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Enormous Business Opportunities for More Executive Leaders like Susan McGalla to Thrive

While there are many companies that still have a larger population of one gender over another, there are advantages to having a diverse structure. Statistically, when a company has gender-diversity of at least 15 percent, those companies have a better advantage for higher performance levels and greater success than those that do not. The reason companies will out-perform with gender-diversity is simply because it brings a wider scope of ideas and different levels of perspective.

As a career businesswoman and leader, Susan McGalla has worked in several marketing and managerial levels within a company. Susan is a graduate from Mount Union College with a degree in marketing and business. In 1994, she began her impressive tenure with American Eagle Outfitters, which she used her marketing knowledge to become the company’s divisional merchandise buyer. Among several managerial opportunities, this position ultimately led Susan to become the Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) for American Eagle Outfitters.

During Susan’s tenure as CMO, she was instrumental with implementing successful merchandising plans that are well-known for American Eagle Outfitters brand collections, which have been extremely popular even to this date. Susan orchestrated winning strategies in order to develop purchasing and merchandising opportunities that not only met the market trends, but she also executed the profitable timing strategy for availability. Her leadership skills were paramount in American Eagle Outfitters growing in the fashion industry which ultimately led to Susan becoming the company’s President.

Susan is now the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development within the Pittsburgh Steelers Organization.

Many women look to successes like Susan’s career as inspiration for how to move forward in their executive leadership path. While professional women continue to strive for equal platforms within the business culture, there’s mounting evidence of how contributions of a diverse nature bring forth even more effectiveness in executive leadership.

Creating an equal balance among men and women is not the ultimate goal for the business world to thrive. The goal is for there to be equal opportunities within executive leadership in order to have greater input and achieve higher success within business.

How The Ubuntu Education Fund Helps Disadvantaged Africans Children

Jacob Lief is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Ubuntu Education Fund. He used to raise huge amounts of money for his nonprofit as well as speak at gatherings such as the World Economic Forum. However, one day it him that he wasn’t actually helping improve the lives of those he meant to serve.

After this realization, Lief decided to change how he accepted donations and grants. He stopped accepting donations that had restrictions attached on how the money would be used. Instead, he shifted his fundraising efforts to those family foundations and high net worth individuals who knew that placing restrictions on how their money is used is counterproductive. Mr. Lief has said that this has enabled him to achieve more than he was before with less money.

The mission of the Ubuntu Education Fund is to help disadvantaged African children earn an education in the area of South Africa’s Port Elizabeth area. It works with communities and individual families in order to help them escape poverty. Being free of overly restrictive donors has enabled the company to effectively meet their needs in the best way that works for each family and community. Many donors have different priorities then what the people running the nonprofit are trying to accomplish and this creates legal, ethical, and operational problems.

Another leader of the nonprofit, Andrew Rolfe, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has agreed with Jacob Lief that the Ubuntu Education Fund is now much better able to meet mission goals and focus on helping people instead of playing politics and games with overly restrictive donors. The money that the Ubuntu Education Fund now collects can be freely spent where it is needed including ongoing needs like IT systems, staff training, and greater efficiencies.


Meet the man with a vision

David Osio started his career in the year 1984 as the CEO of OPED that deals with the coffee export program. Later he joined the Lecto commercial agency where he had the function of structuring marketing. He has further worked for the banking law by Caralas law firm MGO. He worked for Ferro Corporation and consolidated bank. Later he was given the role of leading the private banking BLI and then he became the vice president of the firm. It was of benefits as the customers increased making it gain global image. His experience in the industry saw him start his company in 1993.He named it Davos Financial Group. The organization has since growth through offering customer centered and quality services.


His success has further been due to his high education. He is a product of the Catholic University Adres Bello, Venezuela. Later he studied international banking law from the University Estudios Superiores de Administration. The knowledge acquired prepared him to manage the various industries. In fact, it has contributed to his great success.


In the urge to satisfy the customers, further Davos Real Estate has developed a mobile app that will make it easy to understand and undertake various activities in the real estate. With the app, you will be able to learn much more. There is also a lot of useful information .it thus have become paramount to have the tool.


The aim of venturing in the sector has been to offer financial advice to clients with that hope to venture in the real estate. The App has ready data that regards to the further makes them estimate the number of returns they can get in venturing in a given project. It’s of important as it there can determine the best project to engage.


The much experience gained by David in the industry provides his clients with the best customer services. The information then becomes so important. It’s of high value that can’t be obtained anywhere else.


His attitude of helping people benefits most from their investment. With the composition of the tool, he hopes to see a lot of success.

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Stephen Murray:His Work Is Done

Stephen Murray, the visionary CEO of CCMP Capital is tragically no longer with us. In business, he is remembered as an exceptional deal maker who could predict the market. He used this ability to secure $3.6 billion in funding for his company in the last round. He had even further plans for CCMP Capital that will remain for others to complete on his behalf. In February of 2015, Stephan Murray quietly resigned from his post citing health reasons. He passed away one month later amongst his family and friends at his home in Stamford, Connecticut.

Stephen is survived by his wife Tami and his 4 sons. He and Tami met while they were both attending Boston College in their youth. Stephen was a student of economics who wanted to make it big in the world. With Tami at this side, he began a career that would end with him running one of the most powerful private-equity groups in the world. Stephen Murray was renowned for his ability to make things happen where others failed. He first began to build a reputation when he managed to structure an equity group that was capable of acquiring Aramark corporation.

Stephen Murray worked for the company that would later be known as CCMP Capital for 25 years. There were many restructurings and transitions. Stephen remained with the company all that time, and it is said by many that he was its rock. When the company was acquired by JP Morgan Partners, Stephen was put in charge. For a job well done, he was named CEO of the company in 2007. He lead the company courageously for 8 years.

