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A Look Back at the Life of CCMP’S Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray was the CEO of CCMP Capital until February of 2015. A month after stepping down, he passed away from illness. Today, we look at back at the professional life of a man who helped raise many billions for private equity firms, dating back to 1989.

Stephen Murray joined Manufacturer’s Hanover Corporation in 1984, which would go through a series of mergers over the next 10 years or so. In 1991, the firm he was working at was purchased by Chemical Bank which led to the forming of Chemical Venture Partners, a division of Chemical Bank. Chemical Bank would eventually merge with Chase Manhattan Corporation in 1996 and this would lead to Chemical Venture Partners being re-branded as Chase Capital Partners. Later on, the equity firm would once again be renamed to JP Morgan Partners due to the merger of Chase Manhattan Bank with JP Morgan. Finally, JP Morgan Partners would end up spinning off of JP Morgan and becoming its own company named CCMP Capital.

While all of this was happening, Stephen Murray was working his way up and raising millions and eventually billions along the way. He became Head of Buyout Business at JP Morgan Partners in 2005. In 2006, JP Morgan Partners spun off of parent company JP Morgan and he became Founder and CEO of the resulting CCMP Capital. During his time at CCMP, Mr. Murray was able to successfully raise many billions for the private equity firm.

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After, almost 10 years at CCMP Capital, Steve Murray turned in his resignation. A month later, he would unfortunately pass away due to illness. Chairman and replacing CEO, Greg Greg Brenneman, remarked that Mr. Murray was a “terrific investor and deal maker.” Mr. Brenneman also offered his deepest condolences on behalf of CCMP Capital.

Private equity isn’t the only thing Mr. Murray is being remembered for. He was also a dedicated philanthropist who donated to several charitable organizations including Make-A-Wish and local Food Banks. He left an impact on not only the financial industry but also humanity as a whole.

Stephen Murray is survived by his wife and sons among other family members. Stephen Murray has left a legacy of success behind and left a blueprint for future firms to raise private equity. He wasn’t able to do this once, but was able to replicate his success over and over.

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Stephen Murray:His Work Is Done

Stephen Murray, the visionary CEO of CCMP Capital is tragically no longer with us. In business, he is remembered as an exceptional deal maker who could predict the market. He used this ability to secure $3.6 billion in funding for his company in the last round. He had even further plans for CCMP Capital that will remain for others to complete on his behalf. In February of 2015, Stephan Murray quietly resigned from his post citing health reasons. He passed away one month later amongst his family and friends at his home in Stamford, Connecticut.

Stephen is survived by his wife Tami and his 4 sons. He and Tami met while they were both attending Boston College in their youth. Stephen was a student of economics who wanted to make it big in the world. With Tami at this side, he began a career that would end with him running one of the most powerful private-equity groups in the world. Stephen Murray was renowned for his ability to make things happen where others failed. He first began to build a reputation when he managed to structure an equity group that was capable of acquiring Aramark corporation.

Stephen Murray worked for the company that would later be known as CCMP Capital for 25 years. There were many restructurings and transitions. Stephen remained with the company all that time, and it is said by many that he was its rock. When the company was acquired by JP Morgan Partners, Stephen was put in charge. For a job well done, he was named CEO of the company in 2007. He lead the company courageously for 8 years.

It’s a little-known fact that Stephen Murray was also a philanthropist. He participated in The Food Bank of Lower Fairfield and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Stephen felt it was important for people to help each other. He was hands-on by not only devoting his money but through meeting those he helped face to face. He liked to personally witness the impact he was having on the world.

Stephen was brilliant with this ability to structure corporate equity groups. At one point in time, JP Morgan Partners was too broadly diversified. He recognized this problem and fixed it. He changed the average investment size of the company from $25 million to $200 million. Murray cut out unprofitable investments in Latin America and focused the company on winning opportunities in other areas. As a family man and financial visionary Stephen Murray is sorely missed.

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The Mystery of Stephen Murray’s Exit from CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital, the former CEO of CCMP Capital, exited the company after 16 years of hard work and dedication. Having sat on the boards of major corporations like Aramark and Warner Chilcott, it most likely was not easy to leave. The work of the private equity resulted in more than $3 million dollars that had been raised for its latest fund just five months prior to Murray leaving.

The SEC had listed Murray and another executive from the firm regarding that fund. Murray was also one of the control individuals, and was listed on the ADV, the most recent form. The conversation began immediately upon Murray’s exit from the company, with no idea on where he was heading at the time. Many believed that this was shrouded in mystery for a few reasons, but it still is uncertain today whether any of them are true. Once Murray left, he was quickly removed from the company website.

