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How Lawrence Bender Produced Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction”

Just about everyone who loves cinema appreciates all the great movies made by Quentin Tarantino. However, most people don’t realize that none of Tarantino’s films would have been made possible if it wasn’t for the work of one producer. That producer, Lawerence Bender, is known in Hollywood as the man who discovered the legendary Quentin Tarantino.

Back in the 1980s, before Bender was a well-known name in the world of Hollywood, the aspiring producer was working as an assistant on a number of low budget productions. After years of hard work, Bender graduated to producing straight to video slasher films. Lawrence Bender wasn’t exactly setting the movie world on fire by the end of the 1980s. However, in 1990, things began to change thanks to a chance meeting with one of the biggest writer-directors of the coming decade.

It was at a friend’s barbecue that Lawrence Bender met Quentin Tarantino for the first time. At the moment, Tarantino wasn’t much better off than Bender. Tarantino was a struggling actor and a semi-employed screenwriter with aspirations of directing his own films. During their first meeting, Tarantino pitched Bender on a heist movie told from multiple points of view. Sensing some potential in the idea, Bender encouraged Tarantino to go off and write the script.

Two years later, that chance meeting turned into “Reservoir Dogs.” The duo finally had their foot in the door of Hollywood. And with their chance to make a film with a bigger budget, the two decided to go for it all. In 1994, Lawrence Bender produced Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction,” widely considered to be one of the greatest films in cinema history. Starring Bruce Willis, , Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta, “Pulp Fiction” is beloved by film fans around the world. The film would earn Bender the first of three Academy Award nominations for Best Picture.

Born in the Bronx, in 1962, Lawrence Bender has spent over three decades as a Hollywood producer. Among the credits on Bender’s resume include “Jackie Brown,” “Good Will Hunting,” and “Inglorious Basterds.” As he enters his next decade of filmmaking, Lawrence Bender looks to bring more groundbreaking movies to the big screen.,%20Inc.

Shia LaBeouf’s Latest “Art” Project: Hitchhiking Across America

Whether you love him or hate him, Shia Labeouf definitely marches to the beat of his own drum, or in this case, his own hitchhiking thumb. For the sake of art, the former Even Stevens star is currently hitchhiking across America, and he needs your help. His plan is as follows:

One, he tweets out his GPS coordinates using the hashtag #takemeanywhere.

Two, a random twitter account holder determines the precise location of Mr. Labeouf and tracks him down.

Three, the eager stranger (or strangers) picks up the man who played Sam Witwicky in the not-so-critically-acclaimed blockbuster, “Transformers,” and simply takes him anywhere.

The first twitter strangers to pick up “The Beouf” as they called him were a group of three young men who seemed very excited about the whole adventure. You can watch their experience here.

As was the case in his previous “art” projects (who can forget his #allmymovies project or the “Just Do It” video), Shia has some reason for his madness. His hitchhiking endeavor is to promote the MediaLive Festival which is being organized by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art and London’s Finnish Institute. The theme of the festival is corruption, and Shia’s travels are designed to highlight the corruption that can take place within the classical American road trip. Sound strange? I thought so too. However, at this point, what more can we expect from the “actual cannibal Shia Labeouf.”

Jaclyn Jose wins Best Actress at Cannes Film Festival

As the first Southeast Asian actress to win the Best Actress Award at Cannes, Jaclyn Jose has catapulted her way to mainstream fame and is now a household name in the film industry. She was pleasantly surprised that she beat out Hollywood superstars like Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart and this is just the beginning for the Filipina actress. The film is titled Ma Rosa and it was directed by Brillante Mendoza. Ma Rosa focuses on the poverty in the Philippines, and Jose’s character faces dilemmas that touch on family, drugs, and police corruption. Brillante Mendoza is famous for winning the Best Director Award at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival, and he has inspired many Filipino directors to follow in his footsteps. Other Filipino directors like Joshua Ortiz from Orlando, Florida have films screening at Cannes and this is certainly great news for Asians in Hollywood. With the issue of racial representation quickly growing in Hollywood, it is refreshing to see Asians succeeding in the world of film. Jaclyn Jose will be going home with her gold award and she is excited to now be known as one of the Philippines prized gems. She is quoted to say that she is honored to be mentioned in the same breath as boxing legend Manny Pacquiao and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach. With this amazing achievement, there is no doubt that Asian actresses, actors, and directors will see that it is very much possible to succeed in Hollywood.

Sergio Cortes Is The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator Of All Time

Sergio Cortes Is The Best Michael Jackson Impersonator Of All Time

Michael Jackson was well known as the King of Pop without a doubt. However, since Michael passed in 2009, there have been many Michael Jackson Impersonators out there who actually make a career out of their impersonations. Who is the best Michael Jackson impersonator of all time? The answer is definitely Sergio Cortes. He is a Spanish man who is known all over Brazil for his Michael Jackson impersonations, and he has many fans that come from all over just to see him perform.

Just by looking at Sergio Cortes, one can tell that he looks a lot like Michael Jackson. Sergio has very light skin and Michael’s well-known long, dark, curly hair too. He has even made his voice resemble Michael Jackson as well. Basically, when it comes to the look of Michael Jackson, Sergio Cortes could pass as his identical twin. If Michael Jackson and Sergio Cortes stood side by side, one might even have a difficult time telling who is who because that is how wonderful Sergio is at impersonating Michael. It isn’t just his sound that makes Sergio like Michael, Sergio is the real deal.

Sergio Cortes has been a long-time fan of Michael Jackson, and he began his career during his teenage years and started re-enacting all of Michael Jackson’s greatest hits. Sergio studied all of Michael’s choreography so that he could perfect his impersonation skills. Sergio has even studied all of Michael Jackson’s videos and has since recreated the videos as well. To be a true impersonator, one must go all out to be just like that person they are imitating, and this is just what Sergio Cortes does.

