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The National Steel Car Under Gregory James Aziz

Gregory James Aziz is a household name within Hamilton, Ontario region, having been born, educated, and later becoming a popular businessman in the region. Gregory James Aziz, commonly known as Greg Aziz or Gregory. J .Aziz aged 68, is an innovative and value-driven individual, who has held the highest position at the National Steel Car, from 1994, as the President, and the CEO. This company is the leading railroad freight and tank car manufacturing company in North America.

With a strong education background of Ridley College and University of Western Ontario, provides a foundation for Greg’s leadership at the National Steel Car. It’s his leadership that has propelled this company to the level it is. In addition, his family background of entrepreneurship (wholesale food business) has equipped him with adequate skills on how to run a business.

Success is a journey that James Aziz clearly understands, and like many successful investors, he has worked in other firms that laid a foundation for his career. He has served in the corporate world and acquired skills that help in the transformation of the leading railroad manufacturer in North America, such as team building. As a result, under his watchful eyes, the company has created employment to more than 4,000workers, and the production capacity has risen to about 14,000 rail cars per year.

Being a leader of National Steel Car is an indication that James Aziz is dedicated to success. This is why under his leadership the company has scooped several awards, like the TTX SECO award. In addition, it has gained trust from other companies like Canpotex, that prefer its services, with a recent tender to manufacture 700 railcars, worth $70 million.

Greg Aziz is passionate about serving and giving back to the Hamilton, Ontario community that is his home backyard. He is associated with sponsoring the Theater Aquarius, The United Way, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, and the Hamilton Opera. Additionally, every year, Greg Aziz and the family organize a party for all their present and past employees and their families called the National Steel Car Christmas Party. This is an indication of how Greg values team work and above all his appreciation to his workforce, whom he sees as the cornerstone of his company. This is one recipe why the company has led in the manufacturing industry for decades. The other cause he supports is the employment of the residents of Hamilton, Ontario in his company, which demonstrates his passion in growing together with his community. Click Here for more information.

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AIG vs AHBE + An Inside Look Into Bruce Levenson’s Life

The Atlanta Hawks, an organisation of the National Basketball Association was the center of a heated dispute between two groups. Th AHBE, the previous ownership of the Hawks organization led by Bruce Levenson, filed a lawsuit against an insurance company based in New Hampshire. They(AHBE) claimed that the New Hampshire Insurance company violated a clause in the contract in which employers get covered for losses in relation to employee policies, or in other significant acts such as being improperly terminated from their jobs. Danny Ferry, former general manager of the Hawks and the Hawks organization mutually agreed to buyout the remaining Time of his contract. However, according to the lawsuit, the AIG(New Hampshire Insurance agency) refused to provide paid coverage between Ferry and the Hawks organization. Furthermore, the AHBE was looking for an extra fifty percent penalty of attorney costs and most importantly, unpaid losses.

Bruce Levenson was the former owner of the aforementioned Atlanta Hawks, He co-founded Atlanta Spirit LLC(changed to Atlanta Hawks LLC)and the Unit Communications group in 1977. His other works include being a philanthropist, a motivational speaker and being a board member of TechTarget, which is a media based company that specializes in IT. Born in Washington DC, Levenson came from a Jewish family. Levenson attended Washington University and later on graduated from law school at American University. In 1977, Levenson an his friend co-founded the United Communications Group (UCG), a private business company that has business practices in just about everything. Levenson’s entrepreneurship abilities ros to new levels, as from that moment on, he and the Atlanta Spirit LLC purchased the Hawks, Phillips Arena and the formerly Atlanta Thrashers (an NHL organization). Levenson’s charitable works are also known as he once served as president of the “I have a Dream Foundation”, an organization which helps children from low income families to pursue a higher education. Information above courtesy of


Ford Motor May Help In Future With Transit To Lake Tahoe

The plan is for the Squaw Valley expansion to move forward according to the post. In a recent interview, Andy Wirth explains how the Placer County Planning Commission gave their approval for the expansion to move forward.

Squaw Valley is happy to know that they gave the approval for more transit and transportation. Jesse Patterson disagrees stating he does not believe that there needs to be more traffic. Andy spoke of the possibility of Ford Motor funding the mass transit addition in the future.

Mr. Patterson was skeptical, to say the least. Lake Tahoe and the surrounding areas are in need of transportation improvements. The area is hoping that something can get done in the future.

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful area with a large lake surrounded by wooded areas and nature. This lake is the highlight of the summer season because of the boating and skiing. Some fishing takes place and some swimming in particular areas is common.

Lake Tahoe is especially beautiful when the snow is layering the ground. The white covering is a nice backdrop for the seasonal skiers that visit. The Reno-Tahoe area of the airport is happy to have Chairman Andy Wirth as part of their team. He will be working on the marketing and reputation of the Tahoe airport.

Andy also loves to skydive and participate in sports. Recently he was injured when he fell while skydiving in a vineyard. His arm was almost totally and permanently detached when it hit and was ripped off by a post in the vineyard. Emergency surgery saved his arm and he is very thankful to the people that took care of him. He now supports several charities and is thankful that someone took the time to watch out for him.

According to TohoeTopia, Andy was also very thankful and happy to have a wonderful wife. She works in real estate law and lives with Andy in Truckee California. They love doing the same things most couples do such as dinners out and travel. Wintertime brings on snow activities and summer is the time for the Ironman competition and nature hikes. Lake Tahoe has a lot to offer people any time of the year and should be one place you chose to put on a bucket list.

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