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The length of time Murray was with the company made it all the more difficult for those around him to accept that Stephen was gone, but having worked with Chase Capital Partners, it was clear that he was focused on developing his skills and building valuable experience that he could use in the field, no matter where he went. Once the company became JP Morgan Partners Stephen Murray began to see his opportunity to take his clients elsewhere, while keeping most of the funds.

Later, after Murray had left and moved onto other things, there was much discussion on whether or not Murray’s exit was health-related, and what would happen to the board he created prior to his exit. Murray’s vast experience has always made him a focal point of private equity firms, and how they can get the winning edge in the marketplace today.


Stephen Murray leaves Behind a Strong Legacy in the Financial Industry

Stephen Murray was a prominent man, a sponsor and a private equity financier; Murray was the Chief Executive Officer and the President of CCMP a private equity firm that concentrates on investment growth transactions and mergers. He focused on building his career in the financial sector and 1999 he joined CCMP when it was known as Chase Capital Partners. CCMP later became JP Morgan Partners before it went on its own in 2006.

Steve Murray served on the Board of Directors of major companies such as Octagon Credit Investors, Ollie’s Bargain Outlets, Crestcom International, Infogroup Inc., Jetro JMDH Holdings, LHP Hospital Group, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, and AMC Entertainment. He had a passion and was very dedicated to seeing the financial industry grow to a higher level. After he graduated in 1984, Stephen joined the credit analyst training program team at Manufacturers Hanover Corporation on Crunchbase. He joined MH Equity Corporation that partnered with Manufactures Hanover’s Corporation a private equity group with its leverage finance unit in the year 1989.

After serving at CCMP for 16 years, Steve Murray resigned as the President and CEO of the company. Just recently the private equity company raised $3.6 billion for its latest fund. Before his resignation, Murray was lucky to be among the few CCMP Executives to be listed in the SEC filings for the funds together with Greg Brenneman. He was also among the five people that were listed on the CCMP new form ADV.

Stephen Murray was born in August 1962 in New York City Westchester County. He furthered his studies at Boston College and graduated in1984 with a Degree in Economics. He wanted to gain more knowledge and skills in the financial sector, and he obtained his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Columbia Business School. Murray was not only an equity investor, but he was also passionate about humanity and participated in humanitarian aids on He was a big supporter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York, Boston College, the Food Bank of Lower Fairfield County, Columbia Business School and Stanford Museum. Stephen Chaired the Board of Trustees of Boston College and the Make-A-Wish Foundation Metro New York.

After his resignation as the President and the CEO of CCMP, due to health related issues, Murray passed on. He passed on March 12 at the age of 52. His death was confirmed by the company’s spokesman Alexandra LaManna through an email. Murray is survived by his lovely wife Tami A. Murray and their four sons. Source:

How Stephen Murray Served the Finance Sector and his Participation in Philanthropy

Stephen Murray was an expert in the finance sector and a well-recognized philanthropist. Before his death, which took place on 12th March 2015, he served the CCMP Capital as its president and chief executive officer. Mr. Murray spent most of his career in private equity investment. He was a crucial figure in the growth of CCMP Capital and other associated companies where he was an administrator. Stephen also took parts in giving back to the society in various ways such as donating towards important undertakings. Institutions that benefited from him are the Columbia Business School, Metro New York’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boson College, Food Bank of Lower Fairland County, and the Stamford Museum. The community on Fortune honored him for his charity activities, and he was made to be a council member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the chair of the Boston Collage’s trustee’s board.

The career life that Stephen built during his prime years is very inspiring. The Manufacturer Hanover Corporation was the first company to hire him in 1984, and during that time, he served its credit prediction education program. He kept moving from one company to the other due to merger and acquisitions. The Chase Manhattan acquired MH Equity and later the JPMorgan & Co. formed a merger with Chase to start the JPMorgan Partners. Stephen Murray founded the CCMP Capital in August 2006 as a small spinoff of the JPMorgan Chase. He is highly skilled and experienced in private equity investment, and therefore, he was made to be the chief executive officer of the company.

The enterprise kicked-off with a small number of professional and they were a development and leveraged takeover team. Murray’s administration at the CCMP Capital was successful since he led the company to grow from a startup capital to a net worth of approximately $12 million dollars within nine years. The primary business of the company was private equity investment, and it has mainly focused on offering solutions on controlled takeovers and capital development. CCMP Capital currently manages branches in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and New York. The main clients that it serves are individuals with a high net worth, organizational investor, and corporations that need to be advised on ideal business ventures. Apart from his career at the CCMP Capital, Murray was a board member of other companies. Stephen Murray was married, and he had four children. He considered his family as a top priority.

Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital, Dead

CCMP Capital is one of the biggest equity firms that is located within New York City. They have many different divisions and there are many different things that they are able to do that some companies are not able to do simply because of the connections that they have made in the industry and because of the big names that they have worked to help on WSJ. Because of this, they have allowed themselves to become one of the most popular companies and they continue to grow on a daily basis because of the way that they are able to do different things.

