, but many who watched the movie criticized it for it not being a very good.