As previously mentioned, Sergio Cortes does everything as similar to Michael Jackson as he can, and that includes imitating Michael’s famous dance moves and theatrics. As many know, some of Michael Jackson’s dance moves include the Moonwalk, the Circle Slide, the Hip Thrust and more. Sergio Cortes didn’t just stop at learning how to sing like Michael Jackson or looking like him either, he even learned everything that made Michael who he was, and Sergio makes sure to give his fans a great show. Sergio has many fans across the world, and even though Sergio is an impersonator of Michael Jackson, there is no better Michael Jackson impersonator in the world than Sergio Cortes, and even Michael Jackson fans can testify this.

Sergio Cortez And The Experience Of Impersonating The Greatest Pop Icon That Ever Lived

Sergio Cortez and The Experience Of Impersonating The Greatest Pop Icon That Ever Lived
When MJ died in 2009, the news hit the entertainment industry hard. This is because Michael hadn’t only been a musician; he had been the head of a revolution in pop culture, an inventor, entertainer and an icon in every sense of the word. The worst part about the death was that he had been gearing up for his comeback tour, one that millions had already paid for in advance. This means that there were millions of people that were left with a yearning to see the star perform.
One Spanish man seems to have found a way of helping people relive their fondest moments of being in the presence of the pop idol. This is Sergio Cortez. Born and raised in Barcelona Spain, Sergio started getting interested in the work of Michael Jackson at a very tender age. The fact that he does resemble the king of pop also played a role in guiding him towards becoming the best MJ impersonator the world has seen in a while. After the death of Michael, Sergio started thinking of ways in which he could help the fans of MJ relive the experience of being in the presence of the master illusionist and entertainer.
Sergio formed a dance group that focused on rehearsing and performing MJ songs solely. Two of his brothers acted as his backup dancers. The fact that in addition to looking like Michael, he also sounded like him made his work much easier. After lots of practice and rigorous social media campaigns, Sergio started getting bookings for shows with people that wanted to see the real MJ performing.
The most amazing thing about Sergio Cortes and his performances is how well he has mastered the moves and vocals of the real MJ. As a matter of fact, people that attend his shows say that they do feel like they are once again in the presence of MJ himself. Sergio has since moved from Barcelona and settled in Brazil. Here he has a huge following of people that just want to relive the MJ experience.
Sergio spends most of his time rehearsing and improving on his stage performances. When he is not working, he will be busy promoting his act or relaxing in his private residence. The personal life of this upcoming star is as secretive as that of the pop icon himself. Sergio truly is a rising star that is fun to watch.

Sergio Cortes Has Been Able To Impress Many With His Skills

Sergio Cortes Has Been Able To Impress Many With His Skills

When Sergio Cortes was just a child he began to have a great deal of respect for Michael Jackson. He liked the way that the man was moving and how confident he was in himself, and Sergio Cortes wanted to be like that. And years later he was able to become just like the man as he started to impersonate him. Sergio Cortes has put a ton of work into perfecting his skills and becoming someone who looks and acts just like the singer. He wants to pay the singer an honor by doing this, and many people have come to think of him as the best Michael Jackson impersonator because of how much work he’s put into doing things.
Sergio Cortes loved Michael Jackson since he was a child, and it has to feel great for him to be able to take on the legend’s life and become more like him every day. It has to feel great for him to be able to offer to people a bit of Michael Jackson even after the singer has passed. Sergio Cortes has done all that he could to become great at impersonating the singer, and many people have recognized him for that. They’ve come to respect him for what he has done.
There aren’t too many people in the world who would be able to take on the life of another and live it out as if it were their own, and the talent that Sergio Cortes has should not go unnoticed. He was able to capture the look and actions of Michael Jackson, and he has been able to impress many people through doing that. He should be respected by everyone who sees him because of just how hard he has worked to make himself into a great impersonator of the man.
Michael Jackson himself would be proud to know that Sergio Cortes was impersonating him if he were still alive to see him. Sergio Cortes has done a great job of taking on the life of the singer, and everyone who sees him will find themselves impressed by him.

The New Breed Of Actors

Sergio Cortes is one of many men of generation x taking the look and style of their childhood hero’s. For most Mr. Cortes is one of many men of generation x taking the look and style of their childhood hero’s. For most this task is beyond easy but to achieve fame in the process is a different task. Due to his recent reveal in the YouTube spotlight information on the new star is little but as most of his multi music genre counterparts are. So far this mans reputation has served him well with already building the needed income to perform tours across country. His personal info in short is born in Barcellona Spain with date of birth in July of 1971 but that info is only assumption. His style of recreating the king of pop artistic moves is spot on with him controlling the crowd with enough force to insure his fans return with more future seers of his work. With his ever growing media outlets it is safe to say that for the time being Cortes is here to stay. This only being true as long as he maintains his passion an dive to move himself to perfect his skills over the short term career. Will there be a day where Cortes is no longer popular of course. A internet star only last so long even with a stable foundation to thrive off of. But that time is far from the present an the odds of having this star become another burn out is not know at this time. Cortes appears to be in good health with no major stories of massive drug use or other scandals floating threw the web or media outlets. With a trim frame an pale skin he does match the king of pop in physical statues. Their is no info on family or relationships but he could just be well reserved about his personal life to avoid massive amounts of unwanted attention. He does not seem to be in poor mental condition with a stable career but this has been proven wrong before with past stars under severe pressure. To see this man make his bones without collapse would be seen with glee. I can only hope that this star sees a bright future without failure in too short of a time.