When it comes to their business, they have several different sectors. These include both private and public on They also have a bank that they work with and that is exclusively owned by them. This is something that not many equity firms have and something that is truly unique for CCMP Capital. The JP Morgan bank that they work with is a direct subsidiary of theirs and they use it for both their private and their public clients. They do this so that they will always have the capital that they need when they are working with a client.

While Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has worked to become one of the best equity firms in the world, it has not always been that way. They started out at the bottom as only a small company. The founders had big dreams for them, though, and they continued to contribute to their success. This was something that many people were impressed with and something that gave them the opportunity to get what they needed out of the CCMP Capital model. It was a great way that they were allowed to do different things and these were the ones that allowed them to have a better feel for the business world.

When it came to equity, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital knew what he was talking about and what he was doing. He wanted to make everyone be able to have the access to equity that some of the other private clients that they had. This is something that he was known for. He worked with people instead of making people work for him. Stephen Murray was loved and liked by many people at CCMP and most people were very sad to hear about his passing. They offered condolences and assurances that things would be alright with CCMP and the rest of the company. 

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Investment Genius Stephen Murray Passed Away After Resigning From CCMP Capital In 2015

Writing a story about investment genius Stephen Murray is a difficult task because most of the information about Murray is all work related. His personal life was just that. It was personal, but his professional life was an open book. That’s what happens when a person becomes part of the investment industry. The amount of money an investment manager makes, and the quirky business and investment habits are newsworthy. They get published somewhere on the Internet or in print. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital’s investment life was well-documented by the articles that were written about him, but getting to know the man was reserved for his select group of friends and his family.

Murray was a New Yorker in the true sense of the word. He was born in New York, and except for the four years he spent at Boston College, he was educated in New York. He chose Columbia University when he wanted to earn a Master’s degree in Business Administration, and he chose Manufacturers Hanover Trust when he wanted to work on Wall Street in 1984. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was a quick learner, so it didn’t take the investment bank long to realize that Murray had a gift. The gift was his ability to identify undervalued assets before other investment brokers did. Murray loved the investment business, and he immersed himself in it. His hard work and keen investment skill earned him a big yearly paycheck and the title of Vice-President.

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When Manufacturers Hanover Trust merged with JP Morgan in 2000, Murray stayed with the new company. He was making too much money to go anywhere else. In 2006, the rumors about a conflict of interest started to become stronger, so JP Morgan decided to start another investment firm, and Murray was the partners pick to run that new investment firm. The JP Morgan partners picked the name Stephen Murray CCMP Capital for the new firm, and the goal was to invest in assets in the $100 to $500 million category. That was a category that Murray was familiar with. It didn’t take Stephen long to build the asset base of the firm to $3.6 billion.

Stephen got sick in 2015, and he knew he couldn’t perform at 100 percent, so he resigned. Very few people knew how sick Murray was, but the rumors said he was very ill. Two months after he resigned, Murray passed away. His associates at CCMP Capital felt the loss of Murray for months, and they still feel it.

Stephen Murray Managed To Build A Successful Empire

Stephen Murray was considered a leader in the field of private investing during his time in the industry, before his unfortunate passing in 2015. He was the co-founder of CCMP Capital as well as its Chief Executive Officer.

Today, Stephen Murray’s former company regards him as a tremendous leader with great ambition and a strong work ethic that allowed the company to gain a great deal of success. On top of being an exceptional businessman, Stephen was also an impressively generous person. Through his efforts, he managed to become a council member at the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as member of the Trustees Board at the Boston College. Read more: CCMP Capital Advisors Gets Backing to Resume Investing From Fund

Stephen Murray started off his career working at the Manufacturer Hanover Corporation back in 1984. During this time he spent his days on the company’s credit forecasting project. It wasn’t too long before the Manufacturer Hanover Corporation was taken over by another corporation, in this case Chemical Bank. Stephen was luckily able to join over to the new company due to the experience he already had.

After building on his experience through the corporation, Stephen made took a new step towards working management for JP Morgan, where he handled buyouts for the company. Stephen was managing at the company during the time it expanding into popularity.

Stephen Murray was one of the founders for the spin-off company CCMP Capital during 2006. By 2007, Stephen had taken up the position of Chief Executive Officer for the company. During the starting days of the company, the staff was made up of the group that took over and a bunch of equity professionals.

Stephen guided this team and used their collective expertise to build a company with a net worth surpassing $12 billion. Today, CCMP Capital is still dedicated to provided high quality service to their clients in the private investment industry.

The company has managed to build business locations in different regions around the world, such as London, New York, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. Much of their client base today is made up of high value corporations and groups as well as some individuals, all wanting the best investment advice they can get their hands on.

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