It’s a little-known fact that Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist. He participated in The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Stephen felt it was important for people to help each other. He was hands-on by not only devoting his money but through meeting those he helped face to face. He liked to personally witness the impact he was having on the world.

Stephen was brilliant with this ability to structure corporate equity groups. At one point in time, JP Morgan Partners was too broadly diversified. He recognized this problem and fixed it. He changed the average investment size of the company from $25 million to $200 million. Murray cut out unprofitable investments in Latin America and focused the company on winning opportunities in other areas. As a family man and financial visionary Stephen Murray is sorely missed.

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JustFab Was a Success for Don Ressler

Don Ressler has had a hand in some of the most successful retail websites ever created. Don Ressler has a unique talent for being able to figure out exactly what the public wants to buy. He then puts together a skilled team to assist him with the development of every website startup he is involved in. This method has allowed him to repeatedly find success in an industry where most new retail sites go out of business in a matter of months. There is no question that Don Ressler has one of the best business minds in the world today.

The successes of  Ressler are too many to count at this point. However, the site that made Don one of the biggest names in the tech world is JustFab. This is a site that has become incredibly popular in a number of major countries. The site sells clothing. It originally only offered clothing for adults. However, Don was smart enough to realize that there are millions of parents that need to buy clothing for their children. It was at that point when Don Ressler decided the smart thing to do was to add children’s shoes and clothing to the inventory of the site. This proved to be an enormously profitable decision.

There is always a sequel whenever a Hollywood movie makes a lot of money. Ressler thought it would be a good idea to create a sequel of sorts for JustFab on Bloomberg. Don could see that the athletic apparel industry was booming and he wanted to get a piece of the action. This gave him the idea to create Fabletics. The site proved to be a big hit just like its predecessor. Don Ressler was now the king of the clothing startup world. He had more investment offers from venture capitalists than he knew what to do with.

These sites were not the first successful ones that Don had a hand in creating. He was also one of the central figures in the creation of Dermstore. This site revolutionized shopping online for products in the skincare and beauty industries. It was Don’s tremendous success with Dermstore that brought him to the attention of several big investors. The money from these investors enabled Don to start JustFab. Investors love working with Don Ressler because of his proven track record of starting sites that have a tendency to become profitable in a very short period of time.



Brian Bonar Presents Foodies With More Options In Escondido

Brian Bonar is a great business man who has been given awards by Who’s ho of Cambridge, but he is also a food lover who wanted to open his own restaurant. He believes in serving the best food in the world in the places he runs, and he wants to create an environment that is worth people’s time. Read more: Brian Bonar – Chairman and CEO @ Trucept

He started up Bellamy’s in Escondido to actually fill a hole in their downtown area. He chose the name because it sounded just like other places in the area, and he started to split his time between his financial work and food.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, and he is one of the greatest networking professionals in the world. He has been awarded for this work on many levels, and he is someone that people want to make sure that they can work with.

Brian Bonar has helped a lot of people make money over the years, and he wants to continue doing that as much as he can. He has made a lot of money for clients in the past, and now he can feed them a good meal at the same time.

There are some people who are going to really appreciate the food that he makes because he has a passion for food. His passion for food is going to take his restaurant a long way, and Brian Bonar also wants to host people in a place where they can have the best parties and weddings.

He wants to have people enjoy food from his favorite kitchen, and his best chef will be there to help everyone. Brian has created a good empire in San Diego after already creating an incredible financial empire at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He is a true renaissance man and excellent businessman.

Stephen Murray’s Contribution to the CCMP Capital Growth

Stephen Murray is celebrated for having been the CEO as well as co-founder of the leading private equity firm, CCMP Capital. Mr. Murray was a well-educated man and attained his bachelor’s degree in economics from the Boston College in addition to a master’s degree in business administration from the Columbia Business School.

He started his career as a financial analyst at the Manufacturers Hanover Corporation after a thorough training. The company which later got a purchase contract by the Chemical Bank in 1991 helped grow Stephen Murray’s financial skills providing him with an edge in handling equity and leveraged finance matters.

Mr. Murray was later appointed the head of buyout business post at the JP Morgan Chase and MH Equity. Stephen Murray had a vision of his own and through a spin-off from JP Morgan in 2005, he helped found CCMP Capital.

The company bore to a highly competitive market with aggressive equity investors such as Blackstone Group, and KKR did well thanks to the professional and insightful executive board members. Working diligently alongside his partners, he displayed a remarkable work ethic and professionalism that led to his elevation to the Chief Executive Officer of CCMP Capital.

He was known as a great investor who could predict the right avenues to channel the CCMP assets for unmatched results. As a great deal maker Stephen Murray in his career partnered with renowned equity providers, financial investors and other investing gurus worldwide who had a great impact on his skill development. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

Under his tenure, the company sprung up branches in several regions providing employment to thousands of people as well as innovative equity buyout strategies. It currently operates in New York, London, Tokyo to name a few serving corporate clients with legitimate capital transactions worldwide. Mr. Murray saw CCMP rank 17th among international best operating private equity funds in 2007 when he grabbed the wheel as CEO.

Today CCMP brags of having had transactions valued at more than $16 billion and are still focused on ensuring that their valued clientele receives exclusive operations. It is their way of appreciating their confidence for considering CCMP for highly valued investments. They also emphasize on a good relationship with their investors through a robust investor relationship management scheme. By employing cutting edge research methods for market evaluation, they are always at the top of their game looking to break new grounds in the business world.

Stephen Murray, who dedicated his passion and hard work to this multinational company, recently passed the baton to the trusted CCMP chairman Greg Brenneman following a serious health issue to which he succumbed, aged 